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Although our esteemed residential rehab is located further afield, there are several benefits of leaving your hometown behind as you overcome your addiction.

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Drug and Alcohol Rehab Centres in Gravesend

Whether you require advice, support or treatment, we are here for you every step of the way.


Is My Addiction Serious Enough to Obtain Treatment?

If you find yourself wondering whether your addiction is severe enough to obtain treatment, we must stop you in your tracks.  Regardless of the severity, if an addiction is present, treatment must be sought.

It is common for individuals to believe that they do not need to obtain treatment.  It is also common for those with an addiction to think that their addiction is not severe enough to ask for help.  However, without treatment, addictions can be life-threatening.


I Do Not Think I Have Any Symptoms of An Addiction.

Although many addictions arise unknowingly, the physical and psychological signs and symptoms that an addiction is present will eventually impact your everyday life.

However, if you are unaware that you have become addicted to a substance, it is somewhat ordinary to believe that the symptoms experienced are a result of feeling generally unwell.

Below, we have outlined just a selection of symptoms that may be experienced if a drug or alcohol addiction is present.

If you have experienced any of the physical or psychological symptoms, we would urge you to contact us as soon as possible.

Although you may not believe they are related to an addiction, it is best to address them.


Physical symptoms that an addiction is present include;

  • – Unexpected weight loss
  • – Extreme fatigue
  • – Altered sleeping patterns and insomnia
  • – Reduced personal hygiene
  • – Lack of self-care
  • – Red eyes


Psychological symptoms that an addiction is present include;

  • – Increased bouts of anxiety
  • – Depression
  • – Reduced self-esteem
  • – Lack of confidence
  • – Frequent mood swings
  • – Inability to remember something that someone has said
  • – Feeling somewhat paranoid
  • – Heightened emotions that you are unable to control

We know that acknowledging the symptoms you experience can be challenging, but please do not let this put you off of seeking help.

Our admissions team will listen to the signs that you have experienced, or are currently experiencing, before offering advice and discussing the treatment that you can take advantage of at our residential treatment centre.


Can I Treat My Addiction at Home?

Although you may believe that you can treat your addiction at home, this is not recommended.

In many cases, individuals that attempt to withdraw from a substance without professional support relapse.  In turn, their addictions become much more severe.

It is a common misconception that overcoming an addiction simply means that an individual stops administering drugs or alcohol.  However, this is not true.

Although you will be required to withdraw from the substance you have become addicted to, this is just the first stage of addiction recovery.

Withdrawing from drugs or alcohol rids your body of any harmful toxins and slowly but surely sees your brain once again able to function without substances.

However, therapy is required if you are to make a full recovery.  This is something that an individual cannot administer themselves.

While you may not believe it, therapy is the main element of addiction recovery.

Therapy at our residential rehab, for example, provides a safe space for individuals to voice how their addiction has impaired their life and address the factors that have influenced their addiction.

In turn, they can recognise any elements of their life that may need to be changed to prevent them from relapsing in the future.


Will I Relapse After Completing My Treatment?

As you contemplate seeking treatment for your drug or alcohol addiction, it is entirely normal to have various thoughts and even worries swirling in your mind.  If one of your fears surrounds relapsing, you are not alone.

Throughout your time in our residential rehab, you will withdraw from the substance you have become addicted to.

As touched on above, you will also undergo various types of therapies that will help you come to terms with your addiction and develop coping strategies.

Although this will prepare you for the future, there are unfortunately times when an individual may relapse. Relapses are a common setback among those that are recovering from an addiction.

They often occur when an individual in recovery is unable to cope with feelings, temptations and triggers that may arise.

Although you may be worried about relapsing, at Ocean Recovery, our client’s relapse rate is considerably lower than rehabilitation industry averages.

This highlights that individuals that obtain treatment for their drug or alcohol addiction at our private rehab are less likely to relapse as they return home after completing their treatment programme.

To ensure that our patients are set up for success, before leaving our facility, we devise a bespoke relapse prevention plan.  The relapse prevention plans that we provide aid the prevention of relapses and outlines a solid plan of action, just in case.


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