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Alcoholism help and intervention

4th September 2019

Alcoholism affects a lot of people, and the numbers are far starker than you would think. estimates that there are around 589,101 dependent drinkers in the UK, with less than 20% in treatment for their addiction. People tend to think about alcoholics as people whose addiction has completely taken over their lives, and who

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Understanding Addiction

26th August 2019

For people who have never struggled with addiction, it can be hard to understand those who continuously choose a course of action which is causing serious problems in their lives. Understanding addiction means more than understanding the science behind how and why a person becomes an addict, it also means understanding the cycle of addiction,

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Prescription drug addiction is on the increase

23rd August 2019

Following research which indicated a growing problem with addiction to prescription medications in the UK, a government investigation has been launched into how doctors prescribe these drugs, and to decide if we are too reliant on these treatment options. There has been a more than 100% rise in the number of antidepressants prescribed in England

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Dealing With Employees Suffering From Alcoholism

1st August 2019

Watching someone you know deal with an addiction can be very difficult. However, understanding how to approach and support them can be even tougher. As the use of drugs and alcohol advances, especially in fast paced, highly-stressful working environments, more and more employers are struggling to gauge whether their employees are using, and if so,

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Opioid Painkiller Addiction is becoming a serious issue in the UK

12th July 2019

Opioid painkiller addiction has been recognised as a public health crisis in the US and Canada and officials have dubbed it an “opioid epidemic”. But sadly, this problem is not confined to the North American continent, opioid painkiller addiction is becoming a serious issue right here on our doorstep as more and more people in

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Alcohol Poisoning – Signs and Symptoms

10th July 2019

You can drink alcohol in moderation, and it will not be a problem. Having the occasional lager in the pub with your mates or a glass of wine at a dinner party is perfectly normal but alcohol abuse can be extremely dangerous. Besides the risk of developing alcohol use disorder from long term frequent excessive

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Latest report by PHE shows Opiate and Crack Cocaine use is on the rise

30th May 2019

The rise of opiate and crack cocaine use When looking at previous data provided by Public Health England, both opiate drug use and crack cocaine consumption have risen by 4.4% between 2014-15 and 2016-17. This has been presented as a national warning, effecting many areas of the United Kingdom. From the above statistics, with more

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