Romiley Drug and Alcohol Rehab Treatment Centres

If you are looking for drug and alcohol rehab treatment in Romiley, the team at Ocean Recovery Centre can help you. Located just a short drive away, our private rehab centre offers treatments which help people recover from addiction.

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Romiley

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Centres in Romiley

There are a variety of drugs, legal and illegal on the market. Addiction can occur with the majority of drugs if taken for longer than prescribed or bought illegally. Alcohol and drugs may be used for short-term euphoria, to help with sleep, or for general pain relief.

Some drugs can create a tolerance in the body quicker than others and each substance carries its own potentially life-threatening risks. These risks can affect the person involved and their close friends and family network. The reasons that led to drug addiction may vary but many factors can play a role.

There are many related risks to addiction including overdose and even death, and there are millions of people suffering from addiction worldwide. Each individual has an increased risk of numerous complications. Some of the reasons for addiction may include the following:

  • A family history of alcohol or drug use problems
  • Emotional instability or mental health issues such as depression or anxiety
  • Low self-esteem or worries
  • Feelings of rejection or being unwanted
  • History of trauma or violence
  • Socialising with the wrong groups of people
  • A physical ailment or disease that has led to overuse of prescription medication


Do I Need to Go to Rehab?

Drug and alcohol rehabilitation is a great choice for people who truly want to make a life change. The devastating consequences of addiction can spiral quickly, leading to problems at home, in the workplace, financially and on your health.

In some cases, death can occur. If you are concerned about your drug or alcohol addiction, you should reach out as soon as possible. Our team at Ocean Recovery Centre is ready and waiting to assist you. We want to make you feel valued and understood. We want to create better health for you.

If you are concerned about addiction, then you should be aware of some of the first red flags that may appear:

  • Erratic behaviour or mood changes
  • Anxiety or depression
  • Withdrawal from daily activities
  • Sleeping more often
  • Financial difficulties
  • Trouble at work or home life
  • A dishevelled appearance of lack of personal hygiene
  • Psychosis, bad dreams, headaches and paranoia


Treatment Options

Treatment options at Ocean Recovery Centre vary. This is because we dedicate our time to creating bespoke programmes for each patient, on the basis of their symptoms and their mental and physical health. However, some of the most common forms of treatment include:

  • Detoxification
  • CBT-led therapy
  • Individual, group, and family therapy
  • Art therapy
  • Relapse prevention

These treatment options are often combined, and you may even get your friends and family involved. This creates stability, knowledge and healing. You can also choose family counselling, which will allow you to heal past traumas with them, and allow them to be armed with knowledge about your addiction, as well as see your progress.

We want you to have a stable support network when you leave us, which is why we want to ensure your family and social life are at their best.

These treatments are not forced upon you, and anything you do not feel comfortable with can be reassessed and changed. However, we will be with you 24/7 and any worries and concerns can be addressed instantly. We want you to make the most of your time with us, and with our luxury rooms and great facilities, we know that it is an ideal place for recuperation and rest.


What Happens at Rehab?

Rehab is a process and is split up into phases. Private drug rehab consists of detox, psychotherapies and an aftercare plan which is implemented during your reintegration. Essentially, this means that you have intensive support throughout the entire process, and relapse prevention is one of the elements that is not offered for outpatient and public rehab services.

Inside rehab, you will have your own private luxury space that feels like home. Beyond the comfort and the surroundings of our beautiful clinic, you will also have all dietary requirements taken care of, activities, time to socialise, and you will never be isolated from your friends and family.

A collaborative effort is often the best for more long-term success. Your treatment will be scheduled and you will be able to find new motivation and set goals with us.

When your first drug and alcohol detox is complete, you will then progress to phase two. This phase is where you will gain access to world-renowned psychotherapies such as CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy), counselling, art therapies and much more, which will allow you to explore the deep and hidden traumas, as well as act upon them, learn how to deal with them and prevent yourself from poor mental health in the future.


Benefits of Private Drug and Alcohol Rehab

In order to leave the vicious circle of addiction, private rehab offers a comprehensive package. In private rehab, we carefully consider every aspect of your life, to meet your personal criteria. Outpatient or public rehab is very broad and does not conquer personal issues in the same depth.

Our therapy concepts will accompany you in the best possible way after you leave rehab. Outpatient rehab will often consist of AA meetings, group counselling sessions and there is no ongoing or day-to-day support. Outpatient rehab is often not effective because it does not have the same intensity as private rehab.

Our Rehab Facilities

At Ocean Recovery, we are extremely proud of our state-of-the-art facility. We provide residents with the most relaxing stay possible and they can enjoy our modern establishment.

Ocean Recovery Facilities include:

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CQC Registered

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FREE Transportation Included

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Medically Assisted Detoxification

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2 Executive, Sea View Double Ensuite Rooms

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 8 Double or Single Ensuite Rooms

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3 Single Rooms with Dedicated Separate Bathroom

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Comfortable Communal Lounge with Piano & Sky TV

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Beautiful Modern Dining Lounge

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External Courtyard and Outside Seating Area

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12 Months FREE Aftercare

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Regular Contact with Loved Ones Encouraged

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Large Multi-Purpose Group Activity Room with Superb Sea Views

Images of Our Facilities

Facilities at Ocean Recovery

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    group room
    Ocean Recovery Rehab Group Room
living room
dining room with table
group room
group room
Ocean Recovery Rehab Group Room
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Get Help Today

At the Ocean Recovery Centre, we are available 24/7 to deal with your requests. You can simply call us on 0800 880 7596 or email us at to ask any questions to one of our friendly team members.

The process of admittance is simple. A quick assessment will allow us to find the best course of action for you. We can assist you with financial information as well as help you find transport to and from our facility. We are here to help and there are no right or wrong questions – we want to help you become the best version of yourself, and we know we can help you achieve it.


Frequently Asked Questions

Choosing the right rehab treatment provider can be a life-changing decision; here are some of the most common questions we are asked pre-admission.

Does rehab work?

Our rehabilitation treatment programmes are highly effective in treating addictions. However, for rehab to work, those who undergo treatment must be committed to their recovery.

What happens during a drug or alcohol detox?

Our expert team will work with you to gradually reduce your consumption of alcohol or drugs in a safe and controlled environment. As we slowly reduce your intake of the substance, you’ll likely experience some withdrawal symptoms which could include mild nausea, dizziness, insomnia, seizures, or delirium tremens (the DT’s). Whilst this can be an unpleasant experience, with the support of our expert team, you’ll achieve a successful drug or alcohol detox.

Is private rehab more successful?

Private rehab is more successful than outpatient treatment on the NHS, standalone detox programmes or self-help efforts. This is down to the fact that private rehab provides the best care, treatments, direction, and environment to recover from addiction.