Prestwich Drug and Alcohol Rehab Treatment Centres

Are you seeking treatment for drug or alcohol addiction in the Prestwich area? Here at Ocean recovery, we are only a short 1hour drive away and have all the facilities and people in place to help you overcome addiction.

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Centre Prestwich

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Centre Prestwich

Addiction is serious, and it is dangerous. It is considered to be a chronic, relapsing brain disorder, one that causes functional changes to the brain circuits involved in pleasure and stress.1 It literally rewires the brain, making the sufferer both physically and psychologically dependent on the pleasurable feelings that the substance brings. But prolonged, heavy use of harmful substances such as drugs and alcohol can cause irreversible, sometimes even deadly health complications. Alcohol, despite being legal, is one of the worst offenders.

According to the World Health Organization, the misuse of alcohol can be a contributing factor in the development of over 200 different diseases, including various forms of cancer.2 Drug addiction is just as dangerous. The longer you are taking a substance, and the more you take of it, the greater your risk of falling victim to a fatal overdose. The Office for National Statistics reports that there were 4,859 deaths directly related to drug poisoning in England and Wales in 2021 alone.

Overcoming Addiction

It is no easy thing to overcome a substance addiction. Once you have developed a dependency on a certain substance, it can be incredibly painful to stop using it. Cutting the drugs or alcohol out of your life can bring on withdrawal symptoms, which can range from mildly uncomfortable to life-threateningly dangerous. The exact symptoms you will experience will depend on the substance you are addicted to, and how much of it you take.
You might just have to deal with some aches and pains, or you might suffer seizures and hallucinations. Withdrawal is a difficult hurdle to leap, and many sufferers fail to stay clean when they try to beat their addiction alone. The cravings often prove to be too strong to resist. The simplest, most effective way to overcome an addiction is to seek professional help at a dedicated drug and alcohol rehab centre.

Finding Addiction Treatment in Prestwich

Stress is a big part of addiction. Often, sufferers of addiction will find that their substance abuse can be brought on – or made worse – by certain people, places and situations. One of the main benefits of residential rehab is that it takes you away from those triggers and puts you in a safe, regulated space. If you are in Prestwich and are in need of professional help, you should consider Ocean Recovery.

We offer state of the art addiction treatment, providing comprehensive programmes of care so that you have the best possible chance of staying sober. Our clinic is based in Blackpool, only an hour away from Prestwich. Situated right on the promenade, with stunning sea views and easy access to the beach, Ocean recovery is the perfect place for addiction recovery.

The Detox Process Explained

While comfortable rooms with sea views are helpful, rehab is no holiday. Recovery will still take a lot of work and willpower on your end, and at times it will feel incredibly difficult, but we will do our best to ensure that you have the best possible chance of success. The first step on your journey to recovery is detoxification, or detox as it is more commonly known. This is the period and process where your body metabolises and flushes out the substances affecting it. It is the time when you will stop taking the drug, and it is at this point that you will go through withdrawal. 

We cannot make the withdrawal phase painless. But what we can do is ensure that you are safe, and as comfortable as it is possible to be. Our team of dedicated medical and psychiatric professionals will be on hand at all times to help see you through this difficult time, and offer immediate support if your symptoms are particularly bad. When it comes to withdrawal, there really is no safer place to be than the detox clinic.

How Long Does Rehab Last?

You might be worried about how long rehabilitation takes. This is a legitimate concern, but it is critical to remember that overcoming your addiction is the number one priority. If you leave it unaddressed, or try to rush through your recovery, the risk remains that you will fall victim to significant health complications. 

Unfortunately, there is no simple answer to this question. The exact duration of your treatment will largely depend on the programme of care that is being delivered to you, and that will depend on the type of drug you are addicted to, the heaviness of your use, and the amount of time you have been dependent on it. Detox is only the first part of rehab – once the substance is out of your system you will be offered a range of holistic treatments and therapies to help address the root causes of your dependency issues. This can take time. On average, you should expect to spend around a month in residential care. 

What is the Cost of Private Rehab?

The other thing you may well be concerned about is cost. Again, this can vary significantly depending on the exact nature of your addiction. Typically, the cost of our treatment programmes can range from around £3000 to £10,000. 

The Admissions Process at Ocean Recovery

Our admission process is simple. When you are ready to reach out for help and begin your journey to recovery, all you need to do is give us a call, email our support team, or fill out our contact form on our website. Our friendly and helpful admissions team will ask you a few questions about your circumstances, and from there we will start to prepare a course of treatment for you. 

Addiction recovery will never be easy, but at Ocean Recovery we are determined to make it as easy as possible. If you are suffering with substance dependency, please, do not hesitate. Get in touch today, and together we will beat addiction.