Kingswinford Drug and Alcohol Rehab Treatment Centres

Drug and alcohol addictions come hand-in-hand with many devastating consequences.  Not only do they significantly impair an individual’s physical and psychological health, but they affect relationships and even careers too.

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Kingswinford

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Centres in Kingswinford

Without specialist addiction treatment, addictions can be challenging to overcome.  However, when treatment is sought via a drug and alcohol rehab in Kingswinford, many individuals go on to make a full recovery.

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Attending A Drug and Alcohol Rehab In Kingswinford

When addiction treatment is required, many individuals opt to remain close to home and seek support via a drug and alcohol rehab in Kingswinford.  Rehabs in Kingswinford are primarily outpatient NHS rehabs.

Although NHS treatment does help many overcome their addiction, increased waiting times, limited services, and outpatient treatment can hinder recovery.  With this in mind, those struggling with addictions are advised to attend private residential rehabs to ensure that treatment can be commences as soon as possible.

Attending A Private Residential Rehab

In Kingswinford, there are numerous private residential rehabs on hand to assist you.  However, those looking to secure private residential rehab also have the option to attend rehab elsewhere.

Located in Blackpool, here at Ocean Recovery, we provide private residential rehab and treatment to clients from all corners of the United Kingdom.

Unlike the outpatient treatment provided by NHS drug and alcohol rehabs in Kingswinford, our residential rehab treatment sees individuals remain in our rehab throughout the duration of their treatment.  Lasting up to 90 days, we treat many addictions and have helped more than 2000 people secure a long-term recovery.

Addictions Treated At Ocean Recovery

At Ocean Recovery, our expert recovery team have experience in treating a multitude of addictions such as:

–        Alcohol addiction

–        Cocaine addiction

–        Heroin addiction

–        Cannabis addiction

–        Prescription drug addiction

–        Codeine addiction

–        Sleeping pill addiction

–        Painkiller addiction

–        Fentanyl addiction

–        Ketamine addiction

–        Nicotine addiction

All addictions require professional treatment if they are to be overcome.  As addictions can intensify relatively quickly, treatment must be sought as soon as possible.

Our Treatment Options

Here at Ocean Recovery, we have developed industry-leading addiction treatment programmes that can be completed within as little as 28 days.  Combining detoxification, rehabilitation and aftercare support, our treatment programmes remain highly successful.

Our clients have access to around the clock care and personalised support as they progress through treatment.  Additionally, as no one addiction is the same, we focus on offering personalised treatment to each individual that enters our residential rehab.

Treatments commonly incorporated into our personalised treatment programmes include:

–        A medically induced detoxification

–        Rehabilitation

–        One-to-one therapy

–        Group therapy

–        Cognitive behavioural therapy

–        Bereavement counselling

–        Trauma and abuse counselling

–        Family mediation therapy

–        Dual diagnosis treatment

–        Art, drama and music therapy

While these treatments are available to each of our clients, to ensure that you secure the treatment you need to combat your addiction, you will be required to undergo a clinical assessment upon entering our rehab.

Conducted by a medical professional, psychologist and recovery support work, our clinical assessments evaluate factors such as the severity of an addiction, the impact addiction has had on an individual’s physical health, and the impact addiction has had on an individual’s psychological health.

The Benefits Associated With Private Treatment

As noted above, when it comes to rehab treatment, there are ultimately two options; NHS treatment and private treatment. While NHS treatment is valuable, private treatment is advantageous due to the benefits associated.

For example, attending a private rehab, such as our own, for treatment sees those struggling with addiction equipped with a personalised treatment programme.  These treatment programmes cater to each individual’s addiction and recovery needs by combining a wealth of treatments.

In contrast, when NHS treatment is sought, treatment typically encountered consists of one-to-one and group therapy.  While beneficial, these two treatments alone do not guarantee a long-term recovery.

Another notable benefit of private treatment is that treatments are administered on an inpatient basis.  Not only does inpatient treatment significantly reduce the risk of relapse, but it essentially safeguards those in recovery from triggers that could hinder their recovery.

Unfortunately, when NHS treatment is sought, treatment is predominantly provided on an outpatient basis.  Outpatient treatment has been associated with greater relapse rates as those in recovery continue to participate in their everyday activities as they undergo treatment.

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Although attending a drug and alcohol rehab in Kingswinford can support you in overcoming your recovery, if you are interested in finding out more about how we can assist you, please call us today on 01253 847 553.

Likewise, if you are ready to refer yourself for treatment, do not hesitate to contact us.  As a private drug and alcohol rehab, we can provide you with almost immediate support and ensure that you can commence treatment as soon as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

Choosing the right rehab treatment provider can be a life-changing decision; here are some of the most common questions we are asked pre-admission.

Will Attending Rehab Help Me Make A Long-Term Recovery?

If you are prepared to commit to a long-term recovery, attending our drug and alcohol rehab will equip you with the tools and resources you need to do so.

Please remember that addiction recovery is lifelong.  It cannot be rushed and it takes time to secure a long-term recovery.

Will I Be At Risk Of Relapsing After Rehab?

Although our recovery rates are exceptionally high, the risk of relapse is very real.  Sadly, weeks, months and even years after attending rehab, you will be at risk of relapsing.  However, we will equip you with the aftercare support you need to ensure that you have every chance of maintaining your recovery.

In the event that a relapse is experienced, we will offer you further treatment.

Is Help Available For Mental Health?

Yes, we have a wide range of help and treatment available for mental health disorders such as depression, anxiety, trauma, post-traumatic stress disorder and stress.

If you require help for a mental health disorder, upon attending our rehab we will provide you with dual diagnosis treatment.

Dual diagnosis treatment will see you simultaneously progress through addiction and mental health treatment during your time in our rehab.