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Health Risks Of Being Obese

15th January 2021

Across the United Kingdom, millions of people are clinically categorised as being obese.  Sadly, this has seen a wealth of individuals across the country experience the various health risks of being obese.   Obesity In The UK Obesity in the UK has unfortunately soared in the last few years.  At present, across the United Kingdom,

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The Impact of COVID-19 on Addiction & Mental Health

12th January 2021

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed every aspect of people’s lives. Not just in the United Kingdom, but across the globe. There is an ongoing uncertainty as to when, or if, life will return to what we’re used to. The phrase “the new normal” has become a constant reminder of the strange times we find ourselves

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Natural Treatments for Depression

8th January 2021

Combating mental health issues, such as depression, is usually associated with lengthy counselling sessions, with cognitive behavioural therapy, with invasive talking therapies and with antidepressant prescriptions. While for some, traditional treatments will work and will offer many benefits, for others, a holistic, natural route will be favoured. If you’re battling through depression, with the hope

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Addiction and recovery during the Christmas Holidays 

18th December 2020

While the month of December provides festive cheer for most, it can be a vulnerable, testing time for many, including those who are recovering from addiction. Commonly, Christmas is associated with family get-togethers, with giving, with overindulgence and with alcohol-fuelled celebrations and. To the average person, this sounds like the best possible way to spend

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The Early Signs of Depression

11th December 2020

For the average person, negative situations or feelings can usually be worked through. Yet, for someone with depression, those emotions are unmanageable, reflected through outlooks, through moods and through behaviours. Unfortunately, the amount of people currently suffering from depression is very high. Down to this increase, many individuals see depression as the norm, as a

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Life After Addiction Treatment

4th December 2020

Once you reach this point, you’ll likely feel a mixture of emotions. Some will be positive when thinking about life after addiction treatment, seeing your return home as a fresh start, as an opportunity to improve your quality of life and to revert the changes that gambling or drug addiction has caused. Yet, some will be negative, where

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How alcohol makes depression worse

27th November 2020

Through this rise, attention is drawn towards the complex yet significant relationship between both the abuse of alcohol and depression, concentrating even further on their influential characteristics on each other. Many individuals believe that alcoholism is a physical illness, down to the fact that consumption is a physical action. However, through the ongoing abuse of

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What Is GAP Analysis?

20th November 2020

Each year, surveys on a variety of scales provide us with statistics in relation to a populations relationship to drug-use. Government bodies and private health care centres often cite health statistics in relation to drug addiction and alcohol addiction from a variety of sources in their daily business; however, when taken in isolation, certain statistics may not necessarily be

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Addiction Recovery And The Importance Of Goal Setting

13th November 2020

What Is Goal Setting? Goal setting can be defined as a psychology-oriented process that works on the belief that people can change behaviours and work well towards specific goals. Goal setting is an integral part of the recovery journey as it provides the patient with the motivation they need to achieve and remain on the

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Mental health guide for small business owners

6th November 2020

In today’s climate, there’s a great focus on mental health and the need to preserve it. A sub-focus to this topic is mental health pressures impacting small business owners. On an average day, it can be challenging to be a small business owner. From money pressures, to juggling multiple roles, to even supporting others through employment,

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