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Drug and Alcohol Rehab Atherton

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Centres in Atherton

When it comes down to health problems caused by drug and alcohol addiction, the chances are that you know, or have met someone that suffers from this. Although not a lot of people like to talk about the topic, and some may even look down on people affected, it can cause problems that can haunt you for years if left untreated.

We can help you get through this. We have a team of people in our addiction treatment centre that are professionally trained to help you. If you feel you need help, come and visit one of our clinics for drug an alcohol rehab near Atherton today. Even if you don’t feel like you need help yet, it can’t hurt getting a bit of advice from a professional.


What Prolonged Drinking May Do To You

It can be very difficult to admit that you have a problem. You may say to yourself “sure I like a drink, but who doesn’t?” This is a true statement but can also be a bad way to look at it. Some people enjoy a drink with dinner, others just on the weekend, but when you start to become dependent on alcohol – or even have to drink large quantities to even get a buzz. That is when you may need to think about seeking some help.

A lot of people that first contact us are worried family members. For most alcoholics, they don’t even realise the effect their prolonged drinking is having on their social lives. Being dependant on alcohol not only brings along a myriad of health problems but can also break up families, friendships and destroy careers.

If the dependency on drug and alcohol starts to affect your career then this can be disastrous. It only takes one moment where your boss suspects you are under the influence and you could easily find yourself without any income, and without the income, how will you fund the addiction…


What Causes Addiction?

Sometimes just taking a look at some of the most common causes of addiction can help a person realise that it’s a problem that can be fixed.


    Some people can be born with it

    Well, not literally of course, but a genetic predisposition to addiction is a highly researched topic. What some people can handle in short doses regularly, can trigger addiction in others, people may become addicted and reliant on these substances very quickly without even realising it.

    Some people need to take medicine regularly

    Aside from the typical ‘high addiction’ drugs such as heroin, some people can become addicted to other opiates such as those found in prescription painkillers. Doctors are always very wary about handing out opiate-based painkillers for this reason and even more rarely give a repeat prescription. Painkillers such as Tramadol are used to treat more severe pain but are also opiate-based and can be very difficult to wean off from, even causing withdrawal symptoms.

    As well as physical pain, some people take drugs for mental health reasons. Drugs such as Diazepam and other benzodiazepines such as Alprazolam may need the dose to be upped to gain the same effect. This is in fact what causes them to be addictive and result in health problems if stopped being taken suddenly.

    Some people had a bad upbringing

    A bad family history when growing up can attribute a lot to addiction in later life. If a person grew up around drug and alcohol abusers then studies have shown they are much more likely to develop the same tendencies later on in life. As these circumstances are beyond a lot of people’s control, it can be a horrible situation to deal with.

    Some people start taking drugs for fun

    Recreational drug users may also find themselves moving on to different kinds of drugs as part of the lifestyle they lead. Although this is not true in a lot of cases, some drugs act as ‘gateway drugs’ for certain people, which leads them down a path to more addictive drugs such as cocaine and heroin.


What To Expert In At A Centre for Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Atherton

If you have decided to take the first step in getting better then there are plenty of facilities that deal with drug and alcohol rehab in Atherton. Our drug and alcohol centres provide some of the best addiction treatment found in the United Kingdom.

We have a team of highly trained staff on the premises that help you address and fix any of the issues that may be causing your addiction. As these facilities allow you to stay there while you work on getting better, this has the great benefit of no distractions, no bad influence and of course, no drug and alcohol use.

For some people, the best addiction treatment options consist of therapy. This allows us to get down to the root of the problem so that we can treat it more effectively. After all, the more we get to know you, the easier it is to help you.

Along with being in a safe place away from day to day life, you will not be alone. We offer group counselling sessions that help you bond with similar people going through the same struggle. This will make sure you never feel alone or isolated and help you to build up a support network that lasts.


What Happens After Drug and Alcohol Rehab

You will not be alone. We don’t simply cut you loose and hope you don’t relapse. Alongside all of the skills you have learned to cope while staying with us, we have a dedicated aftercare team on hand to help you through any issues or temptations you have in day to day life.

You will have built up a healthy support network while staying with us, as well as crafted your treatment program that works best for you. By now many of the health problems, you would have experienced with withdrawal should have subsided but it is important to meet with your GP if you have further problems.

If you require any more information on how to book into one of our facilities for drug and alcohol rehab near Atherton then we are just a quick phone call away. We are easily accessible by public transport but we can also provide travel arrangements on enquiry.

We can be contacted on 01253 847 553 or by texting HELP to 83222. If you would prefer not to use the phone, we can also be contacted at [email].