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If you (or someone close to you) are struggling with addiction, Ocean Recovery can help you turn your life around and move forward with a fresh perspective in a life free of alcohol or drugs.

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The Rise of Addiction Rates in Bolton

Asking for help is hard, but the fact that you are reading this page proves that you are already approaching the appropriate mindset for your recovery. Sadly, dependency is a growing concern in Bolton and the Greater Manchester area, with many people currently suffering from a drug or alcohol addiction. 

Across the county, there has been a staggering increase of 74% in drug-related deaths. Bolton specifically ranks 6th out of the 10 boroughs within the county of Manchester for having the highest rates of alcohol addiction. In fact, in a single year, the equivalent of 3,000 years of life was lost due to alcohol addiction in Bolton. 

These recent statistics are disturbing, but we are here to try and make a change for the people who are suffering in Bolton. We’re committed to providing the highest quality care for a broad range of addictions.


Accepting You May Need Drug and Alcohol Addiction Treatment

The reality of addiction is that, the sooner someone is able to accept they may have a reliance on a drug or alcohol dependency, the sooner they can start taking back control of their life and achieve lasting recovery.

No matter how severe the addiction is, there is treatment out there that will make it possible to regain strength and truly heal. However, every day is important when drugs and alcohol are being abused, and the more severe the addiction, the harder it is to treat.

We understand that some individuals struggle to acknowledge the extent of their addiction. This is particularly challenging for those who have underlying mental health conditions. For your best chance of recovery, we recommend you contact our compassionate team at Ocean Recovery to discuss the wide range of addiction treatment options we have available.


Are there Outpatient Care Options in Bolton?

Outpatient treatment can be defined as a form of rehab treatment where individuals suffering from drug and alcohol addiction can receive the help they need without staying in a residential rehab centre.

In Bolton, there are outpatient care treatment avenues within the NHS, offering a range of treatment options for substance misuse treatment. In Bolton and the wider Manchester area, public substance abuse treatment is provided by Achieve. These centres cater to individuals dealing with all sorts of substance abuse issues, from cannabis rehab to managing alcohol withdrawal symptoms.

This method is particularly beneficial for those who require the flexibility to continue their daily routines while undergoing treatment. However, it’s worth being aware that outpatient treatment has higher relapse rates, as the treatment is much less intensive, and individuals will continue to reside at home and be solely responsible for attending their sessions.  

Currently, those looking to seek outpatient treatment from local NHS services are often facing extended waiting lists for addiction treatments, which means that many are not receiving the help they so desperately require. We take great pride in the efficiency of our operations, allowing us to provide immediate admission for individuals seeking drug and alcohol rehabilitation.

To ensure the best outcome, we strongly advise pursuing residential addiction treatment first, if feasible, as it has been proven most effective. Following this with outpatient care typically achieves the best results.


Does Residential Rehab Work?

We acknowledge that the road to recovery may seem daunting initially, but effective treatment through a professional and reputable drug and alcohol rehab provides the most promising recovery outcomes. 

Addiction is an incredibly complex disease, and it’s one of the most challenging conditions to fully heal from, which is especially true if attempted alone. Drug and alcohol detox can also be a dangerous process to undergo without medical supervision, which is why the level of care and guidance provided at residential rehab is often seen as invaluable, providing individuals with what they need to achieve a state of recovery that is sustainable to them.

Choosing our drug and alcohol rehab in Bolton provides an optimistic and supportive environment to those who are struggling, which we believe is absolutely essential for overcoming addiction. Our clinic focuses on offering compassionate, confidential, and tailored support, with numerous treatments available that are designed to address your unique needs and circumstances.


The Cost of Treatment At a Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Bolton

Undergoing treatment at our Bolton rehab facility for drug and alcohol rehabilitation involves varying expenses, which are influenced by multiple factors. These factors include the duration of your customised treatment plan and the specific level of medical and psychological care required for a successful recovery from addiction.

To give a general idea of what to expect in terms of financial investment, the estimated cost for rehab typically includes prices starting from £3000.

The costs associated with private rehab are in place to cover a wide range of services, such as expert medical supervision, a private and peaceful environment, world-class facilities, therapy sessions, medications, and comfortable accommodation, all aimed at facilitating an effective and holistic treatment.


The Length of Residential Treatment Programmes in Bolton

Typically speaking, we ask for a 28-day commitment from individuals who are receiving treatment at our residential alcohol rehab in Bolton. However, it’s very difficult to determine how long a treatment programme will last, as this will depend on the patient and the treatment programme recommended to them during the admissions process, along with the overall severity of the addiction being treated.

When you first speak to our admissions team over the telephone, patients are asked to describe their addiction history with the best level of detail and accuracy possible. Our compassionate and approachable team of addiction specialists will also perform a full physical and psychological assessment of your health and identify any underlying causes that may have triggered the addiction.

These procedures give us insight into how much treatment you require and which of our drug and alcohol treatment centres will be best placed to help the most.


Addictions We Treat at Our Drug and Alcohol Rehab Bolton Clinic

At Ocean Recovery, we are able to provide comprehensive and effective treatment for a broad range of addictions. 

Each type of addiction demands a bespoke approach, which may be either more psychological or more physical, depending on the substance or behaviour involved.

For instance, opioid addiction, involving substances such as heroin or prescription painkillers, generally necessitates medical intervention, detoxification, and often medication-assisted treatment to help ease severe physical withdrawal symptoms and cravings.

Generally speaking, cocaine addiction, on the other hand, while also having physical components, is often considered more psychological. This means a focus on extensive cognitive-behavioural therapy, addiction counselling, and psychological support to address the underlying mental and emotional triggers and patterns may be prioritised.

