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Every day, millions worldwide suffer from the devastating effects of alcohol and drug addiction. This awful disease is extremely common; it can impact anyone from any walk of life, regardless of their circumstances. Drug and alcohol addiction doesn’t discriminate, so it’s important to remember that addiction isn’t a weakness. It’s a serious disease for which we need to offer professional and comprehensive support to those who need it most.

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Stalybridge

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Treatment Centres in Stalybridge

An addiction to alcohol or drugs can develop when someone begins consuming these substances socially or recreationally. As these substances are so addictive, it often doesn’t take much time before a person becomes dependent on them. This physical dependency is when you cannot resist the urge to consume the substance and continuously feel a craving for the substance. These dependencies can easily turn into severe addictions where you’re psychologically addicted to alcohol or drugs and are unable to gain control over your substance abuse.


Do I Need to Go to Rehab?

Many people suffering from an addiction to alcohol or drugs are in denial about their condition and often avoid thinking about it, hiding their symptoms where possible. Even if you feel you’re managing your addiction or have a mild problem which will ‘sort itself out’, we highly recommend seeking professional treatment before this addiction gets any worse. The longer you’re exposed to drug and alcohol abuse, the worse your addiction will become, making the rehabilitation process more challenging.

If left untreated, a drug or alcohol addiction will only worsen over time; the only answer is to seek professional treatment from a recognised drug and alcohol rehab centre.


Signs and Symptoms of Drug and Alcohol Addiction

There are some common signs and symptoms of drug or alcohol addiction that you should look for if you’re concerned about yourself or someone you care about suffering from substance abuse. You may be spending a lot of your time thinking about when you can next consume drugs or alcohol:

  • You may find yourself unable to gain control over your consumption
  • You may turn to drugs or alcohol as a coping mechanism in stressful situations
  • You may be gradually increasing your dosage of drugs or alcohol each time to strengthen the desired effect
  • You may become easily agitated when you’re unable to consume drugs or alcohol

Drinking or drug taking excessively can also lead to long-term mental health problems such as anxiety, depression, paranoia, bipolar, loneliness, or even suicidal thoughts.

In addition to these psychological effects that drug or alcohol addiction has on your mental well-being, addiction also significantly affects your physical health. Some common physical symptoms you may be experiencing include a change in appetite, struggling to sleep, either gaining or losing a lot of weight, an increase in your tolerance of drugs or alcohol, and withdrawal symptoms when you haven’t consumed the substance in a while which can sometimes appear as flu-like symptoms.

You’re also much more likely to develop liver disease, heart disease, diabetes, or stroke when living with an addiction to alcohol or drugs. You’ll also likely notice that your relationships with friends and family are deteriorating because of your drug or alcohol addiction, you may be avoiding certain social situations or activities that you once enjoyed, you may be underperforming at work or attempting to consume drugs or alcohol in the workplace, and you may be denying your addiction to yourself and to anyone that attempts to discuss it with you.

All these are serious signs or symptoms that you need to seek professional support from an alcohol and drug rehab centre immediately. You must contact our drug and alcohol rehab, Stalybridge, sooner rather than later to begin your road to recovery and create a healthier future for yourself before these symptoms worsen.

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What Treatment Options are Available?

As well as our private drug and alcohol rehab Stalybridge, you can undergo addiction treatment with free local health services like the NHS. Of course, this sounds like the more appealing option, as it’s typically free. However, addiction treatment with the NHS isn’t near as effective as the treatment provided privately. Understandably, the NHS are sadly overstretched and underfunded, meaning it cannot provide a personalised service to those suffering from drug or alcohol addiction. You’ll join a long waiting list to receive your treatment plan, which will be a generic programme to follow.

In contrast, with private drug and alcohol rehab, you’ll receive a tailored treatment plan which has been personalised to benefit you in the most effective way possible. The associated costs have various funding options available, so don’t be discouraged by this. Private drug and alcohol rehab has long proven to be the most effective way to achieve long-term recovery from addiction. Our expert team will carefully select a combination of psychological and well-being therapies in addition to helping you through a medical detox to ensure you have exceptional care and guidance.

The most highly recommended therapies we deliver include counselling, mediation, cognitive behavioural therapy, dialectical behaviour therapy, stress management, and relapse prevention therapy. We combine these with mindfulness: low-level laser therapy, relaxation and sleep management, yoga, nutritional supplement therapy, art therapy, music therapy, and fitness therapy to ensure that your general well-being is taken care of as you go through your rehabilitation.


The Admissions Process

You can email or call our drug and alcohol rehab, Stalybridge, anytime. A member of our admissions team will answer any questions you may have and talk you through the various treatment options we have available; you don’t need to commit to anything at this stage. If you’re happy to proceed, we invite you to a pre-screening assessment where we can review your health and get to know you better. We can then arrange a date for you to join us at our rehab centre and begin your recovery journey.

Contact via our online form or call on 0800 880 7596.



Frequently Asked Questions

Choosing the right rehab treatment provider can be a life-changing decision; here are some of the most common questions we are asked pre-admission.

Can I refer a family member to drug and alcohol rehab?

If you have a family member or loved one who you believe needs professional drug and alcohol addiction helps, then Ocean Recovery can help. All you need to do to get them help is to call our helpline, ask about our family and friend referrals, and explain the current situation. Confronting someone about their substance abuse can be a very delicate situation, and therefore you should consult an addiction specialist before attempting to do so.

What is an admissions process?

A rehab admissions process simply refers to the step you go through before entering rehab. Our teams can answer any questions and concerns you might have and help you prepare for rehab. You will also go through a pre-admission screening to help us gauge your requirements and draw up a personalised treatment plan that is most likely to help you make a long-term recovery.

How quickly can I receive treatment?

We can usually get you into a treatment centre quite quickly, especially compared to NHS services which may be overstretched and tend to offer outpatient treatments only. Once you have gone through the initial admissions process you will be given an admission day on which you will be inducted and move into your new surroundings.