Sutton Coldfield Drug and Alcohol Rehab Treatment Centres

At Ocean Recovery, we can help you or your loved ones finally overcome drug or alcohol addiction in one of our top-of-the-range drug and alcohol rehab clinics easily accessible from Sutton Coldfield.

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Sutton Coldfield

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Centres in Sutton Coldfield

Are you struggling with drug or alcohol addiction? You’re not alone. In fact, this is a huge problem that affects lots of people all over the United Kingdom.

However, even knowing that it’s a common enough problem that could happen to anyone, doesn’t make it any easier to admit. Admitting you have a problem is said to be the most difficult part of getting help with addiction. The main reason for this is that denial is incredibly powerful. Most people don’t ever think they’ll end up becoming addicted to drugs or alcohol so it’s hard to admit to yourself when it does happen.

If you’ve reached the stage where you’re looking for drug and alcohol rehab in Sutton Coldfield, then you have already made a great step towards recovery.

The Ocean Recovery Centre is a drug and alcohol rehab centre which helps countless people just like you get control over their addictions and get their lives back on track.


Where does drug or alcohol addiction come from?

As it’s so common, you might think that there’s a lot of understanding around drug or alcohol addiction. However, it’s not an issue that most people talk about openly and so there is a great deal of misunderstanding whenever the subject does come up.

The biggest misconception is that it’s the act of repeatedly taking substances that is the only problem. Therefore, people think simply removing the substance out of reach is the solution. The problem with this is that it doesn’t treat the root cause of addiction and substance misuse. People abuse substances for a lot of reasons and those reasons are rarely simple.

Here are just some reasons why people abuse drugs and alcohol:

  • Underlying mental health conditions – When people have mental health problems like depression and anxiety, it’s very common for them to turn to substances to self-medicate. This doesn’t help besides providing some temporary relief but it usually makes the problems worse.
  • Social groups – Those who grow up in families with addiction or are in social groups with friends who take substances are much more likely to become addicts themselves. This makes it much more difficult to break away from substance abuse too.
  • Life changes – Typical stressful events in your life can lead to anyone turning to drink or even drugs to ease the stress. However, more dramatic life events such as family breakdowns, job loss, debt or grief can really take a toll on your mental health, leading you to turn to substances to cope. Something you think is a temporary crutch can soon become a regular thing and a huge part of your life.

These are some reasons but in a lot of cases, there is a combination of several reasons. Whatever your main reasons for becoming addicted in the first place, there is still a way back from it. Addiction treatment can help you get back on your feet and deal with your problems head-on.


Why does it matter why you became addicted?

If the result is all the same, why does it matter why you became addicted in the first place? The reasons for your addiction are incredibly important for both you and your addiction treatment specialists to understand.

Without knowing the story up until now of how you became addicted, it’s difficult to address it. Addressing your past is key to treating you and helping you achieve long term sobriety. It will help you identify triggers and ways to cope with life’s struggles without turning to substances.

If you have underlying mental health conditions, we would help you get treatment for that as well as addiction treatment in order to address the whole problem. This gives you a much better chance of recovery.


How our addiction treatment works

With the Ocean Recovery Centre, we offer tailored treatment services so that you get the most out of your stay at our residential rehab centre.

Our patients must first go through a medical detox in order to remove all traces of toxic substances from the body. This ensures that you can start addiction treatment clean and clear-headed. Unfortunately, you may experience some unpleasant withdrawal symptoms. However, our detox programme is an essential part of addiction treatment. You will be fully supported by medically trained professionals to make sure your experience is eased wherever possible so you can be comfortable.

After you have gone through our detox programme, we can begin the real addiction treatment which will include different types of therapy. We will give you one-to-one sessions and also introduce you to our group therapy sessions where you’ll be able to discuss your story with others who are in the same position as you. Talking it through with other sober people who have a history of addiction can be invaluable to your recovery process.

Once you have completed addiction treatment, we will provide you with free aftercare to ensure you’re supported when you’re ready to leave residential rehab. Our aftercare team will provide you with more advice and information on community groups and also tips for managing triggers and relapses.


Get started on the road to recovery

If you’re finally ready to get help and have been looking for drug and alcohol rehab in Sutton Coldfield or the West Midlands surrounding area, Ocean Recovery has a solution. No matter where you’re based in the UK, we aim to help you with transport to our rehab centre so that you can attend without the hassle of working out how to travel here.

After an initial consultation, we aim to be ready to admit you to our residential rehab clinic where we can begin treatment as soon as possible.

The first step, while the hardest, is designed to be simple. Simply call our rehab centre and we will take it from there. Contact us directly on 01253 847 553 or text HELP to 83222 to get the ball rolling. Look no further than the Ocean Recovery Centre for addiction treatment in a way that’s designed to be convenient for you.