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Dealing With Employees Suffering From Alcoholism

1st August 2019

Watching someone you know deal with an addiction can be very difficult. However, understanding how to approach and support them can be even tougher. As the use of drugs and alcohol advances, especially in fast paced, highly-stressful working environments, more and more employers are struggling to gauge whether their employees are using, and if so,

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Opioid Painkiller Addiction is becoming a serious issue in the UK

12th July 2019

Opioid painkiller addiction has been recognised as a public health crisis in the US and Canada and officials have dubbed it an “opioid epidemic”. But sadly, this problem is not confined to the North American continent, opioid painkiller addiction is becoming a serious issue right here on our doorstep as more and more people in

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Alcohol Poisoning – Signs and Symptoms

10th July 2019

You can drink alcohol in moderation, and it will not be a problem. Having the occasional lager in the pub with your mates or a glass of wine at a dinner party is perfectly normal but alcohol abuse can be extremely dangerous. Besides the risk of developing alcohol use disorder from long term frequent excessive

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Latest report by PHE shows Opiate and Crack Cocaine use is on the rise

30th May 2019

The rise of opiate and crack cocaine use When looking at previous data provided by Public Health England, both opiate drug use and crack cocaine consumption have risen by 4.4% between 2014-15 and 2016-17. This has been presented as a national warning, effecting many areas of the United Kingdom. From the above statistics, with more

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Sufferers of Opioid Withdrawal Symptoms Given New Hope With Experimental Drug

24th May 2019

New research has revealed that a new drug in its experimental stages has successfully reversed opioid withdrawal symptoms in rats in only three days. This drug shows promise in helping to treat people suffering from opioid withdrawal symptoms when being treated for opioid addiction. The National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) has revealed figures suggesting

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Can You Avoid Alcohol Withdrawal Symptoms?

24th May 2019

Withdrawal symptoms are a very real part of alcohol dependence and addiction. Alcohol withdrawal can be extremely dangerous and have life-threatening side effects and before you decide to detox, it is important to seek medical advice. If you are a heavy drinker, you may need to detox under medical supervision. Alcohol addiction is a serious

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How To Tell Your Friends You’re Struggling With Alcoholism

1st May 2019

Acknowledging that an alcohol addiction is present can be very distressing. Embarrassment and weakness are some of the common feelings of those hiding away from a drinking problem. However, accepting that alcohol abuse and alcoholism is present is one of the strongest steps an individual can take. The Facts About Alcoholism Living with an alcohol

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Legal Highs In The UK: Dangers Of Legal High Abuse

18th April 2019

Although categorised as legal highs, there are many misconceptions linked to herbal and hallucinogenic substances. To many individuals, the legal branding causes individuals to believe that connected dangers are limited, especially when comparing to illegal drugs such as cannabis, cocaine and magic mushrooms. Legal High Addiction Prior to May 2016, legal highs were sold under

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How to Prevent Prescription Drug Addiction

1st April 2019

At Ocean Recovery, we want to help everyone overcome a drug or alcohol addiction. If you are someone you love is addicted to prescription drugs, we have numerous treatment options an array of talented, medically-trained staff to help you overcome your addiction.     How People Become Addicted to Prescription Drugs This is an important

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