Medway Drug and Alcohol Rehab Treatment Centres

If you’re struggling to overcome drug or alcohol addiction then it’s not too late to seek help. Even if you’ve attempted to recover before and ultimately failed, don’t be disheartened.

If you haven’t joined our residential drug and alcohol rehab centre, then you haven’t given yourself the best chance to succeed in your recovery.

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Medway

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Centres in Medway

If you’re reading this, then hopefully you’re already considering seeking professional help for your addiction. It’s important that you understand what’s needed of you when joining a drug and alcohol treatment centre, you must be committed to change your negative behaviours and achieve freedom from alcohol or drugs.


What can you expect from our private rehab centre?

It’s quite clear that there are no circumstances in which addiction to drugs or alcohol is acceptable, useful, or helpful; quite simply, addiction destroys lives. This is we’re dedicated to offering world-class private drug and alcohol rehabilitation. We’ve helped countless people overcome addiction and go on to live happy, healthy lives.

We understand how important it is to conduct all of our treatments in a friendly and encouraging manner, this considerably contributes to succeeding in your battle against alcohol or drugs. We’re proud to offer a positive, relaxed environment for you to undergo your addiction treatment.

When you’re not receiving carefully selected treatment options from our dedicated team of medical professionals, you can relax in your own private room. Included in the cost of your treatment programme is of course access to the latest techniques in addiction treatment, 24/7 support from our experienced team and a comfortable stay in high-quality accommodation.

In addition to all of this, we also provide you with daily nutritious meals, take care of your laundry and any housekeeping needs. We also arrange social activities for you to enjoy in your downtime, these include quiz nights, film nights, group walks or runs and should you want to, family visits.

As part of your rehabilitation, we assess the emotional, psychological, and social effects that addiction causes, it’s important to identify the source of your addiction and any triggers which are linked with your substance misuse.

Despite what people might say, it’s impossible to treat addiction with medication alone, the psychological element must be addressed and understood to move forward in your recovery. We have highly skilled, specialist counsellors and psychologists who are excellent at delivering psychological therapies, we’re confident they can support you along your journey.


How do you know if you’re ready for Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation?

If you suspect that you or a loved one may be suffering from an addiction to alcohol or drugs, then there are a few signs to look out for.

If you’re concerned about alcohol addiction, you may notice some of the following – drinking as soon as you get up in the morning, drinking until you blackout, being in denial or lying about how much you’ve been drinking, using alcohol as a way of treating mental health problems such as depression, anxiety or stress, binge drinking on your own, or increasing the frequency of your drinking in order to feel drunk after you’ve developed a tolerance to alcohol.

When it comes to drug addiction, there a few indicators that could show you if your loved one is suffering, or to help you realise that you’re suffering with a drug addiction yourself. People who are addicted to drugs tend to be quiet about it, they may feel ashamed or weak. You need to remember that drug addiction is a disease that can’t be fought on your own.

If you’re able to recognise the effects of your addiction and be committed to changing these behaviours, then with our help, you’ll likely achieve long-term recovery. The first step is admitting that you need help, there are no cases of alcohol or drug addiction too mild to be treated.

If left untreated your physical and psychological health will only continue to deteriorate, leaving you with potentially irreversible damage. It’s critical that you seek help straight away.


How is Addiction to Alcohol or Drugs linked with Mental Health?

It’s common to see people who are struggling with an addiction to also be struggling with mental health issues. The two typically go hand in hand, either because drinking or taking drugs was a coping mechanism to deal with your mental health issues, or the large amounts of consumption over a lengthened period of time have affected your mental health.

When an individual is suffering from both conditions, we call this a dual diagnosis; it requires urgent medical attention at our rehab centre. We utilise effective therapy and counselling sessions focused on helping you take control of your mind to stop your addictive behaviours.

According to a report by Public Health England in 2017/18, just under half of people receiving treatment for drug or alcohol addiction, said they’re also struggling to overcome a mental health problem. This gives you an idea of how common this is and how we’re so experienced in dealing with a dual diagnosis.


What happens After Rehab?

Upon completing your drug or alcohol rehabilitation with us, you will have access to 12 months free aftercare. This includes regular phone calls with our team to ensure you’re continuing to implement what you’ve learnt at our rehab centre back at home.

Aftercare is arguably the most important part of your rehabilitation. The first year after completing your treatment programme is when you’re most likely to experience an alcohol or drug relapse. Having 24/7 support when you’re back at home gives you the best chance of staying on the path to recovery.

Are you ready to commit to a positive, life-changing experience? Then our friendly team want to hear from you. Get in touch with our rehab in Medway today on 01253 847553; you won’t regret it.