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Benefits Of Having A ‘Sober Companion’

19th March 2020

If you have recently completed treatment for addiction, the next step is return to everyday life to continue your life of sobriety. As you may expect, this can be an especially fraught return depending on the environment you’re returning to. It can be highly stressful to integrate back into reality after addiction treatment. Sober companions

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Study Reveals Early Cannabis Use Impairs Brain Function More Than Alcohol

13th March 2020

According to a recent study of almost 4,000 teenagers, the long-term effects of cannabis on brain function depends on how early you start taking it. The study set a range of cognition tests to pupils over the course of four years, starting at age 12 or 13, finding that the teenagers who used cannabis underperformed

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Drug Abuse In Scotland Worst Since Records Began

5th March 2020

Drug-related deaths in Scotland have reached the worst level since records began, as the number of annual fatalities continues to rise. In the last year alone, there were 1,187 drug deaths registered in Scotland, according to figures released by the National Records of Scotland. This number is higher than any other European country, and almost

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Addiction In The Elderly

21st February 2020

According to recent NHS figures, the number of hospital admissions for pensioners with drug-related conditions has increased six fold over the last 10 years. Figures include admissions for addictions to painkillers and benzodiazepines, but also illegal drugs such as cannabis, cocaine and heroin. The hospital admissions do coincide with the increase in drug use and

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Dangers Of Painkiller Drug Abuse

13th February 2020

With the United States in the midst of a serious opioid crisis, that claimed 47,600 lives in 2017 alone, the UK needs to start looking at our own attitudes to prescribing these addictive drugs. For decades, GPs in the UK have been prescribing opiates such as tramadol, morphine and codeine routinely for patients suffering pain

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The Risks Of Leaving Rehab Early

7th February 2020

For the most part, admission to rehab is voluntary, aside from when it is court-ordered as part of community service or a post-custodial sentence. In the case of voluntary rehab admission, checking out is voluntary also. However, for those that have entered rehab, persevering for the entire stay is critical to ensure that you stay clean

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What Is A 12 Step Programme?

31st January 2020

For people that are struggling with drug or alcohol addiction, the key to recovery is finding a sensible and maintainable treatment plan, that allows them to build a new life free from substances. Many different types of treatment are available for those struggling with addiction, but one of the oldest and most popular forms of

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Will Britain’s Exit From The European Union Impact Addiction Treatments?

29th January 2020

The subject of Brexit has been quite a talking point over the past few years since Britain decided to vote to exit the European Union. One topic that a lot of people have been worrying about is healthcare. Will we still have easy access to medications and life-saving drugs? Will there be a shortage of

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