High Wycombe Drug and Alcohol Rehab Treatment Centres

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Drug and Alcohol Rehab High Wycombe

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Centres in High Wycombe

Unsure where to turn to in order to get help for your addiction? If you’re looking for drug and alcohol rehab in High Wycombe, Ocean Recovery’s rehab centre is the best choice for you.

Finally deciding to make a change and seek out help is an incredibly difficult and brave thing to do. Accepting help isn’t easy, especially when your mind likely tells you that you don’t have a problem. This is rarely the case, so getting addiction treatment is always the right decision.

Ocean Recovery offers drug and alcohol rehab in High Wycombe, but also for people across the UK. We’ve helped countless people get control over their addiction so that they can continue to enjoy living life to the fullest – something that addiction can take away from you.

No doubt you’ll have plenty of questions about rehab, even if you’re still not convinced whether it’s right for you. We aim to address common questions here about rehabilitation programmes and your addiction or substance abuse.


How does residential rehab help?

Not everyone believes that private rehab is the answer. We’ve had to work hard to convince some people that it is the best long term recovery option for them. So, if you’ve got your doubts, you certainly wouldn’t be alone.

The biggest benefit to inpatient or residential rehab is that it takes you away from your usual environment. In your typical day-to-day life, you are struggling not to use drugs and/or alcohol for whatever reason. Coming to a rehab centre gives you a temporary clean slate in which to get sober from, without temptations around you.

While you’re in rehab, we will work together to make sure things are easier when you eventually go home. You’ll be in a much better position to turn drugs down or avoid triggers where you spot them than if you had not spent time in rehab.

When you’re addicted, there’s probably not many occasions where your body is fully rid of toxins. This can influence how you justify using again. You may also conclude that you ‘might as well have another’ since you’re already drunk or high.

Being in residential rehab, away from any substances, removes this excuse you make for yourself, as well as denies you access to the substances themselves.


How does a rehab programme work?

As mentioned above, the first thing that all our residents do is go through a drug and alcohol detox. This is where you rid your body of all harmful toxins so you can begin anew.

Everyone dreads this stage because it can be unpleasant. You will likely experience withdrawal symptoms, both mental and physical, but we promise you they will pass. Our medical team will be on hand to try and ease these side effects wherever possible.

Once detox is completed, it’s time to begin rebuilding your life through therapy and addiction treatments. This will be both one-to-one sessions and group sessions, but we will discuss the best treatment options with you.

In our addiction treatment and support groups, you will learn more about your addiction, the reasons you found yourself on this path and ways you can come back from it all.

It’s really important to understand your underlying reasons for getting addicted in the first place. This might seem obvious to some, but plenty of people repress life experiences or are simply unaware of things.

Your root causes could be down to mental health conditions, tragedy, grief, stress, or a poor upbringing. You might simply have got into the ‘wrong crowd’ at some point which influenced your addiction and introduced you to substance abuse.

We help you understand what led to your addiction, not so you can use it as an excuse, but so you can work on your issues in a targeted way to help defeat future substance use.

Our therapy sessions are designed to help you address your issues in a way that’s safe, free from judgement, with professionals on hand to help you work through it all. This will help you achieve long term recovery, not a temporary experience of sobriety.


How will Ocean Recovery help me when I leave rehab?

Ocean Recovery helps you come up with practical strategies for avoiding temptation and triggers that will occur in daily life. This prepares you for life outside the rehab clinic, so you can get back to normal as much as you can.

Our aftercare team will help you positively leave our rehab centre, taking everything you’ve learned so you can apply it to your life in numerous ways.

An important part of changing your habits is to start working on more positive, healthier habits. Popular ones include exercise, getting involved in a hobby, business idea or finding new people to socialise with, all of which are great ideas to focus on and give your life renewed purpose.

Another great way to stay on track with your sobriety is to join support groups in your local area where you can meet others on the same journey as you. It’s important to develop a healthy support system, particularly if your social group is not good for your sobriety.


Are you ready for rehab?

If you’re still unsure about whether you’re ready for rehab, it’s time to take a look at some signs that many of our residents experience before they get help.

Health problems, both mental and physical, are usually the first signs that someone needs help.

Addiction can affect your social circle, damage relationships with your friends and family. This leaves you without a solid support system, something you need to ensure you manage your sobriety.

When drug and alcohol addiction becomes bad, it can start to affect stable elements of your life such as your career and finances. Many people find themselves without a job, sinking into debt or even turning to crime because addiction has become their priority.

If any of these apply to you, even if the signs have recently started, or are currently small, it’s time to get help. When the issues begin is the best time to address them to allow for an easier recovery. However, even if you’ve lost everything, there’s still hope for you. We can help you get it all back with drug and alcohol rehab in High Wycombe.

Don’t delay your recovery, get in touch with our team today for a free and confidential chat on 01253 847 553 or text HELP to 83222.