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Drug and Alcohol Rehab Stourbridge

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Centres in Stourbridge

Drug and alcohol addiction is, unfortunately, a problem that few people discuss. Despite the fact that addiction is so commonplace it’s still a taboo subject.

With so few real discussions about the topic of drug or alcohol addiction, it can leave people feeling isolated and ashamed to admit their problems. There’s also a lot of judgement surrounding addiction which can be harmful because it means many people never come forward to seek treatment.

If you’re looking at drug and alcohol rehab in Stourbridge, then you are brave for doing so. Admitting you have a problem is difficult enough, but the next challenge is accepting help. Whether you’re still unsure about whether you need help or not, we aim to answer some of your common questions here.


Do I need help from a drug or alcohol rehab centre?

Like many people facing addiction, your first port of call will be to see whether you can manage your addiction yourself. Many addicts try the “going cold turkey” approach because it seems like the first simple step you can take. However, while some people can do that, it’s extremely difficult to keep it going. You may manage a few weeks, but relapse rates are very high for those who do it all alone.

If you can, we would always recommend external help and support. Whether that’s a community group, doctor supervision or a rehab centre. The best possible results will come from a residential rehab treatment centre with a full detox programme.

Why residential rehab is the best option for most people

While community groups that offer support are a great step in the right direction, the problem is that you still go home to the same environment after a meeting.

For many people, their environment is key to their addiction. You can get rid of all the substances in your home but most addicts have the means to get them all back whenever they need to. They may regularly associate with other addicts too which makes relapse increasingly likely.

What rehab does is take you away from your typical environment, free of the stress and triggers located there. You get to step away from it all so that you can focus entirely on your addiction and start working towards sustained recovery.


Am I ready for rehab?

It’s difficult to tell when you’re ready for rehab as lots of people seem to think you need to be at a certain stage in your addiction before you need something as serious as rehab.

You may think to yourself that as you don’t look or act like a typical alcoholic or addict,  things aren’t bad enough yet. However, anyone who has a problem, whether they’d had it for one month or 10 years is deserving of help. It doesn’t matter whether you’re functioning or have lost everything, everyone needs a helping hand at some point.

Common signs that you could need include:

  • Mental health and physical health problems arising from substance misuse
  • Family and relationship conflicts
  • Job struggles including job loss, lack of concentration or using substances at work
  • Risk-taking behaviour such as gambling or driving under the influence
  • An inability to get through the day without using substances, even if it’s just a glass of wine after work

While having a glass of wine after work is perfectly fine, it starts to slip into alcohol abuse and addiction when you can’t stand the thought of going without. You may feel depressed or agitated if you miss out and may even spend the rest of the night thinking about it.

Often, half the problem with addiction isn’t just the actual act of taking a substance, it’s what goes on in your mind. Do you avoid doing certain things like social outings because it’d get in the way of your drinking or drug use? Do you obsessively calculate how much you have left and how long before you need to get more? Do you feel anxious or agitated if you don’t have enough to get through the day/week? These are all signs that you may need help.

What does drug or alcohol rehab look like?

Lots of people have a very clear idea of what a rehab centre looks like and it’s rarely a positive view. The truth is that rehab isn’t how it looks in the movies. Residential rehab centres are more like hotels than hospitals.

Giving up drugs and alcohol is uncomfortable enough, that doesn’t mean your surroundings need to be uncomfortable too. Our rehab treatment centres offer support in a range of ways, but most people follow a similar programme.

First of all, you will need to go through the detox programme which is where we rid your body of harmful toxins so that you can start treatment clean and clear-minded.

This will likely come with some unpleasant withdrawal symptoms. However, our medically trained staff will be on hand to ensure that you are as comfortable and your withdrawal  symptoms are eased.

The next step is to start therapy. Treating and offering support for your mental health is key to sustained recovery because the urge to abuse substances is rooted in mental health in a lot of cases. Even those who don’t have underlying mental health conditions can benefit from therapy as substance abuse and addiction have a highly damaging effect on your mental health. In some cases, a dual diagnosis of addiction and mental health problems is needed.

We also offer a range of other well-being-focused therapies such as art and group therapy as well as encouraging families and friends to visit and offer support.


Are you ready to get started?

If you feel like you’re ready to get started with drug and alcohol rehab in Stourbridge or the West Midlands area, Ocean Recovery will help you begin. We offer a consultation and a place in our rehab centre within 24 hours where possible. We believe there should be no further delay in getting treatment to those who need it.

All you need to do is get in contact with us directly on 01253 847 553 or text HELP to 83222. One of our team will guide you through the process and answer any questions you have.