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Alcohol Rehab Burnley

How much are you willing to risk to defeat your drugs and alcohol addiction? At Ocean Recovery Centre we provide intense and cutting-edge therapeutic treatment for alcohol rehab Burnley that lets you conquer your illness in weeks rather than years. This is largely thanks to modern therapy techniques such as neuroscience, cognitive behavioural therapy and psychotherapy.

Experience our alcohol rehab treatments at absolutely no cost!

And now we’re willing to prove the effectiveness of our treatment to you in person at absolutely no cost to you. All you must be willing to do is travel to our rehabilitation centre where our staff will show you our facilities to you in person. We are glad to outline to you in person how we are able to help you defeat your addiction once and for all. Send for your free information pack at no absolutely no cost. Simply contact our admissions team today on 0125 353 0553.

What  happens when you arrive at our facility

When you arrive at our revolutionary rehabilitation centre you may test our treatments for yourself. At the end of your viewing, truly ask yourself if you feel you could benefit from our treatments, and what you would be willing to pay to ultimately defeat your addiction. If you don’t feel what we have to offer is of any value, then you may simply walk away without risking a penny!

When you attend our rehabilitation programme, we will offer you a therapeutic journey you shall surely enjoy. We truly believe the road to recovery should be positively memorable for each and every one of our clients. Our therapies are interesting and enriching. By the time you have completed our rehabilitation programme, you will positively fear drugs and alcohol for all of the right reasons.

Seeing is believing

Our staff have gained a lifetime of experience treating alcoholism. We employ well-known addiction therapist from private practice and academia to ensure our clients gain access to a range of up-to-date addiction treatments. When you choose Ocean Recovery in Burnley, you choose the opportunity of a lifetime. We ask you avail yourself of our knowledge and experience to prepare yourself for a lifetime in recovery. We feel you owe it to yourself and your family to at lease SEE and EXAMINE our facilities in person. Merely contact us today by on 0125 353 0553.

Due to seasonal increases in demand, we are only able to offer free viewings for a limited amount of time and to a limited number of people in Burnley. If you wish to be part of a small and select few who experience our revolutionary treatments at no cost, contact our admissions team today.

Contact us now 

Simply send your enquiry to us personally by calling us on 0125 353 0553. When you contact our admissions team, simply tell us the natural and severity of your addiction to alcohol or drugs. Again, if you wish to view our residential rehabilitation service in person before you decide to stay, simply communicate this with our admissions teams who shall arrange for a suitable date for you to conduct your viewing.