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Inpatient and Outpatient Treatment. What Is Best For Me?

24th May 2021

Drug and/or alcohol abuse treatment programmes will typically fall into one of the two following categories — outpatient or inpatient rehabilitation. And, while both of these options are equally focused on the process of rehabilitation, each form of treatment has its own specialised attributes and benefits which it can offer the patient. Inpatient rehab treatment

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Relapse Prevention Techniques

24th May 2021

Each year, just over a quarter of a million adults in the United Kingdom seek treatment for a substance addiction. In addition, a large number of British adults will secure treatment for a behavioural addiction. As addiction treatment is secured, many successfully overcome their struggles with substances and behaviours.  However, up to 80% of individuals

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Addiction and Lockdown

7th May 2021

Lockdown, a subsequent measure of the coronavirus global pandemic has had many impacts. A new normal has had to emerge and be adopted, down to social distancing measures, the need to protect the NHS and personal health. However, in the midst of such efforts, mental health has been overlooked by many, ignoring the severity of

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Managing Mental Health in Students

23rd April 2021

Unfortunately, the experience is not always so wonderful. For almost all students, university is their first taste of living without the constant support of their families, and it is often their first time with their own financial responsibilities. When a student goes to university, their entire life changes. Academically speaking, the independent research of university

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Essential Tips For Businesses Looking To Combat Mental Health

16th April 2021

For many individuals going to work is a normal and enjoyable part of their everyday life.   However, for a fraction of people, going to work induces stress, anxiety and even depression. Across the United Kingdom, it is estimated that 1 in 6.8 people experience mental health problems in the workplace each year.  Although mental

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How Social Media May Harm Teens Mental Health

9th April 2021

The adoption of social media has been one of the most life-changing, global, viral trends to take over, at such a steady pace. While there are many positives to such social networking sites, from the interactivity they offer, to the marketing benefits they provide, there are also many negatives, some of which are significant. The negatives of social media usage, exposure and

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I Drink Every Night – Does That Make Me An Alcoholic?

1st April 2021

For many, alcohol is consumed in social environments.  In contrast, others drink alcohol at home to relax and relieve stress, pessimistic thoughts and mental health disorders. Although drinking alcohol every night does not necessarily make you an alcoholic, if you are worried that you have developed an alcohol addiction, it is essential to understand how

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Alcohol and Cholesterol

26th March 2021

One of the problems it can cause is high levels of cholesterol. If allowed to go unchecked, high cholesterol can lead to serious and deadly acute medical emergencies, so it is very important that you understand the link between alcohol and cholesterol.   What exactly is cholesterol? Cholesterol is a waxy, fatty substance produced naturally

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6 Tips for Returning to Work After Rehab

19th March 2021

However, at Ocean Recovery, we are committed to helping you craft a long-term recovery while at one of our rehabs, and part of a truly successful long-term involves a return to work after alcohol rehab and/or a return to work after drug rehab. How to find work after rehab, and other similar questions relating to

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Drinking and Anxiety

12th March 2021

Alcohol consumption is normalised here in the UK, even to the point where it’s used as a coping strategy. For some individuals, drinking alcohol can promote positive effects, such as relaxation and social engagement. However, for those with anxiety, this mix can be lethal. Anxiety is a mental health illness surrounding extreme worry, panic and concern. While the average person can digest worry and work

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