South Shields Drug and Alcohol Rehab Treatment Centres

Do you live in South Shields and suffer from an addiction to drugs or alcohol?

Drug and Alcohol Rehab South Shields

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Centres in South Shields

If so, you no longer have to suffer alone. With the help of Ocean Recovery Centre, you might become alcohol and drug free and enjoy a better quality of life.

When you contact our team, you are dealing with individuals who have fought addictions themselves. This means you will not be stigmatised. We understand your language and above all, we can navigate you to a place where you will receive expert treatment for your addiction in residential settings.


The Dangers of Addiction

Whether is be an alcohol, drug, gambling or any other sort of addiction you may be suffering form, there may be a certain amount of factors to take into consideration including the individuals health conditions, the regular usage of the drug as well as how much of the substance is taken.

Addiction can also fundamentally change your brain chemistry, resulting in unclear thinking and difficulty with problem solving, long after you are clean.

As well as having a negative impact on yourself, your addiction will also impact those around you. Some of the biggest dangers don’t always include injury or illness, but the death of personal and close relationships.

Addiction ultimately separates us from our loved ones as the addicts relationship with drugs take precedency over everything else. These relationships may include family, work related friends or close friends.


Common Signs and Symptoms of an Addiction

The signs and symptoms of addictions can vary from person to person as well as the type of addiction that you are suffering from. These can be a combination of Behavioural, Psychological and Physical. A few are listed below:

Behavioural Signs:

  • Dishonest behaviour
  • Losing interest in certain activities
  • Poor attendance with work/school
  • Continuing to use substance

Physical Signs:

  • Lack of concern with appearance
  • Disrupted sleep patterns

Psychological Signs:

  • Change in mood
  • Tiredness
  • Agitation
  • Memory loss/problems
  • Exhaustion

Being able to spot the signs early, could help reduce the risk of an addiction of getting worse. Here at Ocean Recovery, we offer a range of treatment options including rehabilitation, detoxication, varies therapies and a personalised aftercare plan.

By receiving the help and support from our centre, this will result in a successful recovery. However, the recovery process may not always be so straight forward and easy, but making those first steps by contacting us, is a step in the right direction.


Initial Steps For Our Rehab Centre

Many people contacting Ocean Recovery Centre are totally unaware of the treatment programmes available to help reverse their addiction. To take out this guess work, our admissions team work with you over the telephone so that you are fully aware of all the various treatment options available to you in South Shields.


Why We Recommend Residential Drug and Alcohol Addiction Treatment

By far the superior form of drug addiction treatment available to you today is residential addiction treatment. Why? Because residential treatment means you are removed from your ‘drug using’ environment in South Shields.

You will be whisked away to a great location outside of South Shields where you will be detoxed and rehabilitated by a professional team of addiction workers.

Residential rehab involves a private stay in one of our homely treatment centres in the UK. During your stay with us you will receive a combination of therapy and treatment to help you achieve recovery from your addictions.


The Importance of Detoxification

Detoxification means you will begin a treatment programme that focuses on abstinence. Why? Because this treatment means you are finally allowed to break away from the ‘revolving doors’ of addiction that’s all too common on a ‘harm reduction’ or substitution programme. Abstinence means you can take back your life and live drug-free for the remainder of your life.

Since we employ a team of medical experts, you may detox from a range of drugs in a totally safe environment. Detoxing alone is often dangerous or at the very least highly uncomfortable. When you choose to detox at our drug rehab clinic in Manchester, you do so in the safest environment possible.

Detoxification regimes can vary depending on the type of drug addiction or the volume of alcohol that is consumed. The length of the drug and alcohol detoxification will depend on the addiction history. However we will guide you on your path to recovery by choosing the correct treatment programme for you.


We Are The Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Experts

We employ experienced staff who are trained to detox people in a safe and comfortable manner. We provide you with drugs designed to reduce withdrawal symptoms, however, these drugs are not addictive themselves, so there is no risk of becoming addicted to these drugs that are designed to assist the detoxification process.

We ensure you receive a highly tailored psychological assessment before your treatment begins. We then ensure you receive the right mix between group and individual therapy that’s designed to tackle the deep psychological issues you may face due to substance abuse.

By the time your treatment programme concludes, you will be fully rehabilitated and ready for life without drugs and alcohol.


Therapies and Aftercare

Ocean Recovery offer a range of therapies including Psychological therapies, Well-Being therapies, Holistic therapies as well as other social activities. The combination of these therapies is extremely important and will help in your recovery.

Here at Ocean Recovery Centre, we tailor aftercare plans for every individual. The aftercare plans help clients avoid relapse in the 12 months after leaving the clinic. This way you are able to keep on track and look towards a happier and sober recovery.

The aftercare team is made up of medical professionals, drug and alcohol addiction counsellors, volunteers and other members who have been in drug or alcohol rehab.


Get in Contact

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