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The Link Between Anxiety And Alcohol Consumption

18th September 2020

Relationship between alcohol consumption and anxiety Unfortunately, we now live in a world where mental health conditions are highly prevalent. Down to greater pressures in life, down to higher diagnoses rates, down to the inability to cope through everyday stresses, the likes of anxiety disorders are heightening. Years ago, anxiety was unheard of, apart from

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A Guide To Keeping Up Recovery After Leaving Rehab

11th September 2020

Completing a rehab is a major achievement. However, rehab is just the start of your recovery, as sobriety is a life long recovery process that will take a long time to master. Remaining clean and sober will take a huge amount of commitment and dedication and you’ll need to put into practice everything you’ve learnt

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Residential Rehabilitation vs. Outclient rehabilitation

24th August 2020

When addicts realise they’re powerless in their pursuit to control their addiction, they’ll hopefully come round to the idea that they require professional help. Depending on a client’s funding options, the range of rehabilitation offerings can be vast and confusing. For this reason this post aims to demystify the available rehabilitation options, and give people

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How to Help a Problem Gambler

19th August 2020

  Compulsive gambling can cause considerable strain on a variety of relationships, particularly between families, friends and colleagues. Problem gambling can in extreme circumstances lead to stealing, lying and cheating in order to conceal and feed gambling addiction. If you found this page it is likely you are currently experiencing problem gambling within your family

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Top 10 Tips to Help Parents of Drug Addict

10th August 2020

It’s every parent’s nightmare to discover their child is addicted to drugs. No matter what steps you took to avoid this situation we feel it true to say no parent is totally immune to this risk. If you find yourself in this situation then know you are not alone. You also need to know that

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[INFOGRAPHIC] Does The Public Trust The Government To Deal With Drug and Alcohol Related Crime?

6th August 2020

Despite COVID-19, Brexit overload, growing concerns about climate change and an abundance of other important global issues dominating the news this past year, many people in Britain still have concerns about the effects drug and alcohol use has on communities throughout the country. As being one of the UK’s leading drug and alcohol treatment centres,

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How Alcohol Affects the Brain

4th August 2020

Approximately 3 million people die from alcohol-related causes, representing a staggering 1 in 20 deaths (WHO). Thousands more attend an alcohol rehab centre in order to combat alcohol’s negative health repercussions. In this post we dissect how alcohol consumption affects the human brain. Alcohol is deemed a ‘depressant’ as opposed as a ‘stimulant’, and scientists

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Tips For Looking After Your Mental Health as we are coming out of The Lockdown

24th July 2020

The impacts of Covid-19 and the accompanying lockdown have been tough on everyone. A national survey by the ONS conucted in May, at the height of the lockdown, found that more than two thirds (69%) of adults in the country reported feeling worried. The most common issue was fear for the future while more than

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Pros and Cons of Legalising Drugs

24th July 2020

There are a number of pros and cons of legalising drugs and there is no single easy answer. The legalisation of drugs is a very contentious issue and can raise strong opinions on both sides of the drug legislation debate. There is no denying that many drugs can have an extremely negative affect on both

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Offspring Addiction: What Role Do You As A Parent Play In Their Recovery?

23rd July 2020

Parents are identified as supporters, as authoritative figures, as leaders of life. However, in some situations, parents can in fact deter the quality of life of their adolescent and adult children, but what role do parents play in Addiction Recovery? Behaviours are commonly taught. We are also conditioned by our environments, by our associations, by

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