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Alcohol Abuse and Chefs

28th October 2019

Known as the industry’s “dirty little secret”, alcohol abuse appears to be rife in the hospitality industry with chefs and other food industry workers being the most affected. This issue was made more widespread by celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay, who has given interviews and even produced a documentary on the issue. Alcohol abuse and chefs

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The Link Between Substance Abuse and Domestic Violence

18th October 2019

Domestic violence and substance abuse are two topics we often hear about, which, sadly, can sometimes be linked. In families where domestic violence is present, there is a strong likelihood that one or more of the partners will have an addiction issue, as well as that children within an abusive environment are more likely to

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How to be in the presence of alcohol after recovery

7th October 2019

A common question asked by alcoholics when they enter rehab is “Can I ever go back to drinking moderately again?” Whilst there are varying opinions on the matter, the general consensus is no. For those who have become addicted to a substance, there is very little chance of them ever being able to take it

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What Role Does Peer Pressure Have in Addiction?

1st October 2019

Peer pressure and addiction are often linked, particularly in teenagers and young adults. This is because these formative years is the period in which people feel the most pressure to fit in and find a group to belong to. When young people use substances such as drugs and alcohol, peer pressure can make it very

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A Harmful Drug Could Surprisingly Be the Answer to Further Improving Alcohol Addiction Treatment

19th September 2019

When dealing with any kind of substance abuse and addiction, the most common guidelines and advice state that you should avoid any type of intoxicating substances while in recovery. If you’re suffering from heroin addiction, drinking alcohol is a no-no. That feeling of intoxication can quickly kickstart cravings for harder drugs, it’s a relapse waiting

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50% Of Young Drinkers Unaware Of Health Messages On Alcohol Packaging

18th September 2019

New research, published in the Journal of Public Health, shows that many teenage drinkers are not aware of health warnings and product information on the packaging of alcohol drink containers. There is a growing concern throughout the United Kingdom as the number of people drinking, including teenagers, do so with extremely unhealthy habits. Increasing numbers

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Alcohol and how it affects the mental health of an addict

17th September 2019

Alcohol has a chemical effect on the brain that is obvious after just one drink. The short-term effects begin with slightly increased confidence and lowered inhibitions, which is often why people enjoy it in the first place. After a few more drinks, alcohol starts to take a less positive toll on the body, leading to

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Can I Be Fired for Having an Addiction?

10th September 2019

“Can I be fired for having an addiction?”. Sadly, this is a common question that many individuals worry about. In this article, we discuss the topic of addiction and employment in detail, providing answers to the legal aspects everyone should be aware of. Addiction & Employment Whilst, for the most part, employment law protects you

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What Is a Behavioural Addiction?

4th September 2019

Addiction isn’t limited to substances such as drugs or alcohol. The concept of addiction has changed, showing that it’s not just about physical substances but also other strong urges. This article explores behavioural addiction, a term used to describe lesser-known yet equally powerful forms of dependency, that have steadily gained recognition and impact in our

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Alcoholism help and intervention

4th September 2019

Alcoholism affects a lot of people, and the numbers are far starker than you would think. estimates that there are around 589,101 dependent drinkers in the UK, with less than 20% in treatment for their addiction. People tend to think about alcoholics as people whose addiction has completely taken over their lives, and who

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