Cocaine Rehab

Worldwide, millions of people use the dangerous substance that is cocaine. Cocaine is a drug, that stimulates the receptors in your brain. Cocaine also tends to be very addictive. The addiction has killed many people worldwide and will continue to. If you have developed a cocaine addiction, your life is in danger and you should decide to quit using it. Do you struggle to quit? Ocean Recovery’s Cocaine Rehab clinic can provide you with the best chance of beating your addiction.

Cocaine Rehab: what makes Cocaine dangerous for your body?

For many people, it seems like a harmless drug that you can casually enjoy on a night out. However, what cocaine can do your body is often not mentioned enough. The brain will become damaged from cocaine. The working substance in cocaine effects a part of your brain that produces dopamine and serotonin. These are the two chemicals in your brain that regulate your mood and happiness. After using the drug, your brain will produce more serotonin and dopamine. This leads to a chemical imbalance in your brain, this could cause depression in the long term. Still think it’s a harmless drug? If you struggle to get clean, contact our Cocaine Rehab clinic.

The nose is another part of your body that will feel the effects of prolonged cocaine use.

Cocaine is often snorted . Many cases of perforated septa have been reported due to extensive cocaine usage.  Repeated use of the drug can cause a hole to appear in your septum. Trouble breathing and blood discharge are often named as the main symptoms.

Cocaine has been branded the ‘perfect heart attack drug’ by a researcher from the University of Sydney. It has a strong effect on the heart and the vascular system. Narrowed blood vessels and thicker heart muscles are often the result of repeated cocaine use and can lead to heart attacks. This is another reason you should attend our cocaine rehab, contact us now on 0125 353 0553.

Cocaine Rehab: How does It work?

Have you realised that Cocaine Rehab is the right choice to get the help you need to stay clean? We welcome you in joining our Cocaine Rehab Centre in Blackpool, Lancashire. We have helped many people to stop taking cocaine, not only in the local area, but from all over the United Kingdom. We can help you get clean with our 28 day-programme, adjusted to your wants and needs. The first step is often Detox. The Detoxification process is the process of clearing your body from toxins like cocaine.

The withdrawal symptoms can be quite intense as cocaine is a hard drug to detox from. but it is generally seen as less hard to withdraw from compared to Alcohol and Heroin. Often reported withdrawal symptoms are a lack of appetite, nausea, and serious mood problems.

The clinics that work with our Cocaine Rehab service will also look at the source of your addiction. The post detox service is done via out client treatment and will help you find ways to deal with stress, without reverting to damaging habits.  Call Ocean Recovery today on 0125 353 0553′

Cocaine Rehab FAQ

What is the difference between Rehab and Detox

Detox is only a part of the rehab process. The goal of rehab is to become clean and drug-free, and detox is the first step towards a better life. During detox, you remove all drugs out of your body by abstaining from it.

Does Outpatient Rehab Work? 

We advise strongly against full-outpatient rehab in the case of heavy cocaine addiction. Often addicts need to be taken into protection against their own good. Addiction often alters your ability to make the right decisions, and if you have an urge to use cocaine – it’ll be hard to say no without the right guidance.

How Long Does Cocaine Rehab Take?

We offer inpatient rehab services for 28 days – and in some cases even longer, but after care could take up to year. From regular visiting for therapy sessions, to reiki and other holistic therapies : we offer a complete package.