Drug and Alcohol Rehab RichmondDrug and Alcohol Rehab Richmond

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Services are available near you in Richmond.

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Richmond

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Richmond

Changes to behaviour, physical wellbeing and mental health are all common consequences of drug and alcohol addiction. Whilst withdrawing from addictive substances can help to alleviate physical symptoms, the psychological and behavioural side effects will remain.

Whilst treating an addiction, medical, therapeutic, well-being and holistic treatments and therapies will be used. Following a comprehensive approach, a treatment programme will not only help an addict detox but will also help them heal mentally and emotionally.

Through a residential programme, via a drug and alcohol rehab in Richmond, high-quality, proven, and personalised treatment services can be experienced. At Ocean Recovery, we make sure that each of our client’s needs, wants and circumstances are prioritised, whilst promoting safe addiction treatment.

Treatments and therapies can alternatively be completed on an outpatient basis, offered via the NHS. Yet due to waiting lists, generic programmes and limited resources, addiction recovery can become a difficult and delayed process.

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Addiction treatment in Richmond

For someone who’s experiencing mild drug and alcohol habits, stopping consumption, and cutting off exposure can help to diminish and control future intake. Yet for someone who’s battling an addiction, impacting the body and brain, greater intervention is needed.

An addiction is diagnosed as a compulsive brain condition. It’s disruptive, found to disturb the normal functioning and wellbeing of the body. It also has a relapsing nature, which impacts automatic attitudes, outlooks, and behaviours. As a result of physical and psychological changes, comprehensive addiction treatment must be completed to recover.

Addiction treatments are helpful whilst treating the underlying problem with alcohol or drugs. Treatment sessions are structured to pave the way for sobriety and long-term recovery. Various tools and techniques are also promoted to lead a transparent, fulfilled life, managing relapse and triggers. Treatment programmes should help to understand the cause, treat the effects, and manage the future use of drugs and alcohol.

A wide range of leading treatments and therapies can be found via a drug and alcohol rehab in Richmond. Also boasting a private, inpatient environment, treatment can be benefited from and carried towards the future.

How does drug and alcohol rehab work?

Rehab is a private service which is guided, motivated, and observed by teams of addiction specialists, medical experts, and supportive therapists. Delivered through a comprehensive programme, treatments, therapies, recovery steps, tools and activities all make up personal treatment plans.

Drug and alcohol rehab is renowned for treating addiction, mental health issues and further behavioural problems. It’s also invaluable by offering the tools and outlooks to improve quality of life and prepare for sobriety.

Via a private drug and alcohol rehab in Richmond, inpatient rehab can be benefited from. Providing 24/7 medical support, access to rehab facilities and recommended treatment sessions, residential rehab is progressive yet safe. By checking into private rehab, a 28-day programme can be fulfilled, by working through core treatments here at Ocean Recovery. Following on, on a post-rehab basis, aftercare plans and relapse prevention support will be available.

Outpatient treatment can also be experienced through the rehabilitation process. Offered through the NHS, a 3-6-month programme can be worked through, flexibly alongside day-to-day commitments. Visits will be encouraged, along with outpatient self-help to independently recover.

By opting for private rehab, an admission can be completed as soon as you’re ready, offering a hands-on approach. By selecting NHS support, you’ll be added to a waiting list and will not receive as much support, which can be challenging to deal with whilst battling addiction.

What happens during rehab?

Rehab programmes are accommodating, following a bespoke and considerate approach. Whilst some steps of the rehab process are recommended to all clients, there are also a wealth of additional services and goals to commit to, to benefit individual needs.

An assessment will be completed on admission into private rehab to understand individual needs and fixations. Physical and psychological wellbeing will also be considered, along with any further co-occurring disorders, which may be motivating consumption.

For most clients, a drug detox or alcohol detox will follow, safely facilitated through private rehab. This is stage 1 of the recovery journey, helping to eliminate the source of consumption. Providing an intimate and medically observed setting, both the detoxification process and withdrawal symptoms can be worked through with assurance.

As addiction also impacts the mind, addiction therapy sessions are encouraged throughout inpatient rehab. Individual, group, family and holistic therapy sessions are available, to improve mental and emotional stability. As causes and triggers of addiction are very different between clients, personal recommendations of therapy will be made. Stage 2 of the process helps to rehabilitate the mind, ready for self-help.

