Hundreds of thousands of people in the United Kingdom enjoy a ‘harmless’ gamble every now and then. However gambling addiction is a progressive disorder arising slowly over time.  A powerful psychological dependency to gambling grips the sufferer until gambling becomes compulsive and uncontrollable. The gambling addict becomes addicted to the ‘risk –reward’ aspect of gambling. It is common for the gambling addict to suffer co-occuring addictions, notably alcoholism or cocaine addiction. When you call Ocean Recovery Centre, our assessment officer will consider a dual diagnosis before rehabilitation begins.

Gambling addiction consequences

Often an addiction to gambling begins with good intentions. The addict may have participated in gambling infrequently and for social purposes. However danger signs start to appear when a person starts to believe her or she can ‘beat the house’. The gambling addict plays to win and expects to win. Gambling is no longer a game but an occupation. The amount of money gamblers spend on the activity is usually greater than he or she can afford. The addiction is typically accompanied by financial problems. In turn this often leads to family breakup.

Help is at hand

The rise of online gambling and the loosening of regulations relating to casinos and betting shops has increased the occurrence of gambling addiction in the United Kingdom over the last ten years. Online gambling has meant thousands of people who otherwise would not have developed an addiction to gambling are now clueless in knowing where and how to seek out help.

Gambling Rehabilitation at Ocean Recovery

When you sign up for gambling rehabilitation at Ocean Recovery in Blackpool you will be subject to a highly structured regime of counselling and therapy and even a ‘detox’ of sorts. During the initial few days of rehab you may suffer from psychological withdrawal symptoms associated your addiction.

A number of therapy and counselling sessions will be offered. You will explore psychological triggers that give rise to your gambling addiction. You will be taught different coping strategies that prevent relapse upon leaving our centre. Cognitive behavioural therapy is employed.  This form of therapy illustrates the causal relationship between your thoughts and your gambling addiction. Cognitive behavioural therapy helps you challenge underlying beliefs that otherwise promote your gambling addiction.

Once you leave our rehabilitation centre an aftercare programme is put in place. This ensures relapse does not occur. Procedures are put in place should relapse occur. We also encourage patients to engage Gamblers Anonymous groups in their local area.

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