Hackney Drug and Alcohol Rehab Treatment Centres

Are you looking for private drug and alcohol rehab with an emphasis on long-term recovery?

If you are, then Ocean Recovery can help you with our wide range of treatment options that offer you hope for the future.

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Hackney

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Centres in Hackney

Trying to find the right rehab to overcome your drug addiction and alcohol addiction can be an overwhelming situation to find yourself in and we understand that it can all seem a bit complicated.

But if you contact Ocean Recovery today by telephone via 01253 847553, or text “HELP” to 83222 then we will be able to guide you through your options for drug and alcohol rehabilitation.

With a 28-day commitment to our residential addiction treatment, we can help you to kick your drug and alcohol addictions and find the best treatment programme for your needs.

We treat all of our patients as individuals and we will ensure that you are ready to return to your normal life in Hackney with a new, positive mindset and with no dependence on drugs or alcohol.

Why not call us today for information about a path forwards without the dark cloud of drug addiction or alcohol addiction?


Are you suffering from an addiction?

Before commencing any addiction treatment, it’s important to understand how dependent you are on drugs and alcohol. This is a big part of our pre-admissions process. Because drug and alcohol abuse affects each person differently, we need to evaluate this carefully.

Do you feel you are living with a drug addiction or alcohol addiction? There are some signs to look out for that will indicate whether or not this is the case.

You may have noticed that you feel controlled by your addictive behaviours and that your life is deteriorating because of drugs and alcohol.

You may have noticed relationships with friends and relatives deteriorate and you may have started to underperform in work, perhaps to the extent you’ve lost your job.

These signs may be very familiar, and acknowledging these problems are a sign that you require rehab for drug and alcohol abuse.

And Ocean Recovery can help you to source drug and alcohol rehab in Hackney. We can perform an initial assessment over the telephone and help you to understand the severity of your addiction.

We are able to offer you mental health treatments and support alongside your addiction treatment.


Drug and alcohol rehabilitation

When your initial assessment has been completed, if you decide you want Ocean Recovery’s help, we will check you in to our rehab clinic and perform a full assessment. We will consider all aspects of your health, both physical and psychological.

It’s important to diagnose any underlying mental health conditions as treating these is extremely important to your long-term recovery.

All too often, in outpatient facilities such as ones provided by the NHS, the underlying reason for you developing a drug addiction or an alcohol addiction is not even diagnosed, let alone treated. This significantly increases the risk of a relapse occurring in the future.

We will spend these early hours of your time in our rehab facility getting to know you and learn about you as an individual. We’ll then create a treatment programme built around your preferences.

We will almost always recommend residential addiction treatment. 28-days is a long period of time and it can seem intimidating at first. But in this time, we can ensure you are treated in full and you are free to concentrate solely on your recovery journey and you need not be distracted by the stresses of your everyday life.


Drug and alcohol detoxification

Once we have assessed you, it’s probable that you’ll need to undergo a period of detoxification. This is one of the least pleasant parts of your treatment as your body has the toxins flushed from it.

Over a period of time, drug and alcohol abuse will cause toxins to build up and one of the purposes of detox is to flush these from your body.

Another purpose is to break your dependency on drugs or alcohol. Whilst essential for your long-term recovery, your body will not react positively to being denied drugs or alcohol. As we taper your consumption down to the extent you will be free of drugs or alcohol, your body will show a series of withdrawal symptoms. These range from minor to quite dangerous.

For your safety and comfort, you will be supported around the clock by our caring medical staff, and you can be issued with prescription medication to alleviate your discomfort if required.


Drug and alcohol relapse prevention

When your body has been freed of the influence of drugs and alcohol, you can move forward with your therapies. Ocean Recovery are proud to offer more holistic approaches to rehab alongside traditional therapies.

We combine the expected therapies, such as group therapy and individual therapies, with art therapy and exercise classes. Your therapy classes are an excellent opportunity to get what you want out of your rehab experience.

The holistic elements allow you to relax and learn new skills and to develop your creative side. Individual sessions allow you to explore the reasons behind your addiction and to understand the reasons you developed a drug addiction or alcohol addiction in the first place.

Group therapy sessions allow you to take part in positive peer pressure with your fellow recovering addicts. You motivate each other in your recovery.

This is also an excellent opportunity to build a support network for when you leave our care and share each other’s experiences and coping mechanisms.


Relapse prevention

Before you leave Ocean Recovery, we will draw up a drug and alcohol aftercare programme. This will help you to avoid drugs and alcohol in the future, and we will be available via a 24-hour helpline for 12 months.

We’ll also direct you to local support groups so you can continue your recovery experience with them and build up more of a support network.

We appreciate making that first call is very difficult, but we will not judge you or your situation, but we can offer you practical advice straight away.

If you are searching for “drug and alcohol rehab facilities near me” then you are already heading in the right direction.

Please call Ocean Recovery today and allow us to help you.