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Does Blackpool Have the Worst Drink Problem in the UK?

28th November 2022

Tourists flock to Blackpool all year round to enjoy the famous pleasure beach, coastline, nightlife and iconic tower. Despite being a traditional seaside town, Blackpool has the highest levels of alcoholism in the UK.   Alcohol Addiction in Blackpool The amount of people being treated for alcohol addiction is three times the national average. 32

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No Alcohol November

18th November 2022

Is There Any Science Behind Not Drinking for a Month? Regular excessive drinking is always unhealthy, but as we head into the Christmas season, this behaviour is not only normalised but expected as part of the celebrations. As part of this, many people choose to partake in no alcohol November also known as dry November.

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Pros and Cons of Legalising Drugs

1st November 2022

There are a number of pros and cons of legalising drugs and there is no single easy answer. The legalisation of drugs is a very contentious issue and can raise strong opinions on both sides of the drug legislation debate. There is no denying that many drugs can have an extremely negative affect on both

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How Do I Find An Addiction Recovery Sponsor?

26th October 2022

It’s completely normal to feel scared about the prospect of private rehabilitation treatment coming to an end. After all, this is when most people experience obstacles and temptations. But there is plenty of help out there – one of these being local meetings in the community like Alcoholics Anonymous. A close-knit group of recovered and

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How Bad is Blackpool’s Drug Problem?

14th October 2022

Dubbed the Drug Death Capital of England, it’s been revealed that Blackpool has some of the highest rates of deaths associated with drug misuse in England and Wales. All over the UK, drug deaths are rising but Lancashire appears to have a particularly tough challenge when it comes to cracking down on addiction and abuse.

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5 Ways Alcohol Destroys Relationships

22nd September 2022

In the UK, we have a drinking culture that often portrays alcohol as a bit of harmless fun – even when used in excess. In most cases, drinking in moderation is relatively harmless, but alcohol misuse can have serious consequences. In England, alcohol is the leading cause of ill-health, disability, and death among people aged

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How Long Does Drug-induced Psychosis Last?

13th September 2022

Substance misuse can lead to a long list of physical and mental health issues. Some are more associated with chronic or long-term use, while others can occur at any time. Overdose is a serious physical risk associated with many types of drug use. One of the most serious psychological or mental health risks is drug-induced

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Can Drugs Cause Depression?

31st August 2022

The human mind is a very complicated thing, and it is very delicate. Any change in the brain’s chemistry can cause serious issues such as the development of depression. But most people begin to abuse drugs because they already have a pre-existing mental health problem. This is because getting a formal diagnosis for a mental

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Does Alcohol Reduce Life Expectancy?

31st August 2022

In the UK, there is a big drinking culture that leads to many people drinking more than they should and more often than they should. Because this behaviour is normalised, it can make it difficult for you to be able to identify when you are engaging in excessive drinking. Women and men are advised to

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What is Mary Jane?

26th July 2022

With many different names used to describe marijuana including weed, pot, ganja, sativa, bud, grass, or dope, Mary Jane is just another slang word for cannabis. Marijuana refers to the dried leaves, flowers, stems, and seeds of the Cannabis Sativa plant, which contains a psychoactive chemical which can alter your mind. Cannabis plant material can

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