Addictions to substances such as alcohol often require a combined approach, integrating medical treatment for physical dependency and psychological therapy to manage behavioural and emotional aspects.

Our medical professionals, along with our team of exceptionally skilled and experienced addiction specialists, work together to provide the best and most worthwhile programmes that help each and every person who comes to us for substance misuse support.

Discover more details about some of the common types of addictions treated at our drug and alcohol rehab Bolton clinic below: 


Detox Treatment at Ocean Recovery

A drug and alcohol detox is when a patient physically undergoes a thorough cleanse, typically within an inpatient rehab facility. This means the removal of all traces of the substance to which they are addicted.

We understand that the detox stage of treatment is something that no one looks forward to. In fact, it is often described as the hardest part of addiction treatment, as our bodies are likely to react badly to being denied the substances they have become used to.

As access to drugs or alcohol is tapered away, it’s common for patients to experience withdrawal symptoms. However, some of these can be quite serious, so it is incredibly important that your progress is monitored within a residential setting.

While the detoxification phase may be challenging, it is important to remember that it is a temporary experience. Spanning a duration of just 5 to 10 days, this essential stage will strengthen individuals both mentally and physically, preparing them for the next phases of their treatment journey.


Detox Withdrawal Management

The detox process will likely induce withdrawal symptoms, which are known to range from mild to severe, depending on the person, the substance, and the seriousness of the addiction being treated. 

Some substances will be more psychologically challenging, creating feelings of anxiety, depression, shame and/or paranoia. For others, the physical hold will be the biggest difficulty to overcome, causing symptoms such as shaking, nausea, difficulty sleeping, lack of appetite and more.

In severe cases, individuals can experience both severe physical and psychological symptoms. However, we have a dedicated team that is there to help individuals through this challenging time, providing the support, guidance and care required to make a full recovery.

If a patient is showing signs of experiencing a severe detox, our medical professionals can help manage any and all symptoms effectively.

We truly believe that individuals require a private, serene and comfortable environment to undergo this process, which is exactly what we provide here at Ocean Recovery. Detox medications may also be provided during this time, which is known to bring significant relief during this stage of treatment.


Types of Therapy Provided at Our Drug and Alcohol Rehab Bolton

Through our dedicated rehab programmes, individuals will undergo a thorough and customised treatment plan designed to promote lasting recovery. These personalised plans typically incorporate a combination of psychological and medical interventions, reflecting our understanding that each individual’s journey to recovery is unique.

We provide a range of evidence-based therapy models, including (but not limited to):

Alongside core therapy treatment programmes, individuals will also have the opportunity to engage in holistic therapy options. We firmly believe in a person-centric approach to addiction treatment, and we promote the use of outlets that encourage healing of the body, mind and soul.

Our holistic treatments, provided by trained counsellors and psychologists, are available to all patients at Ocean Recovery. These include (but are not limited to):

Our medical team closely oversees all elements of treatment to ensure patient safety and to monitor progress, adapting approaches as necessary to optimise outcomes. This supervision allows us to tailor interventions to the evolving needs of each individual, enhancing the likelihood of a sustainable recovery being achieved.


Dual Diagnosis Treatment at Ocean Recovery

Unfortunately, some individuals suffer from both addiction and mental health disorders simultaneously. Patients who receive a dual diagnosis require a more targeted approach to ensure that both conditions are managed and treated effectively.

According to the Institute of Alcohol Studies, 86% of patients in Britain who are undergoing treatment for alcoholism were reported to have a co-occurring disorder, and approximately 44% of individuals with a drug dependency were also living with a mental illness. This intersection of substance dependency and mental health issues underscores the intricate and intertwined relationship between the mind and body, necessitating a holistic and integrative approach to treatment and recovery.

At Ocean Recovery, we offer the experience and expertise required to treat dual-diagnosis patients effectively. Incorporating personalised therapies, medication management, intensive one-to-one counselling, and support groups are pivotal in addressing the complex needs of individuals struggling with co-occurring disorders.

Each treatment plan for dual diagnosis is customised to meet the distinct needs of the individual, targeting both conditions equally. The combination of therapeutic methods aims not only to relieve symptoms but also to empower individuals. This helps people to reclaim control over their lives, enhancing their ability to bounce back from difficulties, whilst also encouraging sustained recovery from addiction.


Life After Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Bolton

We understand that returning to normality can seem overwhelming initially, but rest assured that all patients who complete a 28-day stay at our clinic are provided with comprehensive ongoing support on an outpatient basis.  

Our team will prepare a personalised aftercare package, (also known as a secondary treatment programme) to ensure that the chances of relapse are minimised. These packages are in place for a full year after residential treatment, with all support provided being completely free of charge. 

We also provide individuals with access to a 24-hour helpline, manned by people who have been in your position and who can offer practical advice if you are experiencing difficulties during your recovery.


Advice For Family and Friends

For loved ones of those battling addiction, we have made sure to provide the resources required to help guide you through this time. Whether it’s a friend, partner, daughter, son or parent, we are here to support you.

Significant others of individuals living with substance dependence are able to access our family and friend’s referral services. Our team will work closely with you to help with organising same-day admission into our clinic, taking care of all logistical issues and obstacles that may be in the way. 

We are also able to provide assistance through our dedicated intervention services, which are designed to specifically provide loved ones with the help they need in approaching someone who is in active addiction on the topic of seeking help.

In addition to the above services, family members and friends of individuals struggling with addiction can access our free telephone support service. If you simply need a listening ear, seek advice on how to assist someone close to you, or are exploring solutions, rest assured that there will always be someone available on our phone lines to provide you with support.

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