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The Impact Of Alcohol Addiction

10th January 2022

Alcohol is perceived as a harmless, innocent substance. It’s legal to purchase and consume and is heavily normalised across many cultures. With such a safe image, consuming alcohol is seen as a low-risk action. Yet in fact, long-term consumption can amount to many physical and psychological impacts. Moderate consumption levels can have short-term effects on the body and brain. Hangover-like symptoms are the most associated impact, brushed under

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New Year In Rehab – What To Expect?

22nd December 2021

Sometimes Christmas isn’t always the most wonderful time of year. Those suffering from alcohol and drug addiction find it a particularly difficult time. It’s a period where excessive drinking and frequent nights out are on the cards where drugs could be taken and letting your hair down is encouraged. This festive atmosphere is not a bad thing. But if

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Helping a loved one struggling with Addiction this Festive Period

14th December 2021

As a loved one, it can be challenging to manoeuvre around an addiction diagnosis and the consequences it carries over this time of year. The festive period should be a time to celebrate and relax. Yet dropping the ball through addiction recovery isn’t an option, not even for Christmas. Understandably, you’ll want to do your

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How To Detox Safely From Alcohol

10th December 2021

Alcohol addiction is a rising health problem in the UK, with the COVID-19 pandemic having a problem. According to the Guardian, “deaths caused by alcohol in 2020 increased by almost 19%, marking the biggest rise since records began, according to the Office for National Statistics.” This worrying statistic shows that more people are turning to alcohol

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Finding Alcohol Addiction Support Groups

6th December 2021

For someone who’s recovering from alcohol abuse and alcoholism, treatment will be a significant lifeline. Through active rehab, various forms of alcohol addiction treatment will be worked through, to withdraw and restore. Although sobriety may be reached once alcohol rehab comes to an end, there are some expected challenges linked to post-rehab life. For both

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Can you visit a friend or loved one that’s in Rehab?

23rd November 2021

Witnessing a loved one enter and accept rehab can influence positive and negative emotions. You’ll likely feel proud, relieved, relaxed, and optimistic. Yet there’s also a chance that you’ll feel worried, shut off, and doubtful. It’s normal to feel a mixture of emotions. Rehab may have been a long-awaited revelation for you and your family. Although a positive step, it’s also common

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Symptoms of Alcohol Abuse And Steps To Start Recovery

19th November 2021

Whilst alcohol is a legal substance, which has been accepted as a strong part of our culture here in the UK, it’s also a highly addictive and dangerous drug. There’s a fine line between normalised consumption and abuse, showing how impactful alcohol can be as a drug of choice. Found to cause severe symptoms, consequences and damages, alcoholism is one of the most diagnosed habitual conditions. Linked to poor

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How To Start A Conversation On Addiction

12th November 2021

Most people will feel undereducated or will worry about helping a loved one through addiction. Understandably it’s a difficult commitment to make and work through. It will likely be new to you, causing anxieties about what to do and not to do whilst supporting them. It can feel rewarding yet can also feel like you’re walking on eggshells. The best

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Can Stress Cause Addiction?

5th November 2021

It’s a day-to-day feeling which affects people differently. Stress can be a mild feeling, fully manageable once the stressor passes. It can however be an engulfing feeling, diagnosed as chronic stress. For most, mild stress can be managed through positive coping strategies and management techniques. It can pass by without resulting in damages or further

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The Impact Substance Abuse Has On Our Mental Health

26th October 2021

In most cases, positives are however abrupt, soon turning into negative consequences. Yet at the moment, drugs can offer elevating and rewarding feelings, for both individuals with and without pre-existing mental health issues. Drugs and alcohol tap into the internal reward circuit. The impact the central nervous system and how the brain communicates with the

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