Glastonbury Drug and Alcohol Rehab Treatment Centres

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Centres in Glastonbury

The hardest part of addiction treatment is admitting that you have a problem in the first place. This is because it’s your natural inclination to find every excuse to justify your substance abuse and play down the effects it has on your life.

The reality is that people with an addiction struggle to overcome it without professional help. Addicts often find themselves isolated and ostracised from their family and friends, and an addiction can destroy your life within a matter of weeks if left unchecked.

Here at Ocean Recovery, we have experienced many addicts ask for our help and turn their lives around with a long-term recovery at the end of their drug and alcohol rehab. With our rehabilitation centre in Glastonbury, we can help you to take back control of your life and heal the broken relationships you might have with friends and loved ones.

If you are worried about the welfare of someone that you care about, we also offer a family and friend referral service that can help someone who is experiencing drug and alcohol abuse.

So, if you live in the Glastonbury area and are looking for drug and alcohol treatment, or drug and alcohol services, call Ocean Recovery today on 01253 847553 or text HELP to 83222 and let us assist you without delay.


The Benefits of Residential Rehab

When you are looking for a rehabilitation centre, you may feel a little overwhelmed by the sheer volume of different services that are available to you.

Private rehab isn’t the cheapest option available, but NHS waiting lists are growing and whilst you’re waiting for your appointment there is a big chance that your addiction may worsen. Additionally, private rehab offers the opportunity to have individualised, tailored addiction treatment as opposed to standardised treatment.

Our rehab clinics provide you with a therapeutic environment that enhances your prospects of a long-term recovery. With residential rehab with Ocean Recovery, you can take a break from your daily life and the bad influences that cause you to take drugs or drink alcohol.

You will receive 24-hour care from experienced medical professionals and you’ll also be able to get to know your keyworkers and peers. This support network will be important through your time in rehab and beyond. You will receive individualised, structured treatment that has been created with you in mind.


How does Rehab Work?

When you contact Ocean Recovery for the first time, we will perform an initial assessment with you over the telephone to establish the basic facts about your addiction. We will then make arrangements for you to be admitted to our rehab clinic in Glastonbury and there is no waiting list for our services – you can be admitted immediately.

When you check in, you will be introduced to your keyworkers and have a guided tour of our rehabilitation centre. As part of your induction, we will perform a comprehensive physical and psychological assessment of your health.

If we determine there are any underlying mental health conditions, we will perform dual diagnosis treatment where we treat your mental health issue alongside your addiction. This is key for relapse prevention and long-term recovery.



Your treatment will begin with a trip to our detox clinic. Drug or alcohol detox is always the first part of your treatment, as your body needs to be flushed of the toxins that build up as a result of a sustained period of drug or alcohol abuse. There is no set time for how long detox lasts, but it can be as long as two weeks depending on the severity of your dependency.

This is a trying part of your treatment, as your body will display withdrawal symptoms as your access to addictive substances is tapered away over time. Some of these symptoms can be dangerous, but your progress will be monitored around the clock and our medical team will be on hand to support you through this difficult time.

Because of the discomfort withdrawal symptoms can cause, particularly alcohol withdrawal, our medical team can issue you with prescription medication if required in order to make the process go more smoothly.


Therapies and Relapse Prevention

When your detox has been completed, your body and mind will have begun the recovery process and you can move on to your therapies. Most of your therapy sessions will be talking therapies like Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) and stress management.

The aim of these sessions is to help you to understand why you developed an addiction in the first place and how to change your behaviours in order to facilitate a long-term recovery. There will also be group therapy sessions.

Alongside the scientific approach, we offer more holistic approaches like exercise and yoga classes and music and art therapy. This accentuates our approach to ensure that your body and mind equally are healed.

When your 28-day residential rehab has been completed, we will work with you to create an aftercare plan. Whilst relapse prevention is at the heart of all of our treatment, we will ensure that you return to your everyday life in Glastonbury fully prepared to live a life in sobriety.

You will face testing times in the year after your rehab, but we will prepare you for this with our aftercare plan. You will be invited for regular follow up sessions and have access to a dedicated 24-hour helpline should you be experiencing difficulties.


Immediate Treatment at Ocean Recovery

We understand how hard it is to ask for help, but the sooner that you do, the sooner you can get expert help from Ocean Recovery and there is no wait for our services. We can begin to treat you without delay.

If you have been searching for “rehab near me” or are looking for family drug support, why not call us today?

Call Ocean Recovery today 01253 847553 or text HELP to 83222 for a no obligation consultation about your drug and alcohol use, and how we can help you to overcome your addiction.