Edgware Drug and Alcohol Rehab Treatment Centres

For addiction treatment to be effective, it must be suitable for your circumstances. Your circumstances, from your available funds, the severity of your addiction and lifestyle will be different to the next person’s.

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Edgware

We have treatment centres in Edgware

You’ll have the chance to select between treatment programmes, all offering different approaches, timelines, and recovery rates. Selecting the most suitable programme, to accommodate and act on your needs will be recommended.

Selections will be mostly between NHS treatment services and those of a private rehab clinic. Both helping recovering addicts through the process, a range of treatments, therapies and supportive services can be experienced. Yet due to different offerings, the extent, quality, and urgency of each are different.

Find out which will benefit you the most by looking into NHS support and services of a drug and alcohol rehab in Edgware. At Ocean Recovery, we can help with the latter, offering private and personalised programmes of addiction treatment and recovery.

Formed to meet your personal needs, benefit from the flexibility of private drug and alcohol rehab.

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Finding suitable treatment in Edgware

Treatment for addiction is available on the NHS. Like other health concerns, you can reach out to your local GP for a self-referral. Yet across the NHS, demand is high, meaning that it can be difficult to find immediate and consistent addiction treatment. If you’re able to wait and can manage your triggers, NHS support can be a suitable option.

If you’re instead looking to experience a quicker treatment process, with dates and timelines in mind, private rehab will be suitable. Also suitable for people who struggle to control their triggers, struggle within their current environments and/or require consistent medical support, private rehab will be recommended.

Via a private drug and alcohol rehab in Edgware, treatment can be experienced through inpatient and outpatient services. Whichever suits your lifestyle, availability and budget best will offer the greatest effects for you. Inpatient rehab can be completed in 28 days, requires full commitment and focus, and will need to be paid for. You’ll check into your chosen rehab clinic to complete treatments and therapies. Outpatient rehab can be completed over a number of months, is flexible and can work around your lifestyle, and is a more affordable form of private treatment.

Some people will thrive through NHS treatment services, offering just enough support and treatment to adapt their habits. Yet through experience here at Ocean Recovery, private rehab offers the most effective and suitable forms of treatment to treat addiction.


How does addiction treatment work?

Through private rehab, a bespoke treatment programme will be formed for you. A range of addiction treatments and therapies will be incorporated into your programme, to motivate recovery.

Addiction treatments work by understanding, treating, and overcoming the cause of drug and alcohol abuse. Services also work to improve health and wellbeing, to adapt lifestyle choices, and to strengthen outlooks and coping strategies.

Withdrawal is aimed at through addiction treatment, possible through a drug and alcohol detoxification process. Rehabilitation is also possible through a range of therapy sessions and recovery plans. Strengthening both milestones can be expected, through additional services and planning sessions.

Treatment sessions will be intense, progressive, and motivating. They will be supported by a range of addiction specialists, offering medical and psychological advice. The entire process will be completed privately and comfortably, by taking your needs into account.

Addiction treatment services not only treat addiction but also offer the tools to continue through recovery and prevent relapse. Proven forms are expected here at Ocean Recovery, through inpatient and outpatient programmes.


Treatment and therapy options

By checking into or visiting a drug and alcohol rehab in Edgware, immediate, consistent, and personalised treatment sessions will follow. Each treatment will be personally recommended, to treat your symptoms and triggers.

You can expect to complete treatments and therapies including:

  • Drug and alcohol detoxification process
  • Cognitive behavioural therapy
  • One-to-one therapy
  • Group therapy
  • Family therapy
  • Mental health treatments and support
  • Dialectical behavioural therapy
  • Lifestyle management
  • Stress management
  • Social activities
  • Relapse prevention planning

Together, treatments will progress you through the milestones of rehab, ready to plan for your discharge.


How to prevent relapse?

Relapsing, post-rehab is something that most people will hope to avoid. Yet relapse risks are normal to experience throughout initial recovery, whilst adjusting to drug and alcohol-free choices.

A relapse can materialise emotionally, mentally, and physically. It can be mild to chronic. It can also be worked through, to revert to sobriety.

The most reliable way to prevent and revert the impacts of relapse is through relapse prevention planning. Support is in place through private rehab to plan for initial recovery. A 12-step programme, along with coping strategies and motivations will be provided, to manoeuvre through drug and alcohol exposure.

Avoiding relapse will also be likely by leading a balanced and healthy life, by being aware of personal triggers, practising mindfulness and being transparent. Guidance will be provided throughout drug and alcohol rehab to help you instil positive habits and choices to plan for and prevent relapse.


Aftercare services in Edgware

By selecting a private drug and alcohol rehab in Edgware, you’ll automatically have access to aftercare services. Post-rehab, aftercare will begin and will support you through the initial recovery process. 12 months of free aftercare will work alongside your 12-step plan, to reduce drug and alcohol exposure, and their impacts.

Aftercare will be arranged around your routine, to offer weekly support group and therapy sessions. Also, in place to increase accountability and motivation, aftercare helps to normalise long-term recovery.

Effective treatment services and programmes can be experienced here at Ocean Recovery. Possible to work around your budget, availability, and addiction type, we’re here to assist you through addiction recovery.

Frequently Asked Questions

Choosing the right rehab treatment provider can be a life-changing decision; here are some of the most common questions we are asked pre-admission.

Why is my mental health suffering through substance abuse?

It’s common to experience poor mental health alongside addiction. The direct impacts of substance abuse can be difficult to deal with, which naturally places pressure on the mind. Symptoms of depression, panic and anxiety are all expected through a life-limiting addiction.

Yet the main cause for poor mental health is due to the changes that drugs and alcohol make to the brain and its structure. Known to suppress usual functionality and disrupt the central nervous system, psychological vulnerabilities are expected.

This is known as a dual diagnosis and will require specific treatment to treat both conditions. Offered here at Ocean Recovery, we can work to improve your mental health alongside rehab.


How do I tell my family I need to go to rehab?

It can be daunting to open up and express your struggles with drugs and alcohol. Yet with the right approach and the desire to recover, reaching out to your loved ones will be recommended.

You can complete a self-referral to access rehab. Alternatively, you can express your concerns and symptoms, to your family, with the chance to experience a family and friend referral. You’ll need to accept this action.

Opening up to those that you trust will ease your experience and post-rehab transition.


What are the advantages of inpatient rehabilitation?

Inpatient rehabilitation is a popular option, where you’ll select and reside in a drug and alcohol rehab in Edgware. The benefits of doing so include 24/7 medical and professional support, proactive programmes following a 28-day schedule, full access to treatments and recovery services, and experience of a recovery-designed and luxury environment.

You can check into our rehab clinic here at Ocean Recovery, to benefit from a progressive and handheld rehab experience.