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Drug and Alcohol Rehab Cambridge

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Centres in Cambridge

Attempting to live with a drug and alcohol addiction can be very difficult. For anyone, it will reach a point where withdrawal symptoms and the negative side effects take their toll, influencing the requirement of professional support.

For many individuals in this position, although addiction recovery is possible, rehabilitation will require greater time, effort and patience to attempt to revert years of harm. Likewise, a deep drug and alcohol addiction will usually be present in this scenario, which has damaged the body and mind significantly, usually influencing a dual diagnosis. This diagnosis will result in greater treatment options, with a large focus on psychological intervention.

Yet this advanced level of rehabilitation can be avoided by speaking up now. This will ease your rehab process while reducing the potential harm caused to yourself. Therefore, the sooner you spot the signs of a drug and alcohol addiction by reaching out, the sooner treatment can be obtained, helping you lead a sober future.

Alongside speaking up, by considering a residential rehab facility away from home, you’ll increase your chances of recovery efficiently and effectively. If you’re based in Cambridge, searching further afield for a specialised drug and alcohol rehab will be highly beneficial.


Spotting Whether A Drug and Alcohol Addiction Is Present

For most clients, substance abuse has started unintentionally. Both alcohol and drugs are used in social situations, to celebrate or to relax from a tough working week. However, these harmful substances have addictive tendencies, which can influence anyone; from prescription medications to class A drugs, there are many different addictive drugs now used. No matter your intentions, your health and your view on substance misuse, developing an addiction is probable if an element of control is lacking.

In most cases, drugs and alcohol will be used to combat physical or psychological pain, used as a coping mechanism through life. This is where a dangerous territory can blur the line between substance abuse and addiction, causing denial for many; making it difficult to spot whether a controlled habit or a deep behavioural illness is present.

If you’re consistently consuming drugs and alcohol, and find it difficult to reduce consumption levels, an addiction could be developing. If you use harmful substances to cope through everyday situations, a fixation could be lurking. Similarly, if you’re experiencing regular withdrawal symptoms and side effects, linked to substance misuse, a chronic addiction could already be impacting your life. The biggest sign to look out for is, if drugs and alcohol are controlling your life, it’s time to source support.


Preparing Yourself For Rehab in Cambridge

Once you’ve acknowledged that a problem with drugs and alcohol is present, before attending a rehab facility, it is important that you’re prepared mentally. Rehab can be a challenging time. It’s a time for change, working on both physical and psychological connections to drugs and alcohol.

Rehab can also be a timely process. Therefore, it is important that you understand that patience is required. It is vital that you believe in the process ahead, while accepting and committing to all addiction treatments and guidance available.

Once you can commit to this change and put your faith in the hands of a specialised rehab facility, it’s time to source the most suitable rehab for you. For some clients, completing addiction treatment at a drug and alcohol rehab in Cambridge may be advantageous. However, here at Ocean Recovery Centre, we believe in promoting a short move away from daily influences by attending a residential rehab facility. This route can advance rehab significantly, by providing a focused and hands on approach to treatment. Likewise, this time away from triggers back home in Cambridge will provide you with the energy and headspace to embrace the physical and psychological changes and obstacles ahead.

After researching and finding the most ideal route for you, while preparing yourself mentally for rehab, your personal journey can begin. If you’re hoping to weigh-up alternative rehab options, or require a listening ear to confined in, our compassionate team are awaiting on the end of the phone, ready to advise.


Effective Treatment Options

When looking to recover at our residential rehab facility, you’ll complete a number of our leading addiction treatments. Each of our social, psychological and medical methods have been devised with long-term recovery in mind.

Yet to ensure recover is highly likely for you personally, you’ll be provided with a tailor-made treatment programme, taking your needs and history into consideration. This will advance your recovery probability by ensuring you’re on the right track to heal holistically.

Common treatment options recommended here at Ocean Recovery Centre include a drug and alcohol detox, cognitive behavioural therapy, motivational therapy, wellbeing sessions and coping mechanism classes. This combination will help to slowly reduce physical cravings, diminish your psychological connection, work through the underlying trigger, while preparing for the future, without drugs and alcohol.

By following our recommendations, you’ll have the opportunity to lead a sober life and overcome any current barriers which are holding you back. A drug and alcohol addiction will have deep psychological ties therefore, consistent treatment will help to work on your mindset and motivation to progress.


Aftercare Services Local To Cambridge Promoting Long-Term Recovery

Alongside completing a comprehensive treatment programme here at Ocean Recovery Centre, you’ll have ongoing access to our aftercare services. This service is offered for free up to 12 months post rehab to alleviate your transition back to everyday life. Here you’ll receive access to support groups and ongoing advice from a drug and alcohol rehab in Cambridge, helping maintain your recovery long-term.

This service is highly favoured by our clients, as the transition back to home comforts can be difficult to deal with alone. We will pre prepare you for this through your rehab journey, along with guiding you through the next stages of your life.

Reach out today to start your own personalised rehab journey. We will help you return home to Cambridge with a new outlook on life, while leaving behind your previous drug and alcohol addiction. Call us today on 01253 847 553.