Gateshead Drug and Alcohol Rehab Treatment Centres

Our drug rehab programmes are designed to detox your body and train your mind. Our doctors, nuirses and therapists will put you on the right track and provide the skills you need to have a lasting recovery. Call us on 01253 847 553 for advice and admissions.

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Gateshead

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Centres in Gateshead

Temptation is always a problem up north and many are battling with drug or alcohol dependence and not really sure where to get help or what help to get. Many people find really supportive and helpful support groups by searching online for “I need help with drugs”.

These drug support groups work so well for many people. It’s reassuring to know that you’re not alone and that you’re able to talk, without being judged, to people undergoing the same problem. For lots of Gateshead residents, it’s the only help they need to be able to successfully manage drug withdrawal.

For other Gateshead residents, they find that they need more support and getting help for their addiction becomes a real health emergency for them. That moment of realisation for many is when they notice that their drug and alcohol taking habits are having severe and negative effects on the quality of relationships they’re having with their spouses, civil partners, children, and at work.

We often meet our patients for the first time after they’ve been referred by their GP or by another health professional to local rehab centres like ours. We meet the rest of our patients after they decide to cut out the middleman and turn direct to the internet to find nearby recovery centres by looking online using questions like “drug or alcohol rehab near me”.

We’re Ocean Recovery Centre and we’ve been by the sides of people in Gateshead for many years looking for help with a structured and personalised withdrawal treatment service that’s worked very well for others. While that’s important, that’s only part of the jigsaw – we also help clients with follow-up drug recovery strategies so that they can gain control back over their own lives and the relationship they have with drugs.

Based here at our rehab centre, our team of caring and experienced professionals plan and manage your initial treatment and long-term recovery in partnership with you. If you feel that it’s time to take back control of your life and put right everything which drugs has made wrong in recent years, please call us on 01253 847 553. Alternatively, there’s an online contact form where you can leave your details.


Is Drug and Alcohol Withdrawal Treatment Right For Me?

In yourself, you already know the answer to this question. Do you feel that you’re taking drugs often but does the idea of cutting down or cutting out drugs altogether seem impossible? Does the idea of abstaining completely from drugs scare you?

That’s one of the tricks that drug dependence plays on people. In your heart, you know that your relationship with a substance is destructive but drugs can change your brain chemistry and your reasoning abilities so much that you feel tense, stressed, or anxious about the idea of not having ready access to drugs. Your heart tells you one thing but your head something completely different (and false).

If this is you, and you have the majority of the following symptoms, you need help now:

  • Frequent drug taking
  • You always take drugs in social situations
  • Black-outs and memory loss
  • You use drugs to relax or to prepare for stressful situations
  • It takes more drugs to get high than it did previously
  • Sudden weight loss or gain with a change to your normal appetite
  • Depression or anxiety


What Is A Rehabilitation Program?

A drug or alcohol rehabilitation program is a structured and personalised set of treatments whose aim is to stop you from taking drugs. Our clinic treatments are designed to stop abuse for the rest of our clients’ lives.

Drugs and alcohol will change the way your brain works – your brain chemistry. It’s similar to many other types of physical addiction in that way. One of the ways that drug dependence affects your brain is “denial” – your brain denies the scale of the problem you’re facing with drugs and it provide justification for why you should continue to use.

Have you ever felt “not quite right” on a day when you’ve not had any drugs? It’s drug dependence that’s causing this feeling.


What Is A Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Centre Like?

Our rehab clinic is quiet, friendly, discreet, and staffed with health professionals with a specific specialisation in helping clients overcome their addictions. The first thing we’re often asked by clients visiting the clinic for a consultation is “How long does drug rehabilitation take in your clinic?” The first step to your recovery from a addiction is a 28-day residential rehab course.

These first 28 days are crucial. Addiction to drugs takes two forms – physical and psychological. During the 28 days, your body and your mind will start to repair the damage that’s been caused by your addiction. Depending on the severity of your drug addiction, you may experience Severe Drug Withdrawal Symptoms. For your safety, you should only ever try to withdraw from excessive drug consumption with round-the-clock medical care – please do not attempt to do this yourself at home.

You will feel pain and discomfort during this period but, as strange as this may sound, this is your body healing. This is your first big step back to a life where you’re in charge again.


Therapy And Aftercare

From this point on, your recovery is now focused on the psychological hold that drug has over you. For everybody who is dependent on something, the reasons behind why the substances are used to cope with the difficulties and challenges life brings are different. Most of the clients we see have already begun to question themselves but they find that they can only find the answers in a treatment program supported by caring and committed addiction specialists.

This support and understanding continues after the 28 days; we provide 12 months aftercare. The difference between how you feel when you leave us and how you feel when you arrived is hard to describe but it’s very real and life-affirming. However, that’s not the end of the road.

Our therapists are there to help you after you complete your residential stay. We’re fully committed to and invested in your recovery. We provide a variety of different forms of therapy including holistic therapy, one-to-one therapy, and group therapy.


Does Drug and Alcohol Rehab Really Work?

Yes. Clients completing drug rehabilitation courses across England have an 85.2% success rate. In numbers, 31,982 successes out of 37,264 people who stayed the course.

29% of clients across England drop out or leave their course. These figures come from Public Health England’s latest statistics.

The high rate of success is down to the commitment of the clients and the professionalism of the addiction specialists caring and supporting them. However, despite these great results, please be aware that drug rehabilitation is very tough and it’s something you have to want to do and be absolutely committed to doing.

Contact Ocean Recovery today if you want to live the life you were always supposed to live. Call us now on 01253 847 553 or complete our online contact form.