Archway Drug and Alcohol Rehab Treatment Centres

Physical and psychological obstacles can be experienced whilst overcoming addiction. It’s normal to encounter the likes of withdrawal symptoms or mental struggles as tests of addiction recovery. With professional addiction help, obstacles can be bypassed comfortably and effectively, to work towards freedom from addiction.

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Archway

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Centres in Archway

Professional addiction help is very important throughout this process, providing a safe, private, and results-driven recovery programme. Programmes include a range of addiction treatments and therapies, recommended to each client on a bespoke basis. Further specific treatment options can also be experienced, where appropriate, such as dual diagnosis treatments and holistic therapies.

Offered through both outpatient and inpatient programmes, the length and structure of drug and alcohol rehab will be tailored to meet personal needs. This will also be reflected through the cost of rehab, reasonably found to differ between treatment options.

Help via a drug and alcohol rehab in Archway will be accessible to CQC standards, offered here at Ocean Recovery. Reach out to request a call back from our admissions team, here to provide guidance through the next steps of drug and alcohol rehab.


How does drug and alcohol rehab work?

Drug and alcohol rehab is a bespoke service. It’s structured to meet individual needs, whilst also offering the value of professional support and leading treatment services.

There are two main treatment options for rehab, which are offered privately, following a tailored approach. Offered as outpatient and inpatient rehab, a treatment programme can either be experienced through weekly sessions or through a residential check-in. Depending on the level of face-to-face support that you need to recover, the most suitable programme will be recommended via a drug and alcohol rehab in Archway.

Professional help is beneficial throughout the addiction recovery process as it provides the essential tools, treatments, and steps to withdraw from drugs and alcohol. Rehab also provides the support of relapse prevention planning and aftercare to ease the adjustment process of sober living. Feeling safe and assured is expected through private rehab, through either treatment option.

The drug and alcohol rehabilitation process work to understand and diminish habits of substance abuse. The most effective programme of treatment and support will work towards this goal. It also provides encouragement and techniques to create new, healthy routines, to slowly feel free from drugs and alcohol.


What happens during private rehab?

Private rehab moves clients through a distinct process. Due to bespoke services, the length of each step will be tailored. A range of common treatment services are however arranged, down to how effective they are when working towards physical and psychological recovery.

The rehab process begins with an admission, which will be the time to find the right drug and alcohol rehab in Archway to recover from. Thinking about the cost of rehab, the type of treatment options that are available and the standards of care which are provided will be important here. The admissions process will also be the time to select either outpatient or inpatient rehab, to move forward with the right structure of rehabilitation.

An admission into rehab will usually follow with a detoxification process, which helps to eliminate drugs and alcohol from the body. Moving through a recovery programme, a range of treatments and therapies will be recommended for completion, including therapy, one-on-one sessions, and group therapy.

Through a CQC registered drug and alcohol rehab clinic, like ours here at Ocean Recovery, high-quality treatment services will be used to treat and suppress habits and addictive behaviours. Feeling safe throughout the process is expected through a professional setting of rehab.

Relapse prevention planning and aftercare are the last steps of the rehab process. They are again bespoke to suit lifestyle choices and personal triggers. Both will work together to reduce the risk of relapse on a return home to Archway. Relapse prevention planning is an ongoing commitment and aftercare is free for 12 months to finalise the rehab process.

No matter which treatment programme is selected through rehab, working through this process is very likely.


Treatment and therapy options

Through the initial steps of drug and alcohol rehab, bespoke recommendations will be made of leading treatments and therapies. Some will be effective for your type of addiction, symptoms, and triggers, while others will be bypassed.

Getting the right balance of treatments will be important to slowly work through the rehab process. All will be carried out with confidence in mind, down to the recovery specialities of drug and alcohol rehab, along with the medical and professional care that’s available.

A drug and alcohol detox process is completed by most clients, which can influence the natural reaction of withdrawal symptoms. Medical observations will be made throughout to protect health and safety.

Therapy will focus on mental wellbeing and the process of breaking the addiction cycle, possible through the likes of cognitive behavioural therapy, stress management, dual diagnosis treatment, support groups, family therapy and dialectical behavioural therapy. Each treatment service has its benefits when considering psychological addiction recovery.

Through both outpatient and inpatient programmes, relapse prevention planning will take place, to plan for the future. Healthy coping techniques will be voiced, along with sharing realistic lifestyle choices, to work towards a drug and alcohol-free routine. Aftercare will offer the support of local group therapy and one-on-one sessions to bring together and strengthen recovery rates.


How long is rehab?

Depending on personal needs and the selected option of addiction treatment, the length of rehab can fluctuate. Inpatient rehab is usually a quicker process as care and treatment are consistently offered, on average over a 30-day rehab process. Outpatient treatment is a long process as weekly, yet consistent sessions are offered, with the ability to continue through everyday life.

Personal needs will affect rehab recommendations, from the type of treatments that are completed to the timeframe of rehab itself.

Visiting a drug and alcohol rehab in Archway for your own bespoke programme will be possible here at Ocean Recovery. Contact our team for more information on our treatment programmes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Choosing the right rehab treatment provider can be a life-changing decision; here are some of the most common questions we are asked pre-admission.

What happens during drug and/or alcohol withdrawal?

Drug and/or alcohol withdrawal is a process of elimination, where all traces are removed from the body to reach a state of sobriety. It’s completed through a safe detoxification process, via rehab, helping to encourage physical recovery. Withdrawal symptoms are expected through a detox process, showing the importance of visiting a medical, professional setting.

Does rehab work?

Rehab is a personal experience that can deliver different types of encounters, goals, and results. It is a highly recommended process, motivating sustainable addiction recovery. Yet only where a mutual commitment is found.

Are addiction treatments successful?

The right addiction treatments are successful, where a bespoke programme is created. Suitable recommendations are very important to secure the effectiveness of treatment, expected through a specialist drug and alcohol rehab clinic.