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Cocaine Hospitalisations up by 90 %

10th May 2018

According to analysis from news outlet VICE, the number of people being hospitalised for behavioural and mental disorders has nearly doubled over the past few years. Not to mention A&E incidents where cocaine has been mentioned, which has been reported at more than 100 percent over the past few years. The fact that cocaine is

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Am I Drinking Too Much?

16th February 2018

Around this time of the year, many people tend to reflect more on their drinking behaviour, since the holidays were less than two months ago. As you know, over Christmas and New Year, the drinks flow freely and you can imagine that the average intake of alcohol in the UK is a lot higher than

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How To Make A Party More Fun For Non-Drinkers

1st February 2018

For quite a lot of people, Christmas can be a bit of a struggle. Drinking alcohol over Christmas is part of British culture, and it can be extremely difficult for those who are non-drinkers. Some might not drink due to health reasons, and some might not drink to due to religious reasons. However, there are

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Do I have an addiction to alcohol?

12th September 2017

Do I have an addiction to alcohol? In this blog post, we attempt to answer the question ‘am I an alcoholic?’ Unfortunately, there exist many misleading stereotypes when it comes to alcoholism. These stereotypes are not helpful because they do not accurately represent alcoholism in the least. When you think about people who suffer from

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Process Addictions: What Are They, Types and Treatments

29th August 2017

Here, we answer the question, what are process addictions? Find out here the most common types of process addiction and how they can be treated. If you need help with an addiction now, don’t hesitate to contact us today at Ocean Recovery to find out how we can help you recover, no matter your kind

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The Benefits of Going to Rehab Abroad

31st July 2017

In this post, we discuss the benefits of attending a drug rehab and/or alcohol rehab clinic abroad. This article assumes you live in North America. This article is not strictly intended for a European audience, although people living in Europe may nevertheless benefit from what follows. Going to rehab abroad is often termed ‘medical tourism’.

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Benefits of Private Drug Rehab

27th July 2017

In this article, we discuss the benefits of attending a private drug rehab clinic. This is the chief and for many, the only alternative to attending a council-funded rehab clinic. Given funding cutbacks since 2010, many people who experience drug addiction find it incredibly difficult to attend a council-funded rehab clinic, and so private treatment

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Guide to Rebuilding Relationships in Recovery

27th April 2017

If you have experienced addiction, you will likely know the toll dependency can take on close connections and how challenging it can be to rebuild relationships in recovery. In fact, many people cite addiction as the primary cause of a breakup or divorce. In this article, you’ll find information on the common effects of addiction

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How to Succeed at Sober Living After Rehab

26th April 2017

Once you’ve successfully completed residential rehab treatment, you are set to live your life in recovery. All the hard work of overcoming drug or alcohol addiction is over, and you will be ready to start sober living after rehab. Unfortunately, going to rehab is just the beginning of your addiction treatment and recovery journey. Not

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Anxiety and Addiction Guide

26th April 2017

Anxiety and addiction. These two conditions, though distinct, often intersect in ways that many might not immediately recognise. This guide explores the relationship between anxiety and addiction, providing a comprehensive look at how these challenges can overlap, the science behind them, and how both conditions can be treated simultaneously.   What Is Anxiety? Anxiety can

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