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Reasons to Quit Vaping

2nd February 2024

Are you considering reasons to quit vaping? From the health benefits to financial savings you can make, there are a number of benefits of quitting nicotine for good. Although it is hard, quitting vapes is one of the best things you can do for your health and mental well-being. If you are contemplating reasons to

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What is the Strongest Type of Weed?

26th January 2024

Parts of the cannabis plant – commonly known as weed – have been used by humans for thousands of years. It was mentioned in Assyrian tablets dating back to the seventh century BC and has been used medically for a wide variety of conditions. In Victorian times it was used to treat muscle spasms, menstrual

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Anhedonia Symptoms: Definition, Causes & Treatment

19th January 2024

Anhedonia symptoms can be a debilitating condition to live with. But, what are they, exactly? In this article, you’ll find more about what this condition is, what can cause it and associated risks, along with detailed information on common anhedonia symptoms and how they can impact the lives of individuals who are impacted by the

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How Long Does Sobriety Fatigue Last For?

12th January 2024

Sobriety fatigue is a common consequence of someone getting sober, and depending on several factors, it can affect people for weeks and even months after they first stop drinking. After completing alcohol rehab or successfully stopping drinking alone, you may think that the journey is over. This is not the case. Recovery is a journey,

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Can Ketamine Help People With Alcohol Use Disorder?

5th January 2024

Ketamine is now being explored as a potential treatment for alcohol addiction. But is it an effective treatment approach? This blog explores the topic of ketamine for alcoholism treatment to understand what we know so far, how it affects the brain and its effectiveness and safety. What Exactly is Alcohol Use Disorder? Alcohol use disorder

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Why Do Addicts Relapse When Things Are Good?

29th December 2023

The recovery journey from addiction is often full of ups and downs, as recovery can be a difficult process to navigate and maintain. As sobriety is an ongoing process, it is not uncommon for individuals to relapse, even when life appears to be going well for them sober. Understanding why addicts relapse when things are

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8 tips for a successful dry January 2024

22nd December 2023

Dry January, the annual challenge to abstain from alcohol for the first month of the year, can be a refreshing way to start 2024 on a healthy note. It’s not just about giving up alcohol – it’s an opportunity to reset your relationship with drinking, improve your health, and perhaps save some money along the

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Common Dual Diagnosis Symptoms

15th December 2023

Dual diagnosis is a complex condition where mental health and substance abuse are intertwined. Whether you’re on this journey yourself or are supporting a loved one through their diagnosis and recovery, here we aim to explore what dual diagnosis is in more detail, steps for recognising dual diagnosis and share strategies to reduce the impact

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How to Manage Mental Health at Christmas

1st December 2023

Managing your mental health during the holiday season can be a challenge, and Christmas can be especially difficult for people experiencing depression or anxiety. While Christmas is the highlight of the year for many people, it can also cause stress, loneliness, and anxiety for those who suffer with their mental health. Finding the right balance

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Is Tramadol Dangerous?

24th November 2023

Tramadol has become a topic of intense debate among healthcare professionals and patients alike. As its usage in the UK continues to rise, many are left confused about the true nature of this drug, with many wondering – why is tramadol dangerous?   What Is Tramadol? Tramadol, commonly known under the brand name Ultram, is

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