Hyde Drug and Alcohol Rehab Treatment Centres

There are many rehab options for addicts in the Hyde area but not everyone can get the help that they need from the NHS and often they don’t have the time to wait for treatment. But fortunately, there are private residential treatment centres in almost every part of the UK.

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Hyde

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Centres in Hyde

Drug and alcohol addiction has reached critical levels in the UK and it is not just the misuse of illegal or street drugs, like heroin, cocaine and methamphetamines that is a growing concern for authorities, the abuse of legal substances like alcohol and prescription medication is also on the rise. Recent studies in Britain have shown that the country has the highest rate of addiction for opioids and the highest number of life-time abusers of class A drugs (cocaine, heroin, ecstasy and amphetamines).

Unfortunately, the social and economic problems that are caused by addiction to drugs and alcohol are limited to addicts. Addiction is a problem for society as a whole and has a significant impact on the lives of an addicts family and friends. It also places an undue burden on the NHS, social workers and medical staff. The impact of drug and alcohol addiction on the police services and the justice system is also significant. Drug and alcohol addiction leads to an increase in anti-social and criminal behaviour throughout the country.

Every part of the UK has been affected by addiction in some form or another and Hyde has not escaped the countrywide rise in drug and alcohol abuse but fortunately, there are drug and alcohol rehab and addiction treatment options available throughout the country.

Alcohol and Prescription Drug Addiction is a serious problem

Many people still think of addicts as down and out individuals who are addicted to street drugs, but they forget about the large portion of the population that is addicted to legal substances like alcohol and prescription medication. Alcohol is enjoyed responsibly by the vast majority of people across the UK, but it can also be highly addictive, and some people can’t control how much or how often they drink. The abuse of alcohol in Britain is a growing problem and the consequences are far-reaching, impacting families and communities. Alcoholics not only destroy their own lives they commonly also destroy the lives of those closest to them. The stigma attached to admitting to alcohol use disorder means that few alcoholics have the courage to seek treatment or enter alcohol rehab.

There is also a common misconception in the UK that only illegal drugs like cocaine and heroin are addictive and that all addicts are addicted to class A drugs but this could not be further from the truth. Addiction to prescription medication, especially opioids and benzodiazepines prescribed for the treatment of pain or mental health issues, is a growing problem for the UK and many other countries.

Around the world, there has been a dramatic rise in ER admissions due to accidental overdoses from prescription medication. Benzodiazepines, typically prescribed for the treatment of anxiety and panic disorders, are highly addictive and many patients with mental health issues quickly become dependent on their medication. When they can no longer get a legal prescription from a doctor, they will buy their supply illegally. There is a huge illicit market for prescription drugs on the streets and the dark web. Due to the rise in prescription drug addiction, there has also been a significant increase in people seeking treatment at residential rehab centres.

Advantages of residential rehab

The battle against addiction is a lifelong struggle that has a long-term impact on your life. It is a serious problem that affects the addict as well as their family, friends and work colleagues. For many people, merely admitting that they have a problem is a huge step in the right direction but without professional help and support from a drug treatment program and monitoring system, it is almost impossible to recover from addiction.

The residential addiction treatment program at Ocean Recovery & Wellness Centre in the North West has been developed by addiction specialists to help people overcome addiction and rebuild their lives. When entering our treatment facility, you will be thoroughly assessed by a medical professional to determine the type and severity of your addiction. They will require a detailed medical and addiction history in order to identify any underlying physical or mental health issues. After your assessment, an appropriate treatment plan will be devised by a multi-disciplinary team. This treatment plan will typically include cognitive behavioural therapy, group support sessions, peer counselling and family therapy. Once you have been assessed, a member of staff will explain your treatment plan and answer any questions.

Drug and Alcohol rehab for addicts in Hyde

There are several drug and alcohol rehab treatment options for addicts living in Hyde and the surrounding areas and these include both NHS run treatment clinics and private rehab facilities.

At Ocean Recovery& Wellness Centre near Blackpool in Lancashire, we combine comfortable accommodation with a carefully developed therapy programme that enables you to tackle your addiction head-on. Our rehab facility is designed to cater to the needs of addicts and offers comfortable accommodation with spectacular sea views. We have thirteen bedrooms, several private individual therapy rooms, a holistic treatment room, a steam room, a relaxation room with a massage therapy chair, a large multi-purpose activity area, as well as a communal lounge and dining area. The grounds overlook the ocean and include a tranquil external courtyard and garden.

Our addiction treatment programme offers you the following services:

  • An in-depth clinical and psychological assessment when you are admitted
  • Medically assisted detox to alleviate withdrawal symptoms
  • 24-hour support and supervision from a dedicated team of addiction specialists
  • Personalised therapy and recovery programmes
  • Aftercare for 12 months

Winning your battle against addiction takes perseverance and determination but it is possible. There are several treatment options available for addicts in the UK, but statistically residential drug and alcohol rehab has proved to be the most successful and produced the best long-term outcomes. At Ocean Recovery & Wellness Centre we have helped thousands of addicts rebuild their lives and we are here to help you.  The road to recovery begins with a simple phone call and you can contact us at any time to get more information about our facilities and discuss treatment options.