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Minimum Alcohol Unit Pricing Policy See’s Fresh Appeals

21st November 2016

This is because the Scotch Whiskey Association (SWA) has lodged an appeal to the UK Supreme Court seeking to challenge the policy on groups it breaches EU trade laws. The Scottish Government has for many years now attempted to enforce the policy, which will force retailers to set a minimum unit price of 50p. However,

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[INFOGRAPHIC] The Shocking Facts About Alcohol Consumption

10th October 2016

In this candid and sensational infographic, we visually outline a number of startling facts concerning alcohol consumption in the United Kingdom. Specifically, this tell-all infographic reveals to you: The shocking event of binge drinking amongst the UK public The number of alcohol-related deaths that occurred during recent years Gender differences for the occurrence of alcohol

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England & Wales See’s Drug-Related Deaths At Record High

16th September 2016

The Government’s policy of dealing with drug and alcohol addiction was hit with fresh criticism this week. Why? Because official figures reveal drug-related deaths have hit record levels in both England and Wales, despite figures of drug use being lower than previous years. These figures counted coroners’ ruling during the year 2015. These deaths involved

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The Winner’s Guide to Nutrition in Recovery

1st September 2016

If you have gone through the experience of being addicted to drugs or alcohol, then you will also understand the damage your addiction inflicted on your eating habits and general nutrition. Drug or alcohol addiction is often accompanied by many years of poor eating. Thus, when a person is treated at a drug or alcohol

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How To Overcome Your Internet Porn Addiction – Complete Guide

12th July 2016

How To Overcome Your Internet Porn Addiction – The Complete Guide In this post, we discuss the hot topic of Internet porn addiction. Millions of men across the globe are thought to be suffering with Internet porn addiction. A recent study says around 33% of males aged between 16-34 years old are addicted to Internet porn

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A-Z Guide to Veterans and Addiction

23rd June 2016

In this post, we discuss the topic of addiction amongst veterans. You may be surprised to learn that veterans are able to survive war zones but struggle to survive a peaceful environment when they return home. However, when veterans return from combat, they face multiple challenges as they adjust into ‘normal life’ outside of the

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Ultimate Guide to Addiction & Suicide

31st May 2016

When you are addicted to drugs, alcohol or certain behaviours such as gambling, there undoubtedly exists a wide range of dangers to your physical and mental health. Drug and alcohol users are often concerned with the risk of overdose, and often overlook psychological-fuelled risks such as suicide. To correct this, we outline the dangers of

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Unofficial Steps to Conquering Early Recovery

24th February 2016

  Guide to Early Recovery 10-Steps to a Sober Future! [Incl. BONUS Case Studies!]   Here’s the deal: At Ocean Recovery Centre  we treat thousands of clients each year for drug and alcohol addiction. Many of these clients are new to life ‘in recovery.’ Patients often enter their new abstinent existence following many years of

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Welsh Government to Spend £2.4M to Treat Alcohol-Related Liver Disease

11th February 2016

The Welsh Government announced yesterday it’s plans to inject a further £2.4M into plans to help treat alcohol-related liver disease. The Government says the extra money will be ploughed into a national awareness campaign. The news follows Office of National Statistics data revealing an increase in deaths caused by alcohol-related liver disease in Wales. The

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