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How Effective are Addiction Treatment Programmes?

11th April 2023

Are you wondering if an addiction treatment programme is effective? Learn about the effectiveness of drug and alcohol rehab here.   Types of Addiction Treatment Programmes Starting a journey to long-term recovery can be difficult. It involves accepting that a time in your life is over and that you need help moving forward. Thankfully you

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Why is Aftercare Important in Long-Term Addiction Recovery?

25th March 2023

Aftercare is a simple and effective treatment that prevents a person who is facing addiction experience a relapse after alcohol rehab. Sometimes, addiction relapse happens even when provided with relapse prevention techniques, however, aftercare sessions make the risk much less likely. Due to the supportive environment group sessions create and the ongoing encouragement that is

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The Effects of Drug and Alcohol Abuse on Oral Health

23rd March 2023

The negative impact that drugs and alcohol have on the body and mind are plentiful, but one that can often go overlooked is the effect that it has on our oral health. Whether it’s the effect of alcohol on teeth, or what drugs can do to your oral health and gums, none of it is

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How to Have Difficult Conversations with a Loved One About Addiction?

17th March 2023

Drug and alcohol addiction is a disease that is incredibly common, however, it boasts numerous issues that can occur with your mental and physical health combined. Oftentimes, people ruled by addiction do not appreciate that there is a problem. Denial is a common factor of addiction and can cause numerous issues at work, at home

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Sleep and Alcohol: What is the Effect of Alcohol on Sleep?

24th February 2023

Alcohol can affect not only your waking hours but also when you try to sleep. Once it has you, there is no real escape from addiction, and private drug and alcohol rehab might be the only option. To stop alcohol from affecting how much sleep you get and the quality of it, you may need

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How to Build a Support System for the Alcoholic in Your Life

20th February 2023

In order to be able to successfully manage and treat alcohol addiction, there must be an understanding also. Understanding this disease involves learning about how it develops and the ways in which your brain deals with addiction. Helping anyone with alcohol addiction comes from a need to change and a desire to get them healthy.

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The Warning Signs of Addiction in Teens

27th January 2023

Addiction can, unfortunately, happen to anyone – regardless of gender, lifestyle and even age. If you suspect your teenager may be using drugs or drinking alcohol, it’s important that you address the topic. Acting soon can lead to a more positive outcome for everyone involved. Here, we reveal the warning signs of addiction in teens

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5 Useful New Year’s Resolutions for Recovering Addicts

13th January 2023

When facing the prospect of an addiction-free new year, you may have some doubts creeping into your mind. If this is the case, it is important to reconnect with your therapists and reach out. Many of us place pressure on ourselves to achieve highly in the first weeks of the new year and expect miracles

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Signs That You May Need Rehab

19th December 2022

Do you wonder whether you would benefit from a stint in drug or alcohol rehab? Perhaps someone else has mentioned that you should seek medical support. Either way, if you are suffering from drug or alcohol addiction, it can be hard to recognise the symptoms or even admit that you need help. At Ocean Recovery

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How to Host a Recovering Addict at Christmas

9th December 2022

Christmas is supposed to be a time of happiness and joy, but the traditional season of goodwill can also be challenging for a lot of people. For those struggling with bereavement, loneliness and a wide range of other situations, the Christmas period can be very difficult. People who are struggling with an addiction or are

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