Alcohol Rehab

Alcohol is far and away the most consumed substance in the world – 2 billion people worldwide consume alcohol each year. In many cultures, drinking is often a social event. Many people drink in order to celebrate good news with friends and family. The view of alcohol in most people’s eyes is mostly positive, but the dark side of the worlds alcohol consumption is still not as well documented as you would have hoped.

A large part of the worlds population that consumes alcohol is running the risk of becoming addicted to alcohol. Alcohol does not only lead to larger risk of diseases – it can kill you directly through alcohol poisoning. Not only does alcohol kill, but psychologically it can cause pain for you and those around you – your family and friends suffer too.

To add to that, alcohol addiction is hard to beat, and likely be a lot more difficult if you attempt to do it yourself.  However, if you are indeed addicted to alcohol, and you feel like you need help to beat it: there is help for you. At Ocean Recovery Centre, we attempt to explain to how alcohol rehab works, and how you too can escape the depths of alcohol addiction.Alcohol Rehab

What Is Alcohol Rehab?

Alcohol rehab is a treatment program in order to rehabilitate you from excessive alcohol intake and alcohol abuse. As alcohol addiction often brings out severe personality changes – it becomes nearly impossible in order to do it yourself as your brain will often manipulate your thoughts and actions. Everything will become second fiddle to alcohol – including giving up drinking in order to improve your health.

The way alcohol addiction works, it changes the chemicals that allow you to inhibit and control yourself where needed. Alcohol stimulates your dopamine receptors in your brain – the chemical that allows you to feel good and euphoric. Similar to many other drugs. However, after repeated use of the drug, your brain will struggle with the overdoses of neurotransmitter stimulation, which Is pushing out the feel good and healthy chemical that your brain automatically produces. Therefore, it will automatically limit the amount it makes with each sip you take from your drink. This is how addiction starts: you are not feeling right until you had a drink.

What Does Alcohol Rehab Consist of?

Once you stop drinking for a short period of time, your brain will be able to reverse most of the damage done to the neuro transmitters and your brain cells. On the other hand, there will be withdrawal symptoms in that time it takes to reverse the damage done to your brain. If your neurotransmitters start lacking the stimulation from alcohol, your nervous system will crash, and it could lead to serious and lasting damage.

Alcohol Rehab

Withdrawal symptoms come in various forms, some are severe depending on the longevity and the severity of your addiction. Severe Alcohol Withdrawal Symptoms are Delirium Tremens for example. These severe tremors could lead to death if not handled properly. Other issues such as hallucinations and seizures could be hard to experience during withdrawal.  That is why it is of extreme importance you do not attempt to do the withdrawal from home, and withdraw from alcohol in a setting that allows you to have medical professionals around you at all times.

There are other withdrawal symptoms of note – not directly life-threatening ones, yet necessary to mention as many alcohol addicts live to challenging moments psychologically during the period of withdrawal. Often cited as an issue are depression and anxiety.

At Ocean Recovery Centre, we can help you alleviate the pain during withdrawal as we offer a Detox program. We have round-the-clock medical care available for you during detox in case you need medical intervention during Detox.

Therapy and Aftercare.

Once you have gotten through detox, we attempt to find the source of your alcohol struggles. Therapy is an effective way in order to get to the bottom of what has lead to your alcohol abuse. For many people, there could be an issue in their environment and that has led to alcohol abuse – a loss of a parent for example, or early exposure to alcohol addiction and abuse.

Once you get to the bottom of all the questions you have been asking yourself, we can help you find a way to arm yourself against the urge to start drinking again. We offer various types of therapy – whether that will be one-to-one sessions, group therapy sessions or even a holistic therapy session: all of our therapists are licensed, and many of our therapists have been in a similar situation to you previously. They can offer full understanding without passing any type of judgement during your alcohol rehab.

Alcohol Rehab at Ocean Recovery Centre:

How long does Alcohol Rehab take at Ocean Recovery Centre?

At Ocean Recovery Centre, we offer a full 28 days of rehab. You will then spend a certain amount of time detoxifying, and the rest of the time will be inpatient care. However, we also offer a year long after care programme specifically tailored to you.

How much does Alcohol Rehab cost?

We offer a wide range of packages specifically tailored to you. You can read more here about the pricing and the options available here.