Dorking Drug and Alcohol Rehab Treatment Centres

It can be challenging to accept help through the private nature of addiction. A wealth of reasons, from stigmatisation to a lack of trust can decrease acceptance. Yet addiction is a brain condition with a multifaceted makeup, resulting in either one of two outcomes.

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Dorking

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Centres in Dorking

Pushing away help will be the first, where drug and alcohol exposure, consumption and abuse will continue. Accepting help will be the second, with the opportunity to recover, get clean and lead an addiction-free life.

You can encounter the latter here at Ocean Recovery, by welcoming the most effective help, in inpatient drug and alcohol rehabilitation. Offering tailored recommendations of treatment and next steps, to prolonging emotional help and safety through aftercare and planning, help can be private, compassionate, and personalised.

Experience the help of a drug and alcohol rehab in Dorking through inpatient means to embark on the strongest opportunity of addiction recovery.

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Accepting help through addiction recovery

Help through personal and professional forms will be invaluable through addiction recovery. From emotional support through potential struggles to relying on a positive support network post-rehab, help can display in many different ways.

Accepting all forms of positive, trustworthy, and credible help will therefore be recommended, in order to experience the full intentions of addiction recovery. On a personal level, spending time with those who you can trust, who motivate positive behaviours, who maintain a clean house, and who support you to recover will be recommended.

On a professional level, inpatient drug and alcohol rehabilitation will be the most beneficial form of help through addiction recovery. Help will be displayed through emotional support, through the physical disconnect of detoxification, through all-around recovery and through planning for the future as sober.

Accepting help will lead to positive exposure to addiction recovery, while initially daunting to welcome, it will be highly beneficial for the long-term.


Available help via a drug and alcohol rehab in Dorking

Here at Ocean Recovery, we can professionally help you through addiction recovery by offering a variety of useful and progressive services. Provided through an inpatient drug and alcohol rehab in Dorking, experiencing a range of addiction treatment services, personal sessions of development and relapse prevention planning can be expected.

Initially available over a 28-day programme, inpatient care is handheld, is consistent and is personal, ensuring that comfort, privacy, and advancement can be encountered. From here, outpatient help will be accessible and highly recommended, to continue the journey of long-term recovery, ultimately sustaining a sober life.

Rehab will help each client differently, as programmes and recommendations fluctuate to match personal needs. Yet the consensus on help is that it makes drug and alcohol rehabilitation a possible experience, delivering opportunities for addiction recovery.

Arrangeable through our admissions process, visiting a drug and alcohol rehab in Dorking, with professional backing and help will be possible.


Tailored recommendations of treatment options

Recommending treatments and therapies here at Ocean Recovery follows a tailored approach. It is very important that treatment is effective and safe to complete, in order to ensure that rehab is worthwhile, and that time throughout inpatient rehab is used proactively.

It’s also vital that key tools and milestones are developed over the course of addiction treatment, which supports our use of tailored programmes.

Through a confidential assessment, at the beginning of the admissions process, understanding the type of treatments and therapies that will personally benefit you will be possible. Considering your physical and psychological health, influences of substance abuse, and degree of consumption, we can recommend fitting forms of treatment, which will consistently progress addiction recovery.

Recommended treatments will always include a detoxification process and exposure to therapy. Both are indefinite services to promote physical and psychological withdrawal and restoration. The type and degree of each will however vary to reflect your needs.

Relapse prevention planning is also a service that is consistently advocated, to support discharge planning for the future. Again, this is required to sustain recovery rates, on return to Dorking.

Within personal recommendations, a wide range of leading, medically driven treatment options will be found. In tandem with this, those which benefit overall health and wellbeing, through holistic means, will be recommended.


Aftercare and discharge planning

In order to leave a drug and alcohol rehab in Dorking with confidence and direction, professional help must continue, especially through the most vulnerable period of life after rehab. For the first 12 months, relapse risks are usually higher, causing vulnerabilities. Aftercare and discharge planning will benefit this period, to instil awareness, assurance, and a feasible structure.

Aftercare will be offered locally, displayed through support groups, personal check-ins, and therapy sessions. Discharge planning will begin throughout inpatient rehab, complement relapse prevention planning, helping to rebuild life and sobriety.

Together, a personal plan and exposure to ongoing help and motivation are found to strengthen the sustainability of rehabilitation, ready for long-term recovery.

Help will benefit you in one way or another throughout addiction recovery. Accept professional forms through inpatient rehab, offered here at Ocean Recovery.

Frequently Asked Questions

Choosing the right rehab treatment provider can be a life-changing decision; here are some of the most common questions we are asked pre-admission.

Is alcoholism considered a mental illness?

Addiction, including alcoholism, is recognised as a mental illness. Once the alcohol has an impact on the brain, where behaviours change, outlooks adapt and internal functions suppress, mental vulnerabilities can aggravate, making it a difficult brain condition to treat. Through rehab, alcoholism can however be treated, in tandem with any signs of mental illness.

How do I tell my family I need to go to rehab?

It can be challenging to vocalise the need for professional support. Yet doing so will provide direct access into rehab, a highly beneficial form of professional help. Opening up, by sharing your worries and experiences will be positive, along with highlighting the opportunity of rehab. We can help you with this step if required here at Ocean Recovery to familiarise all parties of rehab.

What are the advantages of inpatient rehabilitation?

Inpatient rehabilitation is highly advantageous as it offers 24/7 specialist care, suitable environments, consistent addiction treatment sessions and access to a comprehensive recovery process. A short sacrifice will be linked to inpatient rehab, beneficial through possible recovery rates.