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Only a short decade ago people in living in Bolton had little support in the way of professional drug and alcohol treatment. The most assistance you could expect was a visit to your local GP. Unlike other health problems, your NHS general practitioner would have available no ‘specialist’ to refer you to. You were therefore expected ‘try to cut down on your drinking or drug use’ on your own. In the North West of England, Ocean Recovery Centre has been working hard to ensure people from Bolton also had a place to go if they needed help beating their addiction to drugs and alcohol. Our Alcohol Rehab Bolton service has already helped many people from Bolton become drug and alcohol free, from all walks of life, and you could be one of them soon.

Alcohol Rehab Bolton: How we can help you

The first step before picking up the phone and calling us, is self -reflection. Once you feel that you indeed suffer from an addiction, you have made the first and biggest step. Many people are not entirely convinced that alcoholism and or drug addiction is a disease that can happen to the best of us. Remarks such as “addiction is for the weak” are still being used this far into the 21st  century. The opposite has been proven time and time again by researchers and scientists. Addiction is a brain disorder.

Your first port of call is one of our  specialists, who will start an intake conversation with you regarding your drinking behaviour. Once we get to know you a little bit better, we build a specific program based on your needs, wants and situation.

The first step at our outpatient Alcohol Rehab Bolton Centre is often the detoxification process. This is where you withdraw from drinking in a controlled environment, as the withdrawal symptoms are particularly heavy for drinkers who having been using severely and for a long period of time. We employ medical professionals round the clock, to supervise you through the withdrawal process and to ease the withdrawal symptoms where possible.

We also offer post-detox services, like CBT. This is where you analyse your own behaviour, and make changes where appropriate to ensure you will never relapse again into these dangerous drinking habits.  Knowing what sets off your urges to drink , can help you avoid these situations. At our Alcohol Rehab Bolton Centre, we have years of experience when it comes to addictions. Call us today on 01253 530 553.