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Commonly Abused Illicit Drugs

16th January 2019

When someone mentions the word drugs, what do you immediately think of? Coffee, tea or alcohol? However, when someone mentions illicit drugs, perhaps the thoughts that run through many people’s mind are very different – and not necessarily negative. Some people have the impression that those who use drugs are glamorous like the celebrities who

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How Do I Help A Drug Addict?

15th January 2019

Early recognition of the signs of addiction is vital in order to stop the slide of a person into something far worse. Drug addiction does not happen to everyone and it does not always happen intentionally. Young people might become acquainted with drugs while socialising and feel under pressure from their peers to fit in

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Alcohol and Mental Health in The UK Armed Forces

9th December 2018

Armed Forces personnel, both currently serving and veterans, can suffer from mental health problems and subsequent alcoholism. Specifically, those that have seen combat are more likely to struggle with mental health issues and alcohol addiction. Combat situations are extremely distressing; many soldiers who have been in battle or witnessed horrific scenes can come back with

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Top 20 Quotes on Mental Health

4th December 2018

Those who struggle with alcohol addiction and drug addiction know how much of a role mental health plays in recovery. The two illnesses are often interlinked; nearly 40% of people addicted to alcohol have a co-existing mental health issue, and 45% of cocaine addicts have a mental health problem. Does poor mental health contribute to

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How Does Alcohol Addiction Affect Society As A Whole?

29th October 2018

Alcohol consumption can have adverse social and economic effects on the individual drinker, the drinker’s immediate environment and society as a whole Alcohol addiction has caused many families, relationships, and marriages to break apart. In many cases it has left a person emotionally broken. There is no doubt that alcohol addiction can be an absolute nightmare

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Young People are Increasingly Smoking Crack

27th September 2018

According to latest research, crack cocaine use is on the rise within the age group under-25. The number of people looking for rehab in order to get clean off crack in the United Kingdom has increased by thirty percent in 2017 in comparison in 2016. A very worrying number. In this blog, we will investigate the

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Heroin Use Declining in Scotland – But Cocaine use is on the Rise

5th September 2018

The Scottish Drugs Misuse Database (SDMD) has reported that there is some good news regarding the yearly heroin consumption of the Scottish population. There is a strong decline under the younger users. In comparison to ten years ago – the number of under-25 users has gone down by more than 50 percent. In 2008 –

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Forced Rehab, is it a Good Idea?

25th July 2018

At the moment, in the United States, there is an option in a select few states to force a person to undergo rehab against their will. There are certain caveats of course, one of which being that this option is only viable if a certain amount of people sign the idea of involuntary commitment. This

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