Gillingham Drug and Alcohol Rehab Treatment Centres

Gillingham Drug and Alcohol Rehab Treatment Centres

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Gillingham

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Centres in Gillingham

Although there is a huge stigma surrounding drug and alcohol addiction, it’s important to remember the severity of it and the thousands of lives which have been ruined or lost due to addiction. It’s likely that you or someone you know will have been affected by the impact which addiction has, the damage it causes can be irreversible. Addiction to alcohol or drugs can destroy relationships with family and friends, affect your ability to work and most worryingly, have damaging effects on your physical and psychological health. Substance misuse can likely result in mental health issues such as depression and anxiety, leading on to even more serious health problems.

At Ocean Recovery, we’re here to help you achieve freedom from alcohol or drugs. Our drug and alcohol rehab in Gillingham provide bespoke treatment programmes to suit your specific needs utilising a range of addiction treatment options. It just starts with a phone call. If you’re ready to turn your life around for the better, then call us today on 01253 847 553.

What are the main causes of addiction?

The reasons why people become addicted to alcohol or drugs are incredibly varied. However, there are some fairly common causes which have led to a life of addiction. Some of these are:

  • Unfortunately, if you’ve grown up in an environment where people around you are frequently abusing alcohol or drugs, then you’re much more likely to develop similar habits.
  • Those who suffer with mental health issues can become addicted to their prescribed medication as they continue to increase their dosage in order to gain the same effects.
  • Some of us are just more genetically inclined to become addicted to alcohol or drugs. Everyone handles situations differently and all of us have unique triggers.
  • When people are recreationally using drugs, they’re likely to try out more serious drugs as part of their lifestyle. When the drugs become increasingly addictive like heroin, they’re extremely hard to stop taking which highlights the importance of professional addiction treatment.

What’s our drug and alcohol treatment centre in Gillingham like?

Firstly, we want to remove any wrong perceptions that people may have of private rehab centres or just rehab centres in general. Many people think that they will be looked down on for attending rehab, whereas in actual fact, people will be proud of you for taking the correct steps to achieving recovery. Drug and alcohol treatment centres aren’t cold or hospital like as you may think, our rehab in Gillingham is a very comfortable facility with a relaxing, positive environment to encourage change.

Our highly trained team are experts in addiction treatment, many of them have previously gone through drug and alcohol rehabilitation themselves. This gives them an added advantage of being able to empathise and fully understand what our clients are going through as they support them. We have counsellors, therapists, doctors, nurses, and support workers all part of our fantastic team at our rehab in Gillingham.

Not only do we ensure your safe and secure during your time with us, we also take care of any additional needs such housekeeping, laundry and making sure that you have nutritious daily meals. All of this helps towards you making an effective recovery as it becomes your sole focus throughout your treatment programme.

What are the treatment options like at our rehab centre?

All of our treatment programmes are unique to each individuals’ needs, however it’s likely that we’ll recommend you begin with a visit to our detox clinic. This is an essential starting point for most as if the harmful toxins remain in your system, it’s difficult for the rest of your treatment programme to have a real effect. Detoxification is an uncomfortable process, but we wouldn’t suggest it unless we thought it would make a significant difference to your results. Attempting to detox at home alone can be extremely dangerous. Withdrawal symptoms are likely to arise, some of which can be very challenging to deal with. This is why it’s vital that you’re surrounded by a team of medical professionals who can monitor you 24/7 and offer prescribed medication to ease the symptoms if necessary.

Our combination of talking therapies both one-to-one and group, and our more holistic therapies is very important in aiding your recovery. The amount of therapies and the intensity of each one will vary depending on your personal programme, we’ll talk you through all of these during your pre-admission assessment. We also arrange social activities for you to enjoy in your down time, these include daily group walks or runs, leisure and group outings, quiz or film nights, and family visits if you wish to.

We appreciate that transitioning from our residential treatment centre back into home life can be quite challenging. You must allow yourself some time to readjust and not be too hard on yourself, everyone who has completed a treatment programme is feeling the same way. The first year after completing your treatment can be the most crucial. This is when it’s easiest to fall back into old habits particularly when you’re back at home. We offer a free 12-month aftercare programme which addresses all of these problems. It’s there primarily to help you maintain motivation and to avoid potential relapses. We’ll offer you support with establishing a healthy routine, coordinating network sessions with other people going through addiction and also just be there for you to offer additional advice.

Get started on your journey to recovery

There is a way to beat addiction to alcohol and drugs, we can show you how. If you’re in need of a drug and alcohol rehabilitation centre, then our rehab in Gillingham is perfect for you. There’s no time to waste. Call us today on 01253 847 553 or text HELP to 83222.