Hartlepool Drug and Alcohol Rehab Treatment Centres

If you live in the south-west of Manchester and you’re wondering whether or not you need treatment for an addiction, it’s probably not in doubt any more. Contact our Ocean Recovery rehab Centre in Sale if you feel like you have drug and alcohol addictions which are taking control of your life. It’s urgent that you contact 01253 847 553 or simply text HELP to 83222.

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Sale

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Centres in Sale

Our drug and alcohol rehab clinics are widespread throughout the United Kingdom. Unfortunately, as a nation, we’re seeing some of the highest ever numbers of addicts. Drug and alcohol addiction affects people of every age, race and background. Many of them aren’t getting the medical attention or the help they need. Some addicts don’t even know that treatment services are available – and that’s where we come in.

We can help you with your recovery from addiction. After your assessment, admission and detox, you’ll be on a journey back to a living a fulfilling life. No matter how many mistakes you’ve made or relationships you think you’ve ruined, we can help you get back on track. We refuse to believe that anybody has a drug addiction that one of our many treatment options cannot cure.


The Benefits of Private Rehab with Ocean Recovery Centre

It seems that every single day, we hear about more NHS cuts and the incredible strain on their resources. This also applies to council-funded rehab clinics: they’re overwhelmed with patients and in spite of their best efforts, are unable to provide each and every guest with the personalised service they need.

Reaching out for private rehab and asking for help can be a nerve-racking and incredibly personal situation. Many people suffering from drug and alcohol addiction in the Sale area arrive at our rehab centre feeling ashamed, filled with self-hatred. They’re finally beginning to take responsibility for the consequences of their actions, and that isn’t always easy.

For that reason, our private rehabilitation provides you with the personal, human experience you need. After your initial assessment, we’ll discuss a range of treatment options with you. We listen to you. We take on board what you have to say, and once everybody’s happy, you’ll begin with the treatment programme best suited to you.

This personalised, unique service isn’t possible with council-funded rehab clinics. We understand that no two cases of substance addiction are the same, and that means that every treatment plan must be unique to the patient.

Whether you’re enjoying our group therapy sessions, the holistic treatments, the private therapy or the peaceful grounds of our rehab clinic, you’ll be taking positive steps towards a full recovery. You’ll sleep every night in a private and spacious room with an en-suite bathroom. Our gardens, meals and atmosphere are all designed with you in mind, providing you with the best possible environment for recovery.

As well as attending your regular therapy and group sessions, you’ll speak with ex-addicts too. They’ve all been in the same situation and patients often find their advice invaluable. If you’re taking prescribed medication as part of your recovery, we monitor this regularly. Your mental health is evaluated every day by our medical team and where required, your treatment programme can be changed. This is the quality of service you can expect from our private rehab clinics.


What Can Your Addiction Do to Your Family?

Drug and alcohol addiction is currently destroying the lives of hundreds of thousands of families throughout the United Kingdom. That is no exaggeration. There are believed to be over half a million individuals dependent on alcohol alone. How many other people does that addiction affect?

There are growing numbers of individuals dependent on drugs as well. What starts as a harmless high eventually takes a grip and destroys an addict’s career, family life and mental health. As addiction alters the workings of the brain, it becomes impossible to say no to drugs and alcohol. Even though most addicts are aware of the negative effects of substances, they can’t help taking them.

Your loved ones suffer while you do. They watch healthy, happy people descend into the evil grips of addiction. As you become more desperate you may begin to lie, steal and hide your addiction from them. Your brain, constantly urging you to keep on consuming the harmful substances, leaves you irritable when you can’t find any. You can develop a short temper, insomnia and a broken memory.

Sometimes, it’s family members that contact us first – they’re desperate for their loved one to enter private rehab. Constant denial makes admitting there’s a problem difficult, and intervention may be required to address the addiction.

Depending on your assessment, family therapy sessions may be used as part of your treatment programme. This provides everybody with a platform to discuss how your addiction affected them, how much it hurt to watch you change and generally, let off some steam. As we conduct these sessions you’ll learn about forgiveness and how to re-build the relationships around you.


After You Leave Rehab

After you leave our drug and alcohol rehab centre in Sale, you’ll be equipped with the tools and the mentality you need to return to normal life. Our free aftercare programme ensures that you’re constantly monitoring your own behaviour and applying the new techniques you’ve learnt to everyday life.

At Ocean Recovery Centre, we focus on addressing the root of your addiction. We examine what caused you to become addicted in the first place. In the safe, comfortable environment of our rehab centre, you’ll be able to explore your addiction with no distractions. This way, you won’t return to the same bad habits that you had in the past. Once you leave our centre, you’re still likely to encounter stressful triggers. In the past, you may have turned to substances to deal with that stress, but after rehab, you’ll know how to handle those emotions.

If you’re still searching for a private rehab clinic close to Sale then please, contact 01253 847 553 or simply text HELP to 83222. We’re waiting for your call and looking forward to helping you get your life back.

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