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Drug and Alcohol Rehab Centres in Sunderland

Are you experiencing signs of an addiction? To most, alcohol consumption is innocent. Used for celebratory purposes, social situations or to relax after a hard day’s work. However, for others, getting through certain life events, or even day to day without alcohol is a challenge.


The Effects of A Drug or Alcohol Addiction

Are you experiencing signs of an addiction? To most, alcohol consumption is innocent. Used for celebratory purposes, social situations or to relax after a hard day’s work. However, for others, getting through certain life events, or even day to day without alcohol is a challenge.

If you feel the need to drink as soon as you wake up, have physical withdrawal symptoms, or find it difficult to stop once you start, it is highly likely that you are living with or will soon develop an alcohol addiction.

Any form of substance abuse can have significant effect on an individual’s health, both physical and mental. Low irregular consumption can turn into consistent high alcohol use easily, causing many side effects. A chronic alcohol addiction can deteriorate your health by causing issues such as cardiovascular problems, a fatty liver and brain damage.

Alcohol consumption is highly ignored as a drug addiction. However, it is dangerous and is a common killer in the United Kingdom. Are you based in Sunderland or the surrounding area, suffering with an addiction, but hoping to overcome it? Whether you’ve previously attempted through rehab clinics in Sunderland, or not, taking the first step now is important for your future.

You may feel that overcoming your addiction will be impossible. However, with the right help you can work through this difficult time. Here at Ocean Recovery Centre, we offer residential addiction treatment, moving you away from your influences to help you tackle your dependency. Take the first step to a drug or alcohol-free future today with our expert team.


Working on The Physical Addiction You Have to Alcohol

The first step to take when considering an alcohol addiction is to work on the physical connection individuals have. This is where a detox programme will be completed to slowly wean off your alcohol consumption. This is controlled by our medical experts to ensure that your health is being protected.

This is one of the most difficult episodes throughout the whole rehab process. Withdrawal symptoms such as nausea, hallucinations and anxiety will set in as your intake decreases. However, this step is necessary for successful long-term recovery. We will work with you through this time to show how working through this difficult part will produce positive results, by slowly diminishing your alcohol addiction.


Working on The Psychology of Your Addiction

Whether it is a drugs or alcohol, an addiction can stem from many places. Previous clients have known to fixate on a substance, influenced by their cultural and working environment, a traumatic event, a mental health diagnosis or even a downward spiral of stress, depression and high consumption. No matter the reasoning, we can support you with our evidence-based treatments.

Once you’ve completed your detox, the next step of the rehabilitation process will be to work on the psychological link you have to it. This step will begin by getting to know your underlying connection with drugs or alcohol. From here, our expert team will be able to recommend the most appropriate addiction treatments.

Treatments will usually include support groups, cognitive behavioural therapy and one-to-one sessions to help change your outlook on drug and alcohol consumption. You may currently experience negative thoughts and mental health issues. This treatment will help change your mindset, helping you envision a future without the drug.

Once you have completed your individual treatment plan, both psychological and physical connections you have with the substance will be depleted. Every individual is different therefore, the period of treatment will differ. However, be assured that you will receive residential support up until you feel ready to return home to Sunderland.


Relapse Prevention Sessions

Alongside your addiction treatment, our specialised team will provide prevention sessions to help you prevent and prepare for any future relapses. Relapses can happen – we do not sugar-coat rehabilitation here at Ocean Recovery Centre. Every individual reacts differently to addiction treatment therefore, we cannot promise that cravings won’t creep in. With that said, we ensure that every client is provided with the tools and life-saving skills to overcome any future episodes. Throughout your treatment you will also learn natural, healthy coping mechanism tools, helping you avoid drugs and alcohol in times of need.

We will also prepare your family for any future episodes. They will be kept in the loop throughout your residential addiction treatment, to support you through this time of transformation. They will also gain an understanding of your personal ways of coping to ensure you are maintaining a positive routine when returning home to Sunderland.

To help you post rehab, we provide aftercare support to all of our clients. We can offer guidance, a listening ear or recommend further treatment if you are struggling once positioned back in your old environment.


Why Relocate for Residential Rehab Treatment

We understand that moving away from your loved ones through this difficult time may seem distressing. However, research has found that relocating to a residential rehab centre promotes greater recovery. Overcoming an addiction can be difficult when you are surrounded by your day to day influences. This could be an individual you usually drink with, a place you visit to consume alcohol or even triggers connected to your psychological addiction. By stepping away from your daily routine, you are providing yourself the best opportunity to focus on yourself while working through your addiction.

With support being a key driving force for long-term recovery, we will ensure that you receive a strong support network while away from your loved ones. Our team are experts in the field of addiction, understanding how to support you through each stage of rehab.

Comfort is also a necessity to positively progress through treatment. We will provide a safe haven for you to unwind, relax and focus on your new alcohol-free future. We will take your requirements into consideration to ensure you have the best opportunity to transform your outlook on alcohol, leaving our centre with a new lease of life.

If you’re based in Sunderland, hoping for a chance to change your life for the better, consider relocating to our drug and alcohol rehab centre – we will arrange the whole process for you, ensuring you have everything you need to feel at home. To start the process, get in touch with our team today on 01253 847 553.