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Drug and Alcohol Treatment in Widnes

Widnes Treatment Centres

Are you based in the North West, searching for a local rehab centre who specialises in drug and alcohol recovery? Here at Ocean Recovery Centre, our team of experts and leading industry addiction treatments set us apart from other rehab facilities.

If you are suffering through the withdrawal symptoms of drug and alcohol addiction, seeking medical support should be your next step. Addiction can be highly damaging to an individual’s physical and mental health. It can significantly affect the ability to live a long, quality life. Therefore, before further damage is caused, whether your addiction has just set in, or you have a chronic dependency, seeking treatment should be prioritised.

Please contact our team today if you’re based in Widnes and require a recovery programme at a leading rehab centre.


The Benefits of Residential Rehab

Are you worried about visiting a residential rehab centre? Are you concerned that the level of support may be lacking by moving away from your home comforts? Here at Ocean Recovery centre, we promote residential rehab support to our patients. We believe that placing yourself away from your daily habits and influences is highly beneficial for long-term recovery.

In order to curb your concerns, we offer around the clock support for all clients and affected loved ones. We provide a home from home, ensuring comfort is prioritised, while facilitating the professionalism of a recovery clinic.

We understand how difficult this time away can be, especially if your support network consists of family members. In order to ease this, we offer additional support and therapy sessions for your family, helping them through this difficult time while maintaining your support network.

Any addiction can be difficult to overcome alone. The detox process can be highly dangerous if completed at home with little supervision. By visiting a residential rehab centre, all aspects will be controlled, ensuring you are secure at all times. With the right helping hand, the process can be effective.

If you are based in Widnes, consider our Blackpool based rehab clinic, offering both detox and rehab programmes. This will provide you with enough distance to focus on yourself while promoting convenience for your family.


Addiction Treatments Appropriate For Drug & Alcohol Dependencies

If you are living with a drug and alcohol dependency, it is highly likely that you experience continuous side effects. Common side effects can start from general illnesses, straight through to potentially life-threatening diseases and scenarios. In order to help you overcome your fixation, addiction treatments must be completed to work through those side effects.

Here at Ocean Recovery centre, we work with a holistic approach by recommending a number of different addiction treatments. In order to ensure a high recovery probability is likely, an initial assessment on your arrival will be completed. Here is where a greater understanding of your addiction severity and effects will take place. This will then help to create a personalised recovery plan for you to follow while checked into rehab and post rehab.

As a drug and alcohol addiction can damage users in many different ways, both physical and psychological treatment methods will be recommended. Common treatment options include cognitive behavioural therapy, meditation classes, social therapies, family therapy and medical detoxifications. Each are designed to work together to promote long-term addiction recovery.

To further prepare you for a life without drugs and alcohol, our team of specialised psychologists and life coaches will work with you through coping mechanism and relapse prevention classes. These sessions are also ideal for family members, to help prepare all involved for any future temptations.

As we understand how difficult the transition back to your home influences in Widnes can be, we also offer free aftercare services for all clients for up to a year post rehab. This will include regular contact and group therapy sessions to maintain motivation and recovery. Here at Ocean Recovery centre, we are passionate about following our client’s progression and ensuring they are maintaining the positive skills they have been taught throughout rehab.

After completing the full range of addiction treatments and support sessions, long-term recovery should be highly probable. If any future temptations enter your life, preventive steps will be in place to support you.

Our Rehab Facilities

At Ocean Recovery, we are extremely proud of our state-of-the-art facility. We provide residents with the most relaxing stay possible and they can enjoy our modern establishment.

Ocean Recovery Facilities include:

CQC Registered

FREE Transportation Included

Medically Assisted Detoxification

2 Executive, Sea View Double Ensuite Rooms

 8 Double or Single Ensuite Rooms

3 Single Rooms with Dedicated Separate Bathroom

Comfortable Communal Lounge with Piano & Sky TV

Beautiful Modern Dining Lounge

External Courtyard and Outside Seating Area

12 Months FREE Aftercare

Regular Contact with Loved Ones Encouraged

Large Multi-Purpose Group Activity Room with Superb Sea Views

Images of Our Facilities

Facilities at Ocean Recovery

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Support Local To Widnes

If you are based in the Widnes area, and searching for rapid and open access to private, reputable rehab facilities, look no further than Ocean Recovery centre. Our evidence-based treatment plans, our specialised team of passionate addiction experts, and our calming setting provide an effective road to recovery.

In order to further boost your experience, we offer additional services at our rehab centre to promote well-being and life in general. From fitness classes and healthy meals to mindfulness sessions and aromatherapy, we ensure you’re surrounded by a relaxing, energised setting. We understand that your recent experiences have been difficult and exhausting. Work towards finding yourself once again alongside our specialised team.

We understand how overwhelming this time can be, searching for a rehab centre that treats you as a person while catering to your needs. We understand that no two patients are the same. Likewise, no two addictions are similar. With that said, each individual rehab journey will differ; however, each will be a positive experience, working towards freedom. No matter your budget, we will further have a service to support you as we believe in helping people in need. We believe in helping people receive the care they deserve.

Whether you require help with detoxifying your body from drugs or require psychological support to work through mental health issues or barriers, we are here for you. Whether that be residential rehab programmes or a stand-alone outpatient arrangement, we have the steps in place to care for you.

Complete one of our addiction programmes and aftercare outpatient services and leave with a high chance of long-term recovery. Whether you’re living through addiction or worrying about the substance abuse of a loved one, we can start the process today.

Get in touch to share your concerns or to find out further information on how our programmes can benefit you. Our centre local to Widnes will be recommended for you.