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The Best Books For Addiction Recovery: Our Picks

9th June 2020

Are you working through addiction recovery? Are you hoping to find personal coping strategies to incorporate into your healthy routines? Are you aiming to distract yourself from your previous drug and alcohol addiction?  Coping strategies will differ for all individuals. This can be down to temperament, underlying causations and the organic formation and maintenance of

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Best Apps For Addiction Recovery

5th June 2020

Addiction recovery is a long-term commitment. Although tangible addiction treatment and guidance is available throughout both rehab and aftercare services, personal recovery efforts must be maintained.   One of the easiest ways to keep track of your recovery efforts, in today’s digital era is by utilising apps for addiction recovery. From tracking your progress and monitoring

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Britain’s Obsession With Cocaine is Fuelling A Cocaine Addiction Epidemic

2nd June 2020

Year on year, cocaine consumption rates are growing globally. Yet, concerningly, Britain now ranks as the most populated nation in Europe for cocaine abuse and first-time addiction diagnoses.   Cocaine has been abused for years, down to its powerful stimulating effects. Throughout the decades it’s been glamorised, associated with the sex, drugs and rock ‘n’ roll

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Making Cannabis Legal Would Lead To An Explosion In Cases Of Psychosis – Leading Professor Claims

28th April 2020

One of Britain’s top psychologists has warned that legalising marijuana in the UK could result in an explosion of psychosis sufferers. According to Professor Sir Robin Murray, a leading authority on mental health, research has found that, in places where the drug is legalised, people tend to smoke it more frequently, and in stronger forms.

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World Health Organisation Advises Against Alcohol Use During Covid-19 Crisis

25th April 2020

According to recent research, alcohol consumption in the UK has surged during the Covid-19 crisis, with one study finding that 61% of those living in the UK have increased their alcohol intake since social distancing measures were brought in. Whilst off-licenses were originally considered non-essential shops, their classification was changed to ‘essential’ after supermarkets reported

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Could Drug Use & Smoking Increase Risks Of Coronavirus?

22nd April 2020

Whilst it has always been understood that being older or having underlying medical conditions could cause complications with Covid-19, simply because they leave you more vulnerable to infection and illness, the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has recently updated its advice and recommendations to include those who smoke, vape or have substance abuse

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Coronavirus And The Illegal Drug Market Mean There Are Growing Fears That The Death Rate May Climb Even Higher

8th April 2020

As the coronavirus pandemic continues to sweep the nation, we have already seen the impact of the virus on a number of businesses, with hospitality industries forced to close and retail businesses swamped by panic-buying. However, these are not the only markets that are struggling due to the crisis. The illegal drug market in the

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What Is Fentanyl?

3rd April 2020

Fentanyl is an extremely strong painkiller, similar to morphine, but between 50 to 100 times more potent. It is a schedule II prescription opioid, which means that doctors only prescribe it to patients who have severe pain, to manage pain after surgery, or to those who have chronic pain and whose bodies are tolerant to

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