We’ve invested hundreds of thousands of pounds into our facility to ensure your rehab experience is as distinguished and luxurious as possible.

If you assume you cannot afford to attend a rehab centre, then please think again. In fact, we pride ourselves on the affordability of our rehab treatment. Although our rehab treatment isn’t ‘cheap’, our prices remain highly competitive even though we offer you a truly bespoke rehab experience.

Ocean Recovery Centre is an entirely private organisation. We have absolutely no affiliation to the State. This allows us to set our own standards when it comes to the quality of our rehab offerings.

We do not ‘adhere’ to Government budgets or have any ‘budgetary targets’ whatsoever. Instead, the amount of investment we make in our treatment facility is entirely governed by the competitive nature of the industry we operate in.

All of this means we invest in the best facilities, best staff and best equipment available today. We are able to offer a rehab experience that’s virtually unheard of amongst statutory service providers. This fact is undoubtedly manifested in the success rates our clients’ experience when undergoing rehab treatment at our facility in Blackpool.

Why receive treatment in a comforting setting?

Many people suffering from drug and alcohol addiction will focus their minds on anything but their addiction. When they enter rehab, it’s not unknown for them to focus on the negative. This may be the people they are staying with or the quality of the facilities on offer.

Providing rehab in a comfortable environment means clients’ minds are entirely focused on their treatment. A homely rehab setting means clients are able to focus on the positive, and not the negative.

This is the primary reason why we’ve invested so much capital in creating our rehab facility. Even the furniture and decoration choices we’ve made must be considered a form of ‘therapy.’

High-quality treatment is proven to lift clients’ self-esteem and make them feel better about their future. Many of our clients suffer from anxiety and depression, and receiving treatment in comforting settings helps to treat these negative emotional problems. This ensures treatment gets off to the best possible start.

Patient to staff ratio

The nature of our offerings also means we provide a healthy client-to-staff ratio. For every client, we employ one staff member. This means clients are able to seek out and receive assistance whenever they feel like doing so.

We pride ourselves on the personal service we offer. Many rehab clinics are understaffed and clients often feel isolated and un-engaged with the treatment programme. By offering a favourable client-to-staff ratio, our clients always feel cared-for, engaged and welcomed.

Contact us today

For more information on rehab treatment in Lancashire, contact Ocean Recovery Centre today on 01253 847 553. An addiction advisor will answer your call and walk you through the different treatment programmes we offer. We look forward to helping you navigate yourself into a life without drugs and alcohol.