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Are you worried about your relationship with drugs and alcohol? Do you feel as though your substance use is starting to ruin your life and that you no longer have control? Are you looking to find out what happens in drug rehab? If you want to know more about how rehabilitation works in Newcastle Upon Tyne, we can help.

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Although it is possible to get off drugs without professional help, it is incredibly difficult to go it alone. This is particularly true if you have been using for a long time and have developed a dependency – in fact, it’s dangerous to stop suddenly without proper medical support.

Drug and Alcohol Rehab in the UK involves a wide variety of tried and tested techniques and treatments designed to help clients become drug-free. Most patients wanting to overcome an addiction are referred to a rehabilitation clinic in their area by their GP, but it can take a very long time before a statement becomes available. It is also possible to self-refer by contacting a local rehab centre yourself by going online and searching “rehab centre near me”. Sometimes, employers are willing to cover the cost of drug rehab through private medical insurance.

Our rehabilitation centre near Newcastle Upon Tyne is open all year round, 24 hours every day. Our committed, highly trained team of professionals are here to help you transition into a drug-free life.

To find out more about how we can support you in beating drug or alcohol addiction, contact our team in confidence today on 01253 847 553 – you can also complete the online contact form and we will get in touch with you.


Local NHS Help in Newcastle

If you wish to explore what outpatient services are available in Newcastle, you should visit your local GP. They will be able to discuss what options are available to you in the area and outpatient services.

Outpatient services are community-based programmes that help people with alcohol and various drug addictions. Outpatient treatments can be accessed via the NHS but you generally recover at home. This is different compared to a paid, private rehabilitation service where you move out for a time whilst you complete a programme.

You can find your Newcastle based GP and book an appointment if you wish to learn more about outpatient treatment opportunities in the local area. Some local GPs operating in Newcastle Include:

Saville Medical Group
City Centre Surgery
7 Saville Place
Newcastle upon Tyne
0191 232 4274

Newcastle Medical Centre
Hotspur Way
5 Eldon Square
Newcastle upon Tyne
0191 232 2973

Heaton Road Surgery
17-19 Heaton Road
Newcastle Upon Tyne
0191 265 5911

Dilston Medical Centre
23 Dilston Road
Newcastle upon Tyne
0191 2196975

If you or a family member are in urgent need of care or in an emergency situation, we would recommend you visit one of the local hospitals:

Royal Victoria Hospital
Queen Victoria Rd,
Newcastle upon Tyne
0191 233 6161

Newcastle Freeman Hospital
Freeman Rd
High Heaton
Newcastle upon Tyne
0191 233 6161

These hospitals provide a drop-in centre and can be accessed in an emergency. If you suspect a person has overdosed, you should immediately call 999 and request immediate assistance.


Alcoholics & Narcotics Anonymous in Newcastle

In addition to local NHS service, you can also access local Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous meetings in the Newcastle area. These support groups put you in touch with peers and can really help you on a day-to-day basis. It gives you a routine and also lets you share experiences with members of the groups who can provide advice on how to deal with your substance abuse issues.

Alcoholics Anonymous Meetings

Please see below a list of some of the more popular AA meetings in the Newcastle area.

Victoria Hospital

  • Where: Neurology Clinical Meeting Room, Level 5, New Victoria Wing, Royal Victoria Infirmary, Queen Victoria Rd
  • When: Tuesdays, 18.30 – duration 1hr

Newcastle Daily Reflections

  • Where: Brunswick Methodist Church, Brunswick Place, NE1 7BJ
  • When: Thursdays, 13.30 – duration 1hr

Saturday Clubhouse

  • Where: George Street Social, 46-51 George St, NE4 7JN
  • When: Saturdays, 10.30 – duration 1hr

For a full list of the number of Alcoholics Anonymous meetings, view all AA meetings in Newcastle here to find one that suits you. 

Narcotics Anonymous Meetings

If you suffer from a drug addiction such as a cocaine or heroin addiction, you can also attend one of the  Narcotics Anonymous meetings below. Here, you can get advice from peers and other recovered drug addicts and help through the day-to-day issues you may face.

The North East was the worst region for drug deaths in 2021 so it is very important that you find help either through our rehab service or through local groups such as Narcotics Anonymous.

Attending NA meetings does help people reduce their relapse rate and is worth visiting if you are struggling with your daily routine and are in need of local support.

Newcastle Addiction Service

  • Where: Carliol Place, Plumber Court, NE1 6UR
  • When: Sundays, 14:00 – 15:30 – duration 1hr 30mins

Just For Today

  • Where:
    Westgate Baptist Church, 366 Westgate Road, NE4 6NX
  • When: Mondays, 12:00 – 13:30 – duration 1hr 30mins

Tuesday Afternoon Meeting

  • Where:
    George Street Social, 45-51 George Street, NE4 7JN
  • When: Tuesdays, 13:00 – 14:30 – duration 1hr 30 mins

For a full list of the Narcotics Anonymous options, view all NA meetings in Newcastle.


How Can I Tell If I’m Living With An Addiction?

Addiction is an illness, not something you deserve or should feel ashamed of. You have not consciously chosen to become an addict – it is the people who make and sell drugs who are responsible by creating chemical formulations specifically designed to get people hooked.

These drugs affect your mind and body in many different ways. What might start out as a recreational or social activity can quickly become a dangerous addiction, as your body becomes increasingly dependent on drugs. It is common to feel extreme emotional and physical pain when attempting to stop taking drugs and this is how the cycle of addiction occurs.

When you become addicted to drugs, your mind plays tricks on you. It will reward you for taking drugs by giving you a “high” and punish you for abstaining by sending you into a deep and painful low.


How Does Drug and Alcohol Rehab Work?

If you’re wondering what happens in rehab, it’s important to understand that the entire process will take your absolute commitment and determination. Without being properly committed to giving up drugs, your chances of quitting are practically impossible.

Your time with us at the clinic will begin with a 28-day drug or alcohol rehabilitation stay in our private clinic. This will involve a detox program that can last anything up to two weeks, depending on the level of your addiction. During this process you must completely abstain from the substance, as this is the only way your body can properly begin to recover.

This part of the process is usually the most difficult. You will need constant supervision from our team of professionals. To ease the pain of the Detox process, you may be offered prescription medication like Buprenorphine and Naltrexone.

This is just the start of your recovery. Once you have completed your 28 day stay with us, you can continue to use our support services for as long as you need them. Our team are here to help you make lasting changes in your behaviour and find new coping mechanisms instead of reaching for drugs/alcohol when times get tough.


Does Residential Rehab Actually Work?

Our success rates and statistics show that rehab is very successful as long as a patient is willing to commit to their recovery.

Typically, all residential rehab centres are good – in the twelve-month period leading up to March 2017 (minus people who were transferred) 25,833 people undertook drug addiction treatment. Of this, 15,394 dropped out because they found the program too challenging. Of the remaining 10,439 who went on to complete the course were declared to be completely free of dependence, and 9,116 of them no longer used any drugs at all.


How Long Are Drug Rehab Programmes?

As mentioned earlier, you will be required to attend our rehab clinic for 28 days. But that’s only the beginning, so you may also ask “how long does rehab last after the residential?”

Because our rehabilitation therapy is person-centred, the treatment you receive is tailored to your specific needs. It’s therefore impossible to say exactly how long your treatment is likely to last without speaking to you.

If you would like to find out more about our drug and alcohol rehabilitation services, then take the first step today by calling 01253 847 553 or complete our contact form.