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Ocean Recovery combines an intensive rehab programme with trusted therapies & treatments for drug or alcohol addiction in Greenford.

Greenford Rehab

Greenford Rehab

Unhealthy drug and alcohol habits are prone to result in physical changes and behavioural adaptations. Whilst drug and alcohol withdrawal will help to alleviate side effects and cravings, negative behaviours, habits, and associations can endure.

An effective addiction treatment programme will incorporate a range of medical, therapeutic, well-being and holistic treatments and therapies. A comprehensive treatment programme will not only help an addict detox but will also provide the tools to alleviate those negative behavioural and emotional changes.

High-quality, proven, and personalised treatment programmes will be available by attending a private inpatient drug and alcohol rehab in Greenford. At Ocean Recovery, we follow a comprehensive approach whilst also prioritising the needs, wants and circumstances of our clients.

Treatment programmes are also offered on the NHS, arranged on an outpatient basis. Yet with long waiting lists to tackle and generic programmes on offer, full addiction recovery can be difficult to achieve.

For support, advice, and access to a comprehensive inpatient treatment programme, contact our team on 0800 880 7596.
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Addiction treatment in Greenford

Mild drug and alcohol problems can be diminished and controlled by stopping consumption and cutting off future exposure. Yet for stronger habits, resembling an addiction, greater intervention will be required to treat both the body and brain.

An addiction is a disruptive brain condition, which is compulsive and can damage internal functioning and wellbeing. It’s known for its relapsing nature, which also impacts mental health, outlooks, and behavioural responses. As physical and psychological changes are expected, a comprehensive level of addiction treatment must be worked through.

Addiction treatments are structured to treat the underlying cause of drug and alcohol abuse. Techniques are also used to pave the way for sobriety and long-term recovery. Treatment sessions are also designed to deliver useful tools, helping our clients lead transparent, fulfilling, and manageable lifestyles. Effective programmes will help to pinpoint the cause, treat the effects, and manage future exposure of drugs and alcohol.

A wide range of high-quality treatments and therapies can be found via a drug and alcohol rehab in Greenford. Best experienced through a private environment, treatment can be benefited from by selecting a CQC inpatient rehab programme.

Our Rehab Facilities

At Ocean Recovery, we are extremely proud of our state-of-the-art facility. We provide residents with the most relaxing stay possible and they can enjoy our modern establishment.

Ocean Recovery Facilities include:

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CQC Registered

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Medically Assisted Detoxification

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2 Executive, Sea View Double Ensuite Rooms

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 8 Double or Single Ensuite Rooms

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3 Single Rooms with Dedicated Separate Bathroom

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Comfortable Communal Lounge with Piano & Sky TV

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Beautiful Modern Dining Lounge

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External Courtyard and Outside Seating Area

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12 Months FREE Aftercare

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Regular Contact with Loved Ones Encouraged

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Large Multi-Purpose Group Activity Room with Superb Sea Views

Images of Our Facilities

Facilities at Ocean Recovery

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    Ocean Recovery Rehab Group Room
living room
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Ocean Recovery Rehab Group Room
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How does drug and alcohol rehab work?

Rehab is guided and observed by teams of addiction specialists, medical experts, and supportive therapists. It works by motivating and directing the way towards addiction recovery. Offered to a comprehensive level, a wide range of treatments, therapies, recovery steps, tools and activities all help throughout the recovery process.

The main role of drug and alcohol rehab is to treat addiction, mental health issues and further behavioural problems. Yet additional services, which can be found through private rehab, are also available to help our clients improve their quality of life, ready for sobriety.

Via a private drug and alcohol rehab in Greenford, the best experience of rehab will be available on an inpatient basis. Inpatient treatment, or also known as residential rehab provides 24/7 medical assistance and access to a range of rehab facilities. By checking into private rehab, a 28-day programme can be worked through, which we can arrange to a personalised level here at Ocean Recovery. Following on from active rehab, aftercare and relapse prevention planning will help you through sobriety.

Treatment plans and sessions can also be experienced through the alternative option of outpatient treatment. Offered through the NHS, a 3-6-month programme can be worked through alongside day-to-day responsibilities. Visits will instead be encouraged, recovering from home through self-help and outpatient support.

Through private rehab, an admission can be completed as soon as you’re ready by contacting our team. By selecting NHS support, you should expect to wait for treatment, as you would for any other health concerns, due to high demands and low availability.

What happens during rehab?

Drug and alcohol rehab programmes are bespoke and fully considerate of individual circumstances. Whilst some steps of the rehab process are expected and essential, there are also a wealth of additional services and goals to commit to.

On admission into private rehab, assessments will be completed to understand your needs and to form some recommendations. Health and wellbeing will also be considered, to gauge whether any underlying problems of co-occurring disorders may be fuelling drug and alcohol habits.

Most clients will then move onto stage 1 of the recovery process, offered as a drug detox or alcohol detox. Safely facilitated through private rehab, detoxing will help to eliminate the source and build-up of toxins. Providing full medical assistance and an intimate setting, both the detoxification process and withdrawal symptoms can be worked through with confidence.

Stage 2 of the recovery process will then begin, focusing on addiction therapy. Addiction therapy sessions are offered through individual, group, family, and holistic forms, helping to improve mental health and emotional stability. As causes and triggers are very different between clients, personal recommendations are offered through residential rehab.

Through private drug and alcohol rehab, treatment sessions will carry long-term effects. A range of tools will help to control and manage addiction for the future, due to its recurrent nature. The type of tools which can be experienced via a drug and alcohol rehab in Greenford include relapse prevention planning, aftercare, lifestyle management and 12-step plans.

Our programmes at Ocean Recovery also involve wellbeing support, to boost all-round stability and mental health improvements. Whilst progressive, our rehab processes are comfortable and will help to treat individual needs.

What are the treatment and therapy options?

We offer a wide range of therapies and treatments, proven to treat various types and strains of addiction. Post-detox, therapeutic, holistic, well-being, and social sessions, and techniques will be arranged, to personally help our clients heal and feel better.

Therapeutic treatments and therapies:

  • Cognitive behavioural therapy
  • Stress management
  • One-to-one addiction therapy
  • Mental health treatments
  • Family intervention and therapy
  • Relapse prevention
  • Motivational interviewing
  • Aftercare

Holistic therapies:

  • Reflexology
  • Massage
  • Wellbeing management

Well-being treatments and therapies:

  • Nutritional therapy
  • Sleep management
  • Art therapy
  • Mindfulness
  • Low level laser therapy
  • Yoga and meditation

Social activities:

  • Family visits
  • Physical activity
  • Support groups
  • Team get togethers
  • Outdoor activities

Via a drug and alcohol rehab in Greenford, the right combination can be formed to treat your addiction and any health concerns.

How long is rehab?

Rehab is a bespoke process which can alter in length depending on the type and strength of completed addiction treatments. It can also prolong if further issues need to be addressed, such as poor mental health.

For most of our clients, an inpatient rehab experience will last 28 days. A progressive treatment programme can be worked through by residing in and committing to private rehab.

Compared against inpatient rehab, outpatient treatment is a much longer process, which can take 3 to 6 months to work through. Progress can be harder to acknowledge, and motivation can be harder to maintain through a longer treatment plan.

Cost of private rehab

Your location, the severity of your addiction, the length of your programme and the contents of your rehab plan will direct the cost of private rehab. Costs do also fluctuate between rehab clinics, depending on their quality of care, accreditation, and specialism.

Whilst outpatient treatment is free, private rehab is a worthwhile investment, offering a proactive and progressive experience. Budgets can also be worked to, through residential rehab, making sure that treatment is affordable and sustainable.

How to find a rehab in Greenford?

To check into a drug and alcohol rehab in Greenford, contact our team at Ocean Recovery. Boasting a CQC registered, high-quality facility, we can help you encounter residential rehab and the comprehensive benefits that it offers.

To start the admissions process, you can complete a self-referral via our helpline. We’re available 24/7 to guide you through the next steps of private rehab.


Frequently Asked Questions

Choosing the right rehab treatment provider can be a life-changing decision; here are some of the most common questions we are asked pre-admission.

How private is the admissions process?

The admissions process here at Ocean Recovery is fully private. It’s a confidential process, completed by our dedicated admissions team. Your personal details, medical history and needs will all be protected.

Sharing your drug and alcohol problems can come across as invasive whilst connecting with a complete stranger. Yet here to offer compassion, reassurance and support, our team is equipped to guide you through your admission and through drug and alcohol rehab.

What are my rehab options?

Through rehab, you will have two key options to select between. The first is offered here at Ocean Recovery where you’ll have the chance to check into a drug and alcohol rehab in Greenford. A private, personalised, and progressive recovery process can be committed to, arranged over a number of weeks.

Your second rehab option is offered on the NHS, recognised as outpatient rehab. You will have a plan to follow which will encourage regular visits, treatment sessions and support group meetings. Over a 3-6-month timescale, outpatient treatment can be completed.

Depending on your circumstances, one option will be more beneficial than the other, which we can help you gauge here at Ocean Recovery.

How do I educate my family on addiction recovery?

It can be difficult for family and friends to understand and motivate addiction recovery, especially where awareness is low. Through drug and alcohol rehab, educational sessions are available to increase awareness and involvement.

Therapy sessions are specifically available for loved ones, 12-step plans are also designed to offer family support, and professional advice is available for all parties throughout the rehab process.

Building a strong support network that you can trust is encouraged through this time. We’re here to strengthen relationships and knowledge.