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Drug and Alcohol Rehab Maidstone

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Centres in Maidstone

Are you struggling to find local, immediate addiction support? Receiving immediate support and treatment, on a consistent basis will advance your recovery rate. Yet, considering a drug and alcohol rehab outside of Maidstone will offer an efficient and effective healing route, increasing your likelihood of widespread recovery, even greater.

Although this move may seem uncomfortable and daunting, here at Ocean Recovery Centre, we can assure you that this rehabilitation option will carry the best results. To overcome discomfort, we promote a home from home atmosphere, paired with a specialised and professional rehab facility.

Reach out today to discuss alternative, yet highly valuable rehab routes. Likewise, if you would like to discuss whether a drug and alcohol rehab in Maidstone will be best for you, our team can offer realistic recommendations.


Why complete a drug and alcohol rehab programme?

If you are living with a habitual behaviour or mental health issue, it is very important that you understand that specialised support is available to you. Likewise, it is imperative that the value of that support is appreciated.

Here at Ocean Recovery Centre, we promote residential rehab programmes to all, all down to their significant benefits. By avoiding any form of addiction treatment, it is highly likely that a future of negative side effects and mental health problems will be experienced. By completing low quality treatment from a drug and alcohol rehab in Maidstone, short-term results may be possible; yet long-term, relapse possibilities may increase. Yet, by visiting a rehab centre, offering residential programmes, comprehensive recovery is likely, providing you with the best chance of a healthy, substance-free future.

Although an attempt from home will be favoured by many, this route offers little structure and safety. By visiting a rehab facility, who specialises in addiction recovery, you’ll have a worthwhile rehab journey to follow, along with ensuring your health is prioritised.

Without considering a rehab programme, you could experience years and years of negative side effects, combined together to create an unhealthy and unhappy future. Yet this can be avoided by taking the step now to slowly overcome your drug and alcohol addiction.


Rehab options local to Maidstone

If you are based near Maidstone or the West Kent area, free NHS services or local treatments may be available to you. If you’re experiencing minimal side effects from drug and alcohol abuse, this route will be suitable.

Yet, if you’ve lived with an addiction for some time, experience moderate to chronic side effects, struggle to overcome withdrawal symptoms or live with an underlying mental health problem, selecting a drug and alcohol rehab in Maidstone will be useless.

Although this news may be disheartening, here at Ocean Recovery Centre, our aim is to ensure rehab is a worthwhile process for all clients. With this in mind, it is important that a small move to a residential rehab facility will be considered. Along with receiving consistent support and treatment, this time away from influences back in Maidstone will help to boost your recovery likelihood. Having this time to focus on your recovery steps, rather than receiving your next fix will help to realign your mind and body, to function successfully without drugs and alcohol.

Residential rehab is a valuable process to complete. Although a challenge to most, this consistent exposure to treatment will reduce your future potential of substance misuse. Additionally, if you’re living with a mental health issue, influencing even greater drug and alcohol use, focused treatment can be offered to tackle the underlying issue, helping to reduce future stimulation.


What you can expect from a drug and alcohol rehab

Rehab is a different process for all. The timeframes, the treatments experienced, and the depth of rehabilitation required will vary. Yet, there is a consistent aim and structure to a drug and alcohol rehab programme. By visiting our Blackpool based rehab centre, you will be provided with a wide range of support services and treatments, all formed through a personalised treatment programme. This approach will ensure that rehab is catered to your needs, history and end goals.

From your admission, you will complete a number of our leading addiction treatments to tackle both physical and psychological fixations. Commonly, rehab will begin with a drug and alcohol detox, helping to remove all toxins from the body. This is a challenging treatment to complete, as withdrawal symptoms arise. Yet once completed, it will set you up for greater recovery throughout your rehab journey.

Post detoxification, depending on your current mindset and mental health, you’ll complete a number of our psychological treatment options. Frequently recommended treatments include cognitive behavioural therapy, support groups, motivational sessions and coping mechanism classes.

This blend of treatment routes will ensure that your drug and alcohol addiction can be worked through slowly, yet holistically; while also catering to your personal needs.

Throughout rehab you will be provided with a handheld support network, ensuring you have the guidance of our addiction professionals, as and when needed. Observations will be made throughout to ensure the recommended path is suitable, offering great success rates.

Once recovery milestones have been met, our team will recommend a return home to Maidstone, however, if a comprehensive treatment programme has been completed, will also encourage post rehab services. This service is highly valuable by aiding the transition process back to reality, yet this time, drug and alcohol-free.


Take the first step to recovery here at Ocean Recovery Centre

Although rehab may be perceived as a challenging and difficult time, if taken seriously, rehab can transform your life for the better. Here at Ocean Recovery Centre, we will invest into your recovery, ensuring that a future without drugs and alcohol is likely. This focused, consistent programme will work through your own personal needs and battles, ensuring that end goals can realistically be met.

Reach out today to discuss the most suitable rehab route for you; whether that’s treatment from a drug and alcohol rehab in Maidstone, or an investment into our residential rehab facility. Recommendations will have your best interests at heart, making sobriety a possible goal for you.