Through private drug and alcohol rehab, treatments will offer assistance with long-term recovery. A range of tools will help to treat addiction for the future, control its impacts and reduce its recurrent nature. The type of tools which can be experienced via a drug and alcohol rehab in Richmond include relapse prevention planning, aftercare, lifestyle management and 12-step plans.

Our programmes at Ocean Recovery are designed to improve mental health, wellbeing, and all-round stability. Programmes are comfortable and safe yet are also progressive and highly effective whilst treating addiction.

What are the treatment and therapy options?

Proven to treat various types and strains of addiction, our therapies and treatments are highly effective. Post drug and alcohol withdrawal, a combination of therapeutic, well-being, holistic, and social sessions will begin, to start the rehabilitation stage.

Therapeutic treatments and therapies:
– Cognitive behavioural therapy
– Stress management
– One-to-one addiction therapy
– Mental health treatments
– Relapse prevention
– Motivational interviewing
– Family intervention and therapy
– Aftercare

Well-being treatments and therapies:
– Nutritional therapy
– Art therapy
– Yoga and meditation
– Mindfulness
– Sleep management
– Low level laser therapy

Holistic therapies:
– Massage
– Wellbeing management
– Reflexology

Social activities:
– Physical activity
– Team get togethers
– Support groups
– Outdoor activities
– Family visits

Via a drug and alcohol rehab in Richmond, a suitable combination will be created to treat your addiction and any further issues.

How long is rehab?

Rehab programmes can alter in length. Factors such as the amount and type of treatment that’s completed and personal responses can influence the timespan of rehab. Some clients will select a longer stay, or others will require further support to address additional issues.

For most people, residential rehab will be offered over 28 days. It’s a progressive process, offering daily treatment sessions by residing in private rehab.

Compared against inpatient rehab, outpatient treatment is a much longer process, which can delay recovery. It can take up to 6 months to complete outpatient treatment, found to stunt progress and motivation.

Cost of private rehab

The cost of private rehab will fluctuate across locations, the strain of addiction, programme length and the specialism of a rehab clinic. Costs also vary between accredited rehab clinics, their levels of care and service offering.

Although outpatient treatment is free to complete, private rehab is a proactive and progressive option, worth the investment. Budgets will be respected here at Ocean Recovery to make sure that inpatient rehab can be completed and benefited from.

How to find a rehab in Richmond?

To check into a drug and alcohol rehab in Richmond, contact our team at Ocean Recovery. Offering a CQC registered environment, and high-quality programmes, we can help you encounter inpatient rehab and the comprehensive benefits that it offers.

For more information on the admissions process, or for a personal quote, reach out. Our free helpline is available 24/7 to guide you through the next steps of private drug and alcohol rehab.

Frequently Asked Questions

Choosing the right rehab treatment provider can be a life-changing decision; here are some of the most common questions we are asked pre-admission.

1. How long can a patient stay in rehab?

Residential rehab is a progressive process which can be fulfilled in as little as 28 days. Yet it is possible to prolong a stay at rehab, to experience long-term support.

Long-term programmes are especially beneficial for people who are struggling with chronic addictions, and those we require greater support whilst solidifying healthy, sober choices.

Depending on your availability and budget, the most suitable timescale can be arranged via a drug and alcohol rehab in Richmond.

2. Can you quit drugs without rehab?

Withdrawing from drugs, without professional input is a potential possibility. Whilst dangerous and unreliable, stopping consumption through a cold turkey approach is possible for some. Yet, quitting drugs for the long-term will require professional intervention.

Via drug rehab, detoxing will be important. Yet additional treatment services, recovery plans and resources will have just as much importance, to treat the psychological and behavioural symptoms of addiction.

Addiction recovery is a long-term commitment which will benefit from ongoing input, treatment, and planning. Rehab also provides guidance with this.

3. Can I access private rehab on a budget?

Private rehab clinics are affordable when selected with suitability in mind. Most, including ours at Ocean Recovery will cater to your individual budget.

Need, circumstances and financial capabilities differ across our clientele, which is why we offer personalised rehab programmes, to accommodate all recovery experiences.

By reaching out, completing a referral, and working through the admissions process, we can help you recover on a budget.