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6 Ways To Keep Up With Drug Addiction Treatment

11th February 2022

To overcome a substance use disorder, addiction treatment is an essential step. Both illicit and prescription drugs cause physical and psychological changes if abused and enabled. Those changes impact behaviours, actions, wellbeing, and mental health, requiring intervention. Addiction treatment is a strong recommendation, helping to intervene. Yet the exact addiction treatment services that each person

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What is the disease model of addiction?

4th February 2022

An addiction is diagnosed as a chronic brain condition which is re-occurring and compulsive. It is categorised under the disease model, as it is a condition which requires treatment and management to motivate and sustain recovery. Whilst recovery can be achieved from the likes of a drug or alcohol addiction, relapse is an expected part

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Club Drugs: The Risks, Effects and Dangers

28th January 2022

Many people across the United Kingdom partake in “club drugs,” whether that be to try and enhance the atmosphere on a night out or to increase the intensity of a party at a friend’s house. However, while many people, particularly young people, partake in consuming party drugs at the weekend, this is often done without

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How Does Binge Drinking Affect Your Health?

21st January 2022

According to the charity Alcohol Change UK, more than a quarter (27%) of people who drink in the UK say that they binge drink on their heaviest days of drinking. Binge drinking refers to downing relatively large amounts of alcohol in a short space of time. But what is the precise definition of binge drinking and

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4 Signs of A Substance Use Disorder

14th January 2022

A substance use disorder, also diagnosed as a substance-driven addiction is a brain disorder. Through the misuse and abuse of addictive substances, such as alcohol or drugs, the inability to control consumption can soon become a reality. Addictive substances, such as the legal use of alcohol, medical use of prescription drugs, or illicit use of Class A drugs are highly influential. Whilst initial use is a conscious decision, whether

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The Impact Of Alcohol Addiction

10th January 2022

Alcohol is perceived as a harmless, innocent substance. It’s legal to purchase and consume and is heavily normalised across many cultures. With such a safe image, consuming alcohol is seen as a low-risk action. Yet in fact, long-term consumption can amount to many physical and psychological impacts. Moderate consumption levels can have short-term effects on the body and brain. Hangover-like symptoms are the most associated impact, brushed under

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New Year In Rehab – What To Expect?

22nd December 2021

Sometimes Christmas isn’t always the most wonderful time of year. Those suffering from alcohol and drug addiction find it a particularly difficult time. It’s a period where excessive drinking and frequent nights out are on the cards where drugs could be taken and letting your hair down is encouraged. This festive atmosphere is not a bad thing. But if

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Helping a loved one struggling with Addiction this Festive Period

14th December 2021

As a loved one, it can be challenging to manoeuvre around an addiction diagnosis and the consequences it carries over this time of year. The festive period should be a time to celebrate and relax. Yet dropping the ball through addiction recovery isn’t an option, not even for Christmas. Understandably, you’ll want to do your

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How To Detox Safely From Alcohol

10th December 2021

Alcohol addiction is a rising health problem in the UK, with the COVID-19 pandemic having a problem. According to the Guardian, “deaths caused by alcohol in 2020 increased by almost 19%, marking the biggest rise since records began, according to the Office for National Statistics.” This worrying statistic shows that more people are turning to alcohol

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Finding Alcohol Addiction Support Groups

6th December 2021

For someone who’s recovering from alcohol abuse and alcoholism, treatment will be a significant lifeline. Through active rehab, various forms of alcohol addiction treatment will be worked through, to withdraw and restore. Although sobriety may be reached once alcohol rehab comes to an end, there are some expected challenges linked to post-rehab life. For both